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Fascism, Bush, The Christian Right are Planning Hell On Earth!

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FASCISM, BUSH, CHRISTIAN RIGHT AND HELL ON EARTH! Right wing crazies, exploited by Billionaire fascists and Religious hypocrites, and enabled by Lazy, weak democrats who refuse to take action against them, are creating an army of mercenaries and haters of common sense and science, and planning to create a Theocratic Nation armed to the teeth against logic. How the Right is Winning The Fight For The Minds of The Future and Why. The ties to Hitler grow larger by the day, justifying my 2002 assertion that these are the philosophical, if not the spiritual descendants of the monster. We need no Boys in The Band cloning, here; we have the real thing. It's like an old Dracula movie come to life. Among the early warning lights against the threat of mercenary paramilitaries, beginning in the 1970's and increasingly in 2002-2003, in recollection of a crystal clear dream I had of Nazi tanks rolling bumper to bumper through the streets of my hometown, more than 30 years ago, I have now seen that nightmare come a step closer to reality. So realistic was my participation in an underground war against the Nazi's that the dream lingered still in my memory for 30 years. I wrote often and intensely of the need for laws against Para-military mercenaries but was ignored by democratic congressmen. Finally a few years ago I alerted Tom Engelhardt and he promised and followed-through on an article on the mercenary problem (before Katrina). I told him I believed they would eventually be used against us and would be roaming our streets at the first emergency here. Then Katrina not long after his article brought a democratic governor to commission Blackwater or Twin Canopies to patrol the streets there with full .007 kill and arrest powers. A remnant of the letter exchange between Tom and I remains on my blog At: The timidity of certain Democrats has allowed these people to succeed; many Democrats also have been too busy feathering their own nests to bother seeing the cosmic nature of the "Boys In The Band" insanity. Only Spiritual intellectualism, men, and women who will take specific actions to eliminate the threats can defeat spiritual idiocy. However, the Dems do nothing but wait, and wait and allow intellectual defectives to dictate their course of inaction and more waiting. In the end, I believe you, I, and others like us, will be denied and the insanity will triumph. That will happen because the same fools who lost in 2000-2004, in races in which one would have almost had to be trying to lose in order to do so, appear to be in power once again, having used Howard Dean to win, they've now shuffled him out of the deck again. Today science desires material proof of intent, while Einstein, in the mammoth new bio by Walter Isaacson, admitted that his 1900 and 1905 papers on Relativity and Light Quanta were derived by a series of insightful premonitions, childhood intellectual wandering and wondering of riding along next to light beams. He states in the new biography that instinct and intellectual graphic visionary abilities, not experiments, gave him the ability to "read the Mind of the Creator of The Cosmos," long before this Bio came out, in fact 10 years ago in answer to a question by a student, and later added to my blogs and my forthcoming book, when asked how I was able to make my frequent and correct in-class predictions on world events, I said, "God allows me, from time to time, to read His mind." These events are verifiable through many sources available. Unfortunately, few listen to those with proven foresight, instead focus on "facts." There are no "facts" until after the fact. I and many others warned about the coming of the Christian Fascist movement as far back as 30 years ago, when there were no "facts" only foresight from my family, me, and others, Now the facts are that the premonitions which were not facts 30 years ago are now and now it is too late. No wonder God gets pissed off. On the one hand He sees the Christian Right idiots, and on the other the "Tangibles, Facts Only" idiots. One wonders why he bothers to send premonitions to us. Evolution was a correct instinctive theory long before some called it a fact. The quantum was an instinctive theory before and even after Einstein's papers in 1900-1905. Atomic theory was an instinctive educated, intuitional, guess with no evidence before and after Einstein, Planck and a multitude of other disagreed, discussed and argued even after Einstein's Formulae appeared. Inspiration, instinct and premonition always precedes truly artistic or scientific successes. Socrates Stream of consciousness, which, roughly translated, all knowledge flows through the universe in waves or particles, and those with the gift for interpretation thereof, do so, is an indication and explanation of the how of what we call prophecy; those able to have keen foresight, merely have skills the rest lack. Skills to read The Mind Of God or whatever one wishes to call the creative force behind the Science of physics, which created out of nothing, the universe. Lay people need to comprehend that intellectual imaging precedes theory and experimentation. Einstein selfdom made physical experiments. Inspirational ideas are warnings or instructions, which need to be explored and utilized before they become facts-when they have manifested themselves as physical conditions it is often too late to do anything about them. Members of my family, before my birth warned about the coming of Hitler and what he would bring with him (Hell) and were ignored by politicians. Others, in Poland, Germany and Italy, as well as America warned about the coming Holocaust of the Hun. When the "facts" became known it was by only months, almost too late. Ignoring Hitler for less than one more year would have meant total Nazi world conquest, because he would have beaten us to the Atomic bomb and he would have attacked us with ICBM's if ignored for another year There are many kinds of prophet. Judaism believes that each generation 36 prophets are sent. Some are unknown prophets, either to themselves and sometimes to their audiences (unconsciously prophesying). Some are conscious of their status (knowing well that of which they speak and the source of that knowledge) because they have been allowed, in Einstein's words, "... to read the mind of the Creator of the cosmos...." Some who are steeped in material information are still unable or unwilling to commit to speaking out. Others, however, whose introduction to an issue is nothing more than recognition of premonition, intuition, instinct, courageously speak out and find that they are infallibly accurate. Both may both end up in the same place, except that those with premonition get there faster. Tachyons are entities which travel only above Light Speed. I argued for such entities in college, but I called them Conductus (Latin for transport, carry), but with only premonition as evidence of a means in which news of the past, present and future could be conveyed back and forth through time, could be conducted to prophets, faster than light on the quantum, but racing ahead of light beams/particles, quanta-packages, waves. Why Dissatisfaction Now Pervades This brings us to how and why politicians are in a quandary, in which some Democrats and some Republicans now know something is amiss (What was their first clue?), but clueless on how or what to do. They have lost real faith in a Guardian God, out of anger over the Christian Right's destruction of Jesus' Image, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights, things which they aided in destroying, and now do nothing but talk and not even that so well. Some of them, ignored warning signs and those with proven foresight, now know that they were at fault. Several years before the destruction of Jerusalem in the first of the major Jewish wars, a man named Jesus (not the Jesus of the Gospels) roamed the streets of Jerusalem shouting that Rome was going to level the Temple and sack Jerusalem. He was arrested several times and flogged at least once for disturbing the peace but he kept at it until one day he was struck and killed by a projectile coming over the wall. Soon after this Rome did attack and sack Jerusalem and level the temple. This man, Jesus was an "unknown" prophet. He had the gift, and was removed before he would have to suffer the siege and devastation of Jerusalem. America is lost because we went astray and allowed lies to trick us into two catastrophes, first 30 years ago when a young woman testifying before a senate committee on abortion, said that she was raped and wanted no living reminder of her victimization. I said as she spoke, though I knew nothing of her private life, that she lied and that her boyfriend impregnated her. My family having had generations of prophetic infallibility upon which to draw asked me questions I could not answer that day, but they were open to the possibility that I was correct. I had only an intuition, (not a guess or a prejudice about the issue). Thirty years later at the same time that I wrote about the incident in my college email system to the entire faculty, staff, administration and 38,000 students, she, Norma McCovney was baptized and admitted she had lied and her boyfriend had impregnated her. I wrote about shortly there after and again a "coincidence" occurred, she became Catholic that same day. Not long after that, she appeared on a Catholic TV show. I was directed to watch by a family member who remembered my unconscious comment the day she testified. On that show, that day, while I watched, she related the entire story Mother Angelica, the station's (EWTN) founder. The Christian Right (of which they are neither) is correct about one thing, God does communicate with some of us, but whomever it is that is motivating them is as far from God as I am from the Colorado Kool-Aiders. Men and women are ignoring the reality that warnings come before facts, and if they ignore that there is a personal God, they also ignore His counterpart, the symbol of intense, unrelenting, evil. People first ignore all the clues and the warnings given them by insightful others and then they say they do not understand how men like Hitler and the Bushites can do the things they do and why didn't God send someone to stop them. He did, he sent prophets and they did not listen. Because people do not want to be viewed as naïve', they are very careful to not seem gullible, but, in fact, caution is the enemy of those who become naïve' in spite of their efforts, to not be seenas naïve'. Thus. it is not so surprising to me why they have neither the answer to why such evils as hideous as those displayed by Hitler and now Bushites exist, or how to deal with such matters. (Maybe they ought to have the President, his staff and congress Exorcized, and perhaps Rush Limbaugh and O'Riley as well?) They should have been dealt with in the 1950's when it was obvious that Nazi's had defected here and had power in the senate and house. However, that was a conspiracy theory. There are, in the history of man nothing but conspiracies, plans, plots and either you are the heroes of one of them or the victims of another. There are several kinds of people which are caught up in what seems a cosmic struggle, which descriptions sound like mumbo-jumbo science fiction, but stick-out-your-neck-Pete says, they are roughly divided as below; I call those lacking inner consciousness, intellect, soul or common sense, Demoniacs, and they are the movers, shakers and purveyors of evil which make up fascism. I call those which are lost, who blindly do the bidding of the fascists, simply The Lost. There are the Unenlightened, the clueless, which the Right has easily made into religious Zombies or diverted by wealth and materialism. I call mopes, the lazy folks, the Sleeping Enlightened, the ones those with foresight try to wake the Hell up, and often succeed in that endeavor, and then there are the Enlightened, which those with foresight alwaya manage to wake up, but the soulless and the Lost and the others always outnumber them.

It is time for lay people, and even some pseudo scientists, to understand that hard science begins with intuition, instinct, premonition, day or sleeping dreams, contact with some force of warning or knowledge. So should politics. Call it what you like, but something or someone appears to take a personal interest and warns or presages, and inspires. Either we listen to real prophets, with the knowledge and maybe the plan, or become the victims of the false prophets. The choice is up to you. And just so we have this understanding, it does not matter if you think I or the few others who think as I do are balmy, we are always correct in the hindsight of those who either listened or ignored us, but never in their foresight. There is no such thing as, well what's done is done, and we must go on from here. Wrong! What's done wrong must be first undone and done right or the world collapses around it! Wrongs undone and never done right, lead to more wrongs undone and never made right until they lead to destruction. If you as I, believe that torture, preemptive war, capital punishment, murder, mass murder, broad proliferation by private citizens of solvents, pesticides and herbicides, fungicides is wrong and harmful, yet you support abortion, then you are responsible for the Bush Presidencies, because the above are wrongs based on as many lies as the war in Iraq, and it lost for us millions of decent, Liberal Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jewish voters, which are not Christian Rightists, because abortion is as, or more wrong than the other Culture of Death items I pointed out above. Because of the abortion issue, there are 40,000,000 dead fetuses, and I don't care if they were yet with or without soul or consciousness, they were people-to-be and at least, by estimate, the majority of them would have been born into families, which were/are Democratic voters.

There are the millions of women who possess a conscience, who have experienced abortions-mothers of aborted fetuses whose guilt, for decades is attended by physical, and mental anguish and still remain unconsoled by psychiatric care and loving relatives. I have been and remain a Liberal, as have my parents and Grandparents, my grandfather Louis Iuzzolino was among the early founders of the AF of L CIO in Chicago through Local 225, one of the first integrated unions decades before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Abortion and other birth control devices were originally and remain, devices of the most wealthy and/or bigoted whites against the proliferation of black, Spanish speaking and other minorities to keep their population under control by selling them on the false economic premise that they cannot afford to have, educate and raise children.

These ideas were first perpetrated in the early 19th Century, by Malthus, who had the world so overpopulated that according to him, we should have been standing on each other's heads by mid-20th century. Later it was Margaret Sanger who warned against the overflow of poor, wretched minority children and the over population of the poorest. She attacked Catholicism for advocating larger families. In those days, most Catholics were among the poorer immigrants, not all of which spoke English. They were minorities and they worried the upper classes. They might want to marry the daughters of the Anglo-Saxon wealthy and then they would have darker skinned, curley headed grandchildren! Tigers and Lions and Bears, OHMY! What hath God Wrought!

Now, because the birth rate has slowed among better educated, middle and upper middle-class people, mostly Liberal Christians, others-those with lesser intelligence, lesser education, the main followers of the Christian Right, have seen their population, unfettered by abortion and birth control soar and enough to win numerous elections leading up to the presidential elections of 2000-2004. Now they outvote us. The Liberals however, can take comfort in the reality that now they may have fewer voting family members, but they do have nicer cars, houses and vacations. Unfortunately, as we warned that gave the Christian Right the greater population and the votes, and gave the Liberals, no Constitution or Bill of Rights. Recall the bumper sticker: Your one, smart kid may be on the honor role, but my poorer, 8 dumb kids who barely pass every year, elected the fascist Bushites and many other Neo-cons.

"And that," in the words of Forrest Gump, "is all I have to say about that!"

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