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Meet The The Bushites, The Real Snags in The Withdrawal Plan

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Meet The The Bushites, The Real Snags in The Withdrawal Plan Are the Bushites sabotaging withdrawal negotiations, because they do not want to lose the oil rights they stole from the Iraqi's? As the democrats beef up their withdrawal plans, snags are appearing increasingly like the Democrats are trying to do a balancing act, which can only hurt them at the polls. When one team allows the other to set the tone and pace of the game, they usually lose. The Democrats need to keep their eyes on the ball. The Bushites are trying to set them up, so they will once again snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Wheaton, Illinois, Wednesday, 4 25 07. The Democrats are Dawdling Once Again According to reports from Washington and Iraq, the timetable for a USA Military Pull-out has at least two major snags in it. The Democrats in a joint committee of both House and Senate have worked out a plan, which might allow the military to remain as a presence long past the 180-day withdrawal from Iraq. Somewhere between 20,000-30,000 troops may remain there for an indefinite time period, apparently to participate in special actions against Al-Qaeda or other terrorist's buildup's or seizure of assets and staging grounds for attacks elsewhere, and also to supervise continued training of Iraqi troops and police. Another exception to the complete pullout is a carefully worded plan for the US Military to redeploy back into Iraq to protect the remaining forces. There is a possibility, that like Bush's plan, a large contingent of troops might be expected to be occupy Iraq for many more years. These two contingencies are said to be in place because of the massive failure of the Bush plans in the battle against insurgents, and possibly al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups who have flooded into Iraq to help fight Americans and others, as well as development of what certainly appears to be a mounting Civil War in Sunni districts like Anbar and even more fighting between al-Qaeda, Sunni insurgents and other non-jihadi forces It would appear that the Sunni Resistance groups could possibly be enlisted to take-over from the US Military and end the US occupation quickly. However, that possibility, seeming to some members of resistance groups, as treasonous has hastened their defection to al-Qaeda, further complicating the effort to stabilize the area. Senator Joseph Biden appears to be the guiding force behind hedging pullout bets by carefully crafting the bill to allow for maximum wiggle room after the Baghdad withdrawal, especially in Anbar province. Biden's is convinced that 20,000-30,000 troops would be enough to keep terrorist groups at bay, help train Iraqi forces and deter any neighboring nations from taking advantage of Iraq's weakness. He appears to be relying on a military report completed late last year, which indicated that the al-Qaeda has moved into in Anbar Province in force. This report supports the Bushite political posture that an al-Qaeda/Sunni war, could end up as a threat to peace by their constant skirmishes against each other, however, it would be worse still for the US troops, if the Sunni and al-Qaeda joined forces. (which is highly doubtful, but just barely possible, more depending on how they are dealt with politically by American diplomats). That spurs the Bushites to claim that the Democrats are in the way of total victory. The truth is that the well armed Sunni's in Anbar and some others have no love for, nor political interests in common with, the al-Qaeda, a thing that further galls the Bushites. The well armed Sunni's in Anbar, also to Bush's apparent distaste in retrospect, also supported the elections in 2005 and the constitutional referendum preceding it, even as al-Qaeda was making death threats to those who supported either. Some believe that if they could, the Bushites would commit mass genocide so that British and US mercenaries and oil companies could move the Iraqi's out, ala Palestine in the 1948 Exodus and New Orleans now. It would be difficult to believe that such a treasonous action, betrayal of our troops on the ground could even be imagined by an American president, however, look at the record so far. Not so unthinkable that the Bushites minds who favor torture and elimination of habeas corpus and which put Valary Plame in jeopardy, would do something worse.

There was a strong battle between the several Sunni groups and al-Qaeda across the provinces under the control of Sunni's. Apparently Sunni's went after al-Qaeda in force by joining other political groups against them. In fact, the American forces confirmed that Sunni's had killed a number of ranking al-Qaeda officers. Reports indicate that the Sunni's are indeed making stronger headway against al-Qaeda than are our forces, another reason why Bush doesn't want to withdraw US forces. If the Sunni's are left to their own devices, they might control the country and that would be the end of the sweet oil deal for the Bushites and their friends. Would the Bushites try to usurp and undermine the Sunni's? Apparently in secret meetings, the Bushites had their Iraqi representatives, ditched a chance for moratorium on the attacks of Sunni's and other's. The Sunni's apparently also feel that within 18 months they will have things under control. Perhaps the Bushites fear that possibility and that is why they may have undermined a proposal by the Sunni's for the US to pull-out within 18-24 months, thus leaving the nation in the hands of the Sunni's. The Bushites, and this is purely my insight, want no one to stand in their way of making Iraq a distant Puerto Rico type protected state, so they can fully drain off the oil.

Nearly a dozen insurgent groups and the Iraqi's had agreed to a cessation of attacks if the US with drew from Iraq in 18-24 months, which would be a solid step in peace efforts, but it was snubbed because Mr. Khalilzad never responded to the memorandum of understanding. This adds credibility to my nine-year-old theory/prediction that the Bushites do not want a lessening of hostilities and that everything they do is aimed at provoking more hostility to keep Iraq, Syria, Iran and the USA under fear. More than that the Sunni's were interested in forming a new Iraq government, but Bush would have none of that because the new government might take back the oil deals he forced on his sycophantic puppet government. The Bushites are practicing treason holding everyone's feet to the fire. Bush is not being stubborn he is doing what he is told by his advisors, the avid readers of Orwell and Hitler. The Bushites apparently prefer to have the ship sink, with them in charge than have it float successfully with someone lese in charge. It is my opinion that Nancy Pelosi should be replaced by the Democrats for someone with the stones to Impeach or appoint a Special Prosecutor to stop the madmen Bushites before they incite World War III or a US Civil War. The Bushites view, of having American troops "winning" is rather unrealistic according to critics who say that that is a Bushite excuse for holding onto and punishing the Iraqi's and keeping tight control over who gets the oils and the spoils. Moreover, he needs to keep pouring money into the mercenaries in case he loses out of power, to create a war in America, and call Martial Law, with his private Hit Men, slaughtering American Dissident Citizens. Bushites, I believe would start a Civil war rather than give up the oil, because they are simply war criminals, pirates, Demoniacs, not politicians.

The truth is that the Sunni Groups are in a much better position to defeat al-Qaeda than the US forces. This scenario is not one that sounds inviting to the Bushites, because if the Sunni's took over, the oil rights the Bushites freely gave away to American, British and Saudi oil Barons, might be cancelled, By keeping control the Bushites could continue to encourage and provoke more turmoil, thus further robbing the Iraqi's of their own oil and breaking a promise GW Bush made before and after the "war" started, wherein he said he would put "all" of the oil money's into a trust for the Iraqi people. Instead he has made them a Third World nation, stripping them of their major asset-coveting and usurping their oil rights, which is what critics always knew he was going to do.

What stands against political success for the Democratic leaders in Congress, is their continuing pussyfooting, uncertainty, and having the appearance of not knowing quite what to do. When you play the other fellow's game you lose and they are beginning to look like losers. The Democrats should not cower under the Bushite game plan; they need some cojones, instead, so far, they seem to have beebees. The view that Bush is staying in the war against al-Qaeda to avoid being labeled as incompetent and a loser defeated by a nation one-twelfth the size of the USA sans navy and air force, is less than na´ve', it is stupid and immature. That may be his childish, spoiled rotten kid inner ideal, but the oil and the complete domination of the world if his Hitlerian fantasy, and he must be stopped as Hitler was. There is no other way to stop a demoniac unless one believes that exorcism would work (worth a try?) Some insightful Democrats will not want to give the Bushites the chance to turn the military loose on Iran, Syria, Venezuela and finally the USA, but afar from Chthonian civilizations, materialistic ones are sparsely populated with altruistic one and prophets, and those they do have, are shouted down for profits sake. America, America, God has shed His Grace on Thee, but the worst of Thy inhabitants the Bushites, have defecated, all over that grace.

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