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The Evils Which Brought Thunderously And Exponentially More Evil

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The Evils Which Brought Thunderously And Exponentially More Evil All the causes of our problems since 2000, sorted out and blame placed, credit given and solutions observed. Who, When, Where, Why And How, We Fell Into Disgrace

I wrote about this before, but the question appeared again in Common Dreams, a few days ago concerning the school tragedy in Virginia, WHERE WAS GOD? Someone asked. In reply, I asked, where was the Democratic Party when it adopted the issue that put The Bushites into office? The issue that is as rank as Torture, capital punishment, preemptive war, slander, and mass-murder. I have written at least three articles right here on, in the last five months in response to Jerry Fallwell's TV comments, and Pat Robertson's rantings about the cause of 9/11. Let me add one or two more comments. The comments by Fallwell and Robertson laid the blame at the feet of homosexuals and abortionists. They were only partially correct. Most of the reason that 9/11 occurred was punishment for electing G W Bush and His cohorts. Part of the rest of it was that perhaps unbeknownst to G W Bush, who looked convincingly stunned at the news, (and because he is lacking in so many talents, I doubt he is that good an actor) perhaps behind his back, others in his administration, in disrespect of their own leader, caused 9/11 intentionally. It has been hinted/alleged that an Iran Contra type of multi-billion dollar operation runs from the White House basement and is supported with billions stolen from Iraq and kicked back from contractors given huge profits since the Bushites took office. I give this further credence because not long ago, Fallwell and his henchmen/women, made hypocritical "prophetic" pronouncements. He allegedly stated that "God" told him (God told Him?) that just before the election of 2008, a massive terrorist attack would befall America. Again, he attributed this attack wrongly to homosexuals and abortionists. If, indeed, it does occur, if will occur because someone in this administration plans to stage an attack, to produce a "miracle" or two, to frighten people into voting for the next Republican candidate or so that Bush can, do what was hinted at in 2004, cancel the election, declare Martial Law and stay in office and sweep the land free of the 72% of Americans who want the war ended (Last Poll showed 28% still favored the war). If killing prophets, faking miracles, and terrorist attacks are not hypocritical and blasphemous, I know not what is. Fallwell 's very utterances are enough to bring down upon us the Wrath of God; perhaps his very existence is enough to bring down upon us The Wrath of God. May I remind him and his not so sincere supporters, that most of the evidence right now before science is that homosexuality is a biological condition? May I remind him, who has been apprised of this reality and has treated this scientific data as he has treated scientific date concerning evolution, with disdain and faux disbelief. If indeed, homosexuality is biological, a DNA or brain structure reality, then what Fallwell is preaching if further blasphemy and is contemptuous of God? If it is biological, God did not err, God created it perhaps to test the degree of tolerance and enlightenment of humans, both homo-sexual and hetero-sexual. If so, it is becoming extremely evident, who is and who is not, enlightened and tolerant and therefore is or is not inspired by, and in communication, with God. As to the other cause claimed for 9/11. If also, some outlaw Iran Contra movement is being used to stage, in harmony with a Bushite old pal Osama Bin Laden or others, in another "terrorist" attack, then that is the real cause of 9/11-and that is treason, and then, in that case the heinous Military Commission's Act of 2006 and the Patriot Act, should, as their last function before being tossed into trash heap of infamy, be used against those in the administration who may have perpetrated the 9/11 disaster. Fallwell/Robertson, (are they the same guy in disguise, because I doubt that one nation could possibly give birth to two of these?) May however, have inadvertently hit on another part of the cause of our plague of trouble-Abortion (but not the cause of 9/11). It was not abstractly or directly a cause of any tragedy; support of it was the cause which elected G W Bush and the plague of evils he brought to office, which brought upon us 9/11. Catholics, other Christians (not of the Christian Right), Muslims, Hindu's, Jews, Pagans and others, attempted unsuccessfully to turn Democrats away from abortion, the Democrats ignored these honest people who and for good reason opposed fetus murder. They, having no success with lobbying Democrats, had to struggle with their consciences, and many went over to, however, reluctantly, the Republican side. Their reward was an unjust war. Democratic Abortion put Bush into office and caused 1,100,000 casualties, 675,000 deaths and more. Some people, now expect God to do what they should have done seven years ago, thirty years ago? Wake up! Norma McCovney lied about being raped. Both the war and the Abortion issue were born of lies. I don't give a rat's-butt, if a fetus has a soul yet or not, or whether it is a human yet or not, it is a helpless creature to be. Those who embrace abortion are as hypocritical as the Bushites, which reject every issue of the Culture of Life except abortion, and The Abortionists claim to accept every issue of the Culture of Life except abortion, Hyp-farking-pocrisy, on the part of both! Everything that happened in the last seven years, The Military Commissions Act of 2006, The Patriot Act, the end of Habeas Corpus, Torture, capital punishment, preemptive war, slander, and mass-murder, 1,100,000 casualties, 675,000 deaths and more, is the fault of those who support abortion-they drove good men and women to put Bush into office and wrecked America, and that will continue. Get with it! The ultimate Child Abuse is abortion and why are those supporting it, now expecting "GOD" to help them out?

Bush has an excuse, he is an evil, attavistic, avaristic, war criminal and abortion put him in charge, what does that make those who chose abortion and gave us the end of our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights. Nice trade off for the selfish, indolent ones who can't either keep it in their pants, or use a condom, or better still ever hear of oral sex? Try it, you may like it and at the same time save an unborn child's life and keep more Bushites out of office. Abortion to cover laziness, sloth, and indolence is repugnant. Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson said that 9/11 was the punishment and/for the wages of sin, of homosexuality and abortion. I replied that they were completely wrong and yet, at the same time, for once, partially and indirectly correct. Try this myth on for size: 9/11 was a result of a lifting of the curtain of protection, because America elected GW Bush, whom God holds in no esteem. However, even that is not the whole story. By sanctimoniously protecting the slothful, indolent, contemptuous behavior of those who are engaged in destroying unprotected, helpless, budding, human, life, a handful of self-centered, fools, dragged an entire nation, mouth's open, through a fifty-foot deep pile of human manure. That manure and what was planted in it, was further fertilized by Satanic Evil, and then Beelzebub, mimicking the tale of the Creation, shaped from the manure, instead of ginger bread men, bodies of living men were formed, the leaders of the Bushites. Sugar and spice and everything nice, That's what girls are made of. Snips and snails, and puppie dog tails, That's what little boys are made of. Decaying fetus's, manure, and DU-238, That's what grown Bushites are made of, 9/11 was caused because America elected GW Bush and because Americans supported and profited by, a culture of death, (abortion) and the wages of death are... death. Death of the unborn was answered with more death and the end because a handful were selfish, the result could be nuclear war, or worse, what the Bushites have and are still doing to the environment. How hard is it to see the ironic connection? Sin and evil, are two entirely different matters. The Greek word for "sin" is (ha-mar-tÝ-a) Hamartia-Definition: Missing the mark, a mistake, to be corrected, more of an indiscretion, non-fatal. Sins, especially of the weaknesses of the flesh, are human and not avaristic, not mean spirited, a desire for love or a reasonable, temporary indulgence until love can be found. (See John 4:4-42) All the sins of mutual lust after flesh are not born of greed, but of lust and desire, especially when spontaneous. In some cases, even adultery is mitigated by circumstances like a non-physical marriage and especially one in which is born of a marriage of convenience, where there is a mutual understanding about such things. A common, understandable human foible, but only if one of those involved is betrothed to or married to another. The "sin" then is not one of sexuality, but of loyalty, broken. Evil is entirely different. Evil is intentionally causing another a great deal of loss, even physical or psychological, pain and/or suffering and/or death, and enjoying causing such pain and suffering and death, and desiring to do it again and again, and n fact making a career of it. The Military Speak Out On The "War" Let us see what some military experts think of the Bushite, "inspiration" of mass-murdering Muslims and stealing their oil: Retired Major General John Batiste has criticised the Bush excuse that he was, "...only listening to the commanders on the ground..." in Iraq. Since Bush has either fired or forced into retirement all of those generals who disagreed with his plans, General Batiste responded, " Mr. President, You did not listen " Retired General Wesley Clark, retired NATO Supreme Allied Commander and a presidential candidate in 2004, said; "The fact is, the president has never listened to the soldiers on the ground... This administration is not listening to the troops and is not supporting them." General Sir Michael Rose told the BBC's Newsnight program that the USA and the United Kingdom should "admit defeat" and stop fighting "a hopeless war" in Iraq. He said Iraqi insurgents would not give in, "I don't excuse them for some of the terrible things they do, but I do understand why they are resisting." Great Britain's, General Sir Michael Rose has written a book comparing a parallel between the tactics of insurgents and George Washington's men in America's War of Independence. Rose said to Newsnight: "As Lord Chatham said, when he was speaking on the British presence in North America, he said 'if I was an American, as I am an Englishman, as long as one Englishman remained on American native soil, I would never, never, never, lay down my arms'. General Sir Michael Rose said, further, "The British admitted defeat in North America and the catastrophes that were predicted at the time never happened. The catastrophes that were predicted after Vietnam never happened and the same thing will occur after we leave Iraq." Former NSA director Gen. William E. Odom (U.S. Army retired), says, "Congress is the only mechanism we have to fill this vacuum in command judgment. The challenge we face today, is not how to win in Iraq; it is how to recover from a strategic mistake, invading Iraq in the first place: Articles in Common Dreams and elsewhere state that General William Odom says Bush has gone AWOL. That has a ring of truth because Bush went AWOL his final year in the Air Force reserve for more than one reason; he was frightened of flying and he feared failing the mandatory drug tests, which could have earned him a Dishonorable discharge. He further says, "Most Americans suspect that something is fundamentally wrong with the President's management of the conflict in Iraq. And they are right." (72% does not support the "war") In several articles, including one by AP, by Associated Press Writer Philip Elliot, he quotes retired Major General John Batiste telling reporters, "I am outraged, as are the majority of Americans. I'm a lifelong Republican, but it's past time for change," "Our strategy in Iraq today is more of the same, a slow grind to nowhere which totally ignores the reality of Iraq and the lessons of history," Batiste said. "Our president ignores sound military advice and surrounds himself with like-minded and compliant subordinates." One last tidbit is that several reports have arisen claiming that Bush wanted to assassinate the entire Al Jazeera Arab TV Network, which serves 50,000,000 or more Arabs in several nations. That would be akin to bombing CNN in the USA. Is this insanity or what? A number of stories had previously claimed that the deaths in battlefield conditions of reporters critical of Bush war tactics were intentionally killed, are they true. Bush wanted to bomb the bejeepers out of Al Jazeera studios and offices, but when he brought the matter to the attention of Tony Blair, Blair, to his eternal credit, was reputed to have said, "NO!" Are we, or are we not dealing with a maniac? A maniac who without the support of "men of the cloth" would not be in office. I speak here of the current pope, who sent letters while still a Cardinal essentially telling American bishops to tell American Catholics that voting for a candidate which party accepted abortion, was ipso facto, cause for excommunication, a not so veiled threat. He did this before the 2000 and 2004 elections; fortunately, he was ignored in 2006. In essense, he slandered some good men and women, as well as a good Catholic, John Kerry, in the pope's zeal to elect megalomaniacs and demoniacs to the White House and Congress. There is no counting how many Christian Right ministers supported the Bushites. It has apparent painfully become to many who listened to unenlightened, uninformed or ill informed, panderers of Corporate Organized Religions, that they were wrong. Their congregations have seen the light, even if their spiritual advisors have, not. However, We have not heard one word from the pope about whether or not he is burying himself in sackcloth and ashes in penance for his horrific error (only one of many errors and insults to those of other religions if you have been following his career). Infallibility seems not to be possessed either by this pope, or those who elected him. Nor does it seem that God is in any sort of agreement with him or them on much of anything of late. He, and they, the college of cardinals, Fallwell, Robertson and the rest of the Christian Right, appear, especially after the elections of 2006, to be a non sequitar, a post hoc ergo propter hoc, argumentum ad ignorantiam, a bifurcation, a tu quoque, a hypothesis contrary to fact! I do not know whom the pope will support in 2008. I do know that he and I stand against one thing strongly, abortion, but I unlike him also stand against; torture, preemptive war, slander, lying, mass-murder, capital punishment. What I have just said in the three lines, above, are an unfair stretching of reality, a distortion, but is the equivalent, of what the pope said about voting against those who did not condemn abortion. That abortion is evil, I do not dispute, however, there are greater evils and I can tell the pope that God will not excommunicate those who were clearly able to see that while they opposed abortion and still, as I, do, there are greater evils and they saw clearly as did I, that the Bushites embodied all of them. I pray that either this pope becomes enlightened and apologizes to the Iraqi's and their nation, or retires. He along with those evil ones who supported the Bushites with hypocritical and blasphemous commentary about God and their speaking back and forth with him either are liars or need psychiatric assistance. God does not support killing. Thes must be speaking to Satan, he favors, abortion, torture, preemptive war, stealing a nation's natural resources, slander, lying, mass-murder, capital punishment, framing the innocent and blaspheming. Hmm. One out of ten, that is a batting average of .100, not so hot for those about to have eternal residency in a place that is very hot, unless the refute their evils and repent. Repent, Jerry Fallwell, on your knees on public TV, or face Divine Punishment! Repent, Pat Robertson, on your knees on public TV, or face Divine Corrective Measures!! Repent, Pope Benedict, on your knees on public TV, or face Divine Corrective Measures!! Your penance? Give enormous alms to the people of Iraq and to the people in the USA who lost loved ones or whose loved ones were wounded or injured in connection with the "war" in Iraq, or face Divine Corrective Measures!! Good day and God Bless


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