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Oil, Impotency, Cowardice, Sadism,Money, Vengeance, Mass-Murder!

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Oil, Impotency, Cowardice, Sadism, Money, Vengeance, Mass-Murder! Oh, and Oil, Oil, Oil, Much Too Much Oil, and Way too Much Impotency! A prophetic, satirical, fictional exercise showing the future of America under the Demoniacal Bushites. Suppose, for the length of this column, which today is a fiction, but that which follows is less fiction than prophetic reality. Let us pretend that through a series of reversals, Acts of God, continued suppression of truth and therefore also of justice minded citizens, dissidents, that our immediate neighbor-nations to the North and South, seeing chaos arising here, create skirmish's, and bombings upon our border cities. Suppose, further, that outsourcing jobs here, caused tens of millions of American workers to be laid off, unable to get food and medical care, toxins caused more millions to become ill and die, corporate take-backs, toxic caused disease running rampant because of toxified drinking water, land and air, DU-238 with a half life of 4.5 billion years, the life of planet earth so far, intoxicated the surface of our nation and complicated now by a sweep of infectious diseases, and private mercenary assassins more than 100,000 of them, began threatening and killing, people? Suppose through all of this chaos some leaders arose among us and led us to begin to strike back and some success followed our efforts to rid ourselves of murderers, and we began attacking them and oil fields, gas storage fields, munitions storage and factories making munitions, as well as military bases, air force bases and ships in harbor and each other; Red-Staters against Blue-Staters. Suppose we were somewhat successful and all of the above circumstances led to the USA being without an effective air force or navy. Joining us-American citizens, against the despots, were several states south of the USA border and a few north of us. Suppose then North America became as unstable as Europe during WWII or Iraq at the turn of the 21st century. Suppose further, that seeing profit opportunities in our technological past, our successes in agriculture, our strategic geographical position, that nations like, Russia, India, China and Europe with a 3,600,000,000 total population, (12 times our 300,000,000) suddenly attacked us, and in our weakness, invaded and occupied our nation, killing and wounding the same proportion of people we have killed and wounded in Iraq (we are 12 times as populous as Iraq) so the death/casualty toll here would be 13,300,000 wounded, 8,840,000 dead Americans (added to the 20,000,000-30,000,000 lost to toxic illness and infectious disease). Would this president praise Russia, India, China and Europe, and admonish Americans who fought in rebellion against them, bringing guerilla tactics and strategy as we did in the Revolution in 1776? Would our president curse us as insurgents, for withstanding the impossible odds against us? He certainly seems to curse anyone who has a mind of their own, anyone dissident. Is it just me again, who saw way back in 1973-1974 in, dreams, and again in 1996, what would happen and wrote about this war in newsletters and a novel, of how an evil fascist regime would attack the oil rich nations and murder all of the people if necessary, or maybe just because they could, for the oil, the power, the money and the sheer pleasure of blood-lust. If the other nations did not attack us, if it was just the Bushites attacking their own people, it would be much like the Nazi's in Germany seeking out German freedom fighters and killing them. I do not think that brave men and women here, would shrink from fighting against those who tried to subdue us. I think that the Iraqi "insurgents" suspect that if they do not fight, they will be hunted down and murdered and that sadistic, evil-doing contractors will be their masters. If not, then why have not the Bushites sought to make a peace with them? Is it because the Bushites want to kill of off anyone who is not impotent, is that why? Misery loves company. They want only like company in their occupation of any nation, including our own. What they are doing to Iraq, they will do here and soon. And there is no one with Cojones'/claws, in Washington to stop them. Some Democrats with Cojones/claws need to go and gather together all of the "Insurgents" and make a peace with them. I nominate Jimmy Carter, Bill Moyers, and maybe Bill Clinton, and even perhaps Paul Krugman. Right now we do not have the USA military fighting enemy Iraqi insurgents, bent on overthrowing America, we have the Bushites, brainwashing some good American kids who got trapped into a war of attrition, when what they really wanted was education money from the government, and they are being led by a Demoniacal leadership to carry-out mass assassination-genocide of anyone with a penis and Cojones or claws, and if hundreds of thousands of men, children and women die, so what do the Bushite leaders care? Murder means nothing to the Bushites; they have been doing it in Texas and Florida for years. The Bushites are only thinking of two things: Money from oil, and satiating their Bloodlust, trying desperately to fill the Black-hole, the vacuum left inside of them where the soul and the conscience reside in good men and women. When this is over there will be few volunteers-only fools and sadists will join in the future. Then there will need to be a draft, and a draft means trouble-starting wars to bolster the profits of the oil companies and the arms companies. Both ought to be nationalized. We need to end making profits on war materials and fuel. War and torture are tactics in which the impotent to strive to make others impotent, and what more evil way to do that than to attack and destroy a civilization, and then blame the disorganized and defeated survivors for not reigning in the disaster the Bushites created. This president has already shown that he cannot abide anyone or anything, which has a working penis/cojones, and this includes females with claws. There is more than enough evidence that he would, if he could, first unleash his assassins upon those with penises and those with claws; writers, dissidents, Professors, scientists and former supporters. He and his brother as governors executed more people than any two governors in history-a bloody pair, beyond compare (hey that rhymes!). I wonder, are his parents proud of that feature-sadism? Had I turned out like him, I think my parents would have come to the White House, dragged me out by my collar and beaten the hell out of me, or drowned me. If indeed the estimate made by some law enforcement officials that 40-60% of those on death row are innocent of the crimes which put them there, then thousands of innocent people have been murdered by the Bushites and have inspired even more violence. Their crimes inspired one of them to seek a larger arena in which to kill-just think a whole country that could be an execution chamber!! Boy, What macho fun for the impotent-if you can't get it Up, then shoot people Down! The Bushites apparently believe that no one would object to killing people of dark skins who worship a religion other than Christianity. Well, certainly not bigoted rednecks or Christian Right whacko-brains. Did you know that, "*in October 2002, 4 months before the US invasion of Iraq, Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan suggested U.S. President George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein settle their difference in a duel. He reasoned this would not only serve as an alternative to a war that was certain to damage Iraq's infrastructure, but that it would also reduce the suffering of the Iraqi and American peoples. Ramadan's offer included the possibility that a group of US officials would face off with a group of Iraqi officials of same or similar rank (President v. President, Vice President v. Vice President, etc.). Ramadan proposed that the duel be held in a neutral land, with each party using the same weapons, and with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan presiding as the supervisor. On behalf of President Bush, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer declined the offer. *

So much for Bushite courage, and aircraft carrier swagger. Too bad, I'd have paid Big-Bucks to see that duel, because I've never seen a group of sadistic, old, white, men whine and cry before. *Wikipedia Cowardice Let us analyze more cowardice for a moment. Here are the implements of a coward within a civilized society-I am not talking here about in war, but within cities not at war. Blowing up civilians with body bombs or car bombs, or missiles or rockets, or grenades, or strafing. Pure cowardice because the perpetrators, remove themselves from having to face like a man, the consequences of such a crime against the unprotected and the unarmed. Men who do that are impotent and cowardly and they do not truly believe in God, or if they do they know they are already going to Hell and have nothing to lose. Wearing body armor in a civilized society is cowardly. I don't care if they are criminals or police, it is cowardly, unless they are in a war zone, or a dangerous community. Sending death by mail is cowardly. Attacking writers in comments and emails with phony addresses covered by phony names, that is cowardly. Ambushes are cowardly. Attacking old people, injured people, crippled people, people ill, women and children, is cowardly. Capital punishment is cowardly. Ordering a full-scale attack and occupation of a nation 1/12th the size of one's own-a nation lacking air force and navy, is cowardly, I speak not here of the troops ordered into such situations, but those doing the ordering-men, who are impotent, not real men, because only impotent men do such things. Torture is another thing done by impotent, cowardly men. Hiding behind anonymity is cowardly. What is not cowardly, face-to-face battle with men of similar age and health, with holstered, single action revolvers in a quick draw duel fifty feet or closer-that is not cowardly that is manly (and stupid). Dueling of that sort is still legal in some countries, like Paraguay. You can tell which countries those are; they are the ones Bushites NEVER visit. Oddly enough, all of this national and international, bloodletting made many Bushite Christian Right supporters even greater supporters of the bloodiest president we've ever had. However, at least, the other presidents we've had which created bloody wars were men who had proven courage in the field of battle and had actually risked their lives in real military combat-combat in which they easily could have been killed or seriously wounded. Not now. Now, we have cowardly sadists, not leading, but shouting orders from the safety of bunkers, cowards glorified in violence-violence they order, but others carry out. That is the sign of Satan alive and well in Washington, men who've never put themselves at risk, never participated in combat themselves. Isn't it interesting how their lower-brained followers, think that violence is exactly what Jesus wanted? Isn't it interesting how certain ministers are showing incredible disrespect of those who support their ministries by blatantly misrepresenting Jesus, remaking Jesus-The Prince of Peace, into Mars The God of War?

The above is the same pattern taken by two other men, one in a book warning of this coming of fascism, George Orwell and his 1984 (he only missed by sixteen years) and the other in creating a duplicate before the fact, as dictator, Adolph Hitler, the spirtual father of GW Bush-Hitler died just months before Bush's birth, plenty of time to exchange souls with him. However, here is the sticking point, how dumb are these people who support HitlerBush? Are they illiterate, or just backboneless, to read something, not comprehend it and allow others to grossly misinterpret and misrepresent what it says right there on the pages of the bible? Are these "ministers" of Satan saying to their blind, deaf, and dumb congregations something like what the president sold to a good many Americans, the BIG LIE which Adolph Hitler made infamous, "... if you knew what we know, you would do what we ask you to do..." My answer to such a comment is, really? Then tell us "what you know." I can tell America exactly what they know that we do not-NOTHING! Well, maybe they do know everything because they are the initiators, ala Orwell, of every move the "terrorists" make, because both the USA military and the enemy are being directed by the same scum in Washington and in board rooms across the USA by corporation's which are making profits on this war. We need to make some changes so that NO ONE ever profits from any war, ever, again. Winning In Iraq: What Does it mean? What does winning mean to Bush? Murdering more Iraqi's until none are left that disagree with the notion of a foreign nation attacking them under cover of lies and supported by 28% of our voting population 29,400,000 in favor of him and population or 75,600,000 against him and overall 84,000,000 for him and opposed by 216,000,000! Is that what he means? Imagine this; right now he slanders and tries to frame and jail or worse, any American who opposes him, who disagrees with him. If he had the power, do you really believe the man would not attack us, treating us like he has treated Iraqi's and others? I have been up the mountain, I have seen the future, and it, if not changed, (and it must be changed soon or it will happen, will make Orwell's 1984 look tame in comparison and Hitler's murder of 40,000,000 seem but a picnic in the park.) The Bushites have threatened and alienated many long time Republicans like Paul O'Neil, GW Bush's former secretary of treasury, and Bush tried to place a USA CIA operative into mortal danger because her husband opposed him. Only evildoer's-criminal's do things like that. He loves to put people to death; only evildoers do such things as that. He loves to torture people; only evildoers do such things as that. He has no pity for the 700,000 innocents murdered in Iraq, or the 1,100,000 wounded, or the 3,000,000 which have left the country, only evildoers do things like that. Is he Adolph Hitler Reincarnate? Hell's-Fires and Tea Parties The lesson Bush is teaching in Iraq is that if we are ever attacked we should lay down our arms and not fight the attackers, especially if the attackers are the Bushites. The Bushites murder, torture and slaughter because they are without souls. They know nothing of cosmic realities, what you kill, kills you. He is no leader he is a sadistic murderer. How should he have handled the "insurgents?" Easy, he should have gone over personally and invited their leaders to a meeting and offered them amnesty, and asked their help to control the situation. He did not do that for a reason-he wants turmoil, he wants violence; he wants murder, torture, and hatred. That is how he controls oil and fear, and those who enable him and those with power to stop him, diddle away while, American and Iraqi, men, women and children die. What he has done there, he will do here, and unless someone in Washington grows some elephant sized Cojones or claws, s/he will succeed. I say, impeach Bush, Cheney and Pelosi n one fell swoop. Three excessively, non-Americans at once. This is for Bush a pissing contest-the sort of thing in which, enraged, impotent people engage. For Nancy, it is a tea party with her dollies. He allowed, enabled, by ignoring pleas for reinforcement of Floodwalls and other devices to protect New Orleans, a massive disaster and then he turned down $800,000,000 in aid from our allies. Why would he do such a thing? Because he did not want people, bailed out. Recall my prediction in 2002 that he would become Nero, fiddling while a city was destroyed? Those who read my newsletters and my blogs before coming to OpEdNews, do, and have reminded me when the hurricane destroyed the city of New Orleans and the Bushites diddled because he can't play the lyre, he not only did little to nothing, but kept others from helping. Why? It has a Blue State Governor, that's one reason; the other is the same as his attack on Iraq. Where normal human beings, especially those that are truly with conscience, see a chance to help, in such disasters, he sees an opportunity to loot-to, turn the place over to his real estate pals to foreclose and take the land and make, eventually billions in profits. To steal the businesses and make more, to rid the place of poor blacks and Cajuns and make it a profit center for Bushites. The same mercenaries who have kill and arrest powers in Iraq, were on the ground, well armed in New Orleans. How about that? Another prediction. (See the trail of emails to Tom Engelhardt on the matter on my blogspot .) Hundreds of thousands are suffering, have died, and will die, and Nancy Pelosi is diddling, having tea parties with her dollies, instead of Impeachment Parties. Lord, can you imagine her as president? Ugh! Between her and Bush would be a toss-up. Nancy was made for tea parties with her dollies, because a states person she is most definitely NOT! She is the exact "duplicopisit" of Lieberman. Apart each of them makes a non-democrat, one has no Cojones by gender mandate, no claws by choice, and the other has no claws by gender mandate, no Cojones, by a quirk of the mind. Together they make the perfect anti-democrat. District 8 in San Francisco? Maybe the voters there ought get off drugs and alcohol, that stuff is definitely clouding their vision and apparently affecting their voting, button, punching hand. As the Wicked Witch of the West, said as Dorothy melted her down with fresh water, "Whatta world, whatta World..."

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