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Analysis of Democratic "Strategy"

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Kucinich: Impeach Cheney First! Fearless Dennis Takes on Pelosi! Is Dennis The Man? He Challenges The IQ Challenged DemoBushites! The Essence of Hubris: Your Congress in Inaction The Neglect of The Will of The People!

While Pelosi Fiddles along with Bush as Iraq Burns and American voters do a slower burn, D. Kucinich is busy taking action. Is he the real thing? Can he upstage Edwards, Obama and Clinton? Time will tell.

Flip a Red State Neo-ConBushite into the air and it may turn up a Blue State DemoBushite. Whomever it is that directs the "strategy" of the current holding pattern for congress, apparently, truly believing that the American people are dumber than the Neo-cons think they are may be in for a rather large surprise. In case they missed it, the election of 2006 was not about the popularity of the Democrats but the dissatisfaction with the fascist policies and the war. The overwhelming demographic unit of interest was the disapproval of the Bushites, and GW Bush in particular, on the war and other issues, not the approval of the democrats. Right now the Democrats are counting on the war worsening, on giving the Republicans money to continue it, but missing the key factor, that the money, whether or not it is specifically ear-marked by law only for use in Iraq, other funds will be diverted (The lost Billions in Cheney's hands for freelance use with Al Qaeda and other terrorists to finance the General George S. Patton idea of baiting and if necessary falsifying attacks against Americans or against the American mainland targets and blaming the attack on Iran.)

This "strategy" is no strategy; it is a fool's fantasy. It will cost lives, (the Democratic "strategist" which supports this idea will never answer this ill-conceived bit of hairy-primate reasoning, but if he did he would probably say, in the long run it will save lives). However, it will not work, because even now many democrats and independents are frustrated with the Pelosi refusal to start impeachment hearings or hire a Special Prosecutor to begin investigations. The far better choice is the Special Prosecutor, it would enable less personal involvement and political liability for the Democrats and impeachments usually rally sympathy votes for a party under that threat-recall the spurt of popularity for Clinton during the impeachment process and his leaving office with a 69% approval rating. The other and more important negative concerning the "holding pattern," of letting the Republicans stew in their own juices, is that a growing number of those who reluctantly voted for the Democrats in 2006 are now turned off by Nancy Pelosi's image of hubris, cowardice and conservatism. This attitude is creating a march to the camp of whoever the Third Party spoiler candidate will be. If they go forward with those threats, and with threats to run well-healed Third Party candidates in many congressional districts (especially San Francisco California's district 8) the Democrats will lose in 2008 and America will become the first full fledged Fascist State since Nazi Germany more than 75 years ago. At the rate in which Nancy Pelosi is ticking people off, she may be a liability in the next election and that may encourage a recall petition to be circulated in her district. Rumor has it that she threatened Congressman Conyers that if he submitted a petition for impeachment for any of the Bushites, she would take away his toys (Committee Leadership) and those of any others that attacked the president. While the sad-sack idea of letting the war and the Neo-cons, stew is driving hardline Liberals and Moderates toward some Liberal to Moderate Republicans or Independent candidates, and the Republicans are being pushed, reluctantly into supporting more Liberal to Moderate candidates to run against Democrats and Third Party Congressional Candidates. The failure of the 2006 Democratic Congressional gains to produce the promised revolutionary movement expected by those disenfranchised by the economy, the war, and the corruption has enraged those who worked hard and Democratic organizations are fast losing credibility and membership. Now comes Congressman Dennis Kucinich with papers ready to file in Impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney. Meanwhile Senators and congress-people in other states are busy dodging questions from more educated voters on why they are stalling on bringing what many see as the worst war criminal since Hitler's regime and the most corrupt administration in American History, to justice. In Illinois Senator Barack Obama, is busy charming the media, which media are showing their underlying racism and Neo-con personality by constantly seeming amazed at his sharp wit, articulate speech and upbeat personality. Unfortunately, Obama seems amazed himself, by playing along with the patronizing attitude of media blabby-flabby mouths. His campaign drew huge sums of money, over $25,000,000 and the adoration of Media talking heads. So far, however, his actual campaign is sliding into bromidic, insufficiency, and a rather complete lack of new ideas. One of which was that one of his aids, a physician, snottily replied to our Healthcare proposal, because, we suspect it spoke truthfully, but unflatteringly of the racism and fascism of the current system, and of medical professionals under the aegis of profiteers, which is completely in the hands of the drug makers, which we eliminate from the system in our plan, the insurance companies which we eliminate from our plan and the Fat Cat, profit oriented private corporate hospitals, which we nationalize in our plan and turn all over to the Major Universities for, management and distribution. Our plan includes funding and is tied to an innovative means to reduce corporate multi-billion dollar compensation packages to CEO management teams by tying upper management compensation to employee salaries and 100% American Employees. No one, in the eyes of anyone with anything, even vaguely resembling a conscience, should ever, at the cost of their immortal souls, make a profit from the misfortune of others, let alone their own people.

No one running for president can afford to have on their team a Dogmatic MD making executive decisions (unless her plan is to repackage and submit as her own), which could cost an election. That would not be wise or smart campaign management. The other sticking point in the Obama campaign is that he is sworn to reject Lobbyist money, but is reportedly accepting money from the spouses of said lobbyists, a typical Bushite trick. I do not know if an FDR will arise from the ashes of the now slowly disintegrating hope some of us once had in Democratic Party, but if so, the closest thing I am seeing to a rising star, agreeably not as much a glitterati as Obama, Edwards, or Clinton, but right now a Helluva lot more on target, at least at this point. Kucinich did not vote for the war, he is doing what everyone; even many of the more moderate Republicans around the country for whom I know crossed over and voted Democratic candidates. Kucinich is not as glamorous or Show Biz as Obama and Edwards, but he does seem to be fed up with the Pelosi waiting game enough to do something about it and Americans have been waiting a long time for someone, anyone, to drag the bastards out of their offices and hang them up by their strategists in the gallows of public opinion. Still in the back of my mind is the Edwards question. He voted for the war, can he overcome the war-vote mistake that many of us watching did not endorse, and vehemently so? Right now there are fabulists, confabulating, polls and there are never correct before pollsters and pundits, unembarrassed by their failures making predictions, and there are threats from the chief master of Impotency and his tissue hearted puppeteer consorting with satanic forces both here and overseas, we have Halliburton already doing what I predicted four and one half years ago, clearing out and we have also what I predicted four years ago, Bushite intimates suddenly finding their consciences. We also have the Democrats cheering and believing the fall will escalate, until Bush either starts gargling with Vodka sent him by Vladimir Putin, or the Gin and Jack Daniels sent him by Democratic "strategists." They are ignoring Murphy's Law, if anything can happen, it will happen. Bush may suddenly turn about face to save the next election and enter into diplomatic relations which solve all the problems and the egg will leap off his face and onto that of the so-called, Democratic "Strategists." If it were I, I would race, not walk to hiring a Special Prosecutor. Now If I learned one thing in sports and life it is, never let a loser hang around nearby too long. Put him away ASAP, or he may hit you where you least want to be hit and find that the game is turned around.

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