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Ineffability, RealJustice, Prophets, vs. Organized Religions and Government; The Good and The Bad!

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Ineffability, RealJustice, Prophets, vs. Organized Religions and Government; The Good and The Bad! Where Have We Gone Wrong? Hypocrite/hypocritical: One who affects virtues, qualities, attitudes he does not possess, Related-Tartuffe, quack, sanctimonious, unctuous, casuistic, mala fide, pecksniffery, pietistic. Belief and Disbelief: In my classes, regardless of subject matter or discipline, now and again and sometimes in unwanted abundance, there came or appeared, those who adamantly insisted on a foolish old fish-tale as fact, without allowing either overwhelming evidence, fact, or reality, to the contrary, to dissuade them from their folly. This, despite the fact that had they merely unstopped their minds, disabused them of indomitable stupidity, merely allowing enlightenment in the form of RealEducation to become absorbed, might have thrived. There are in this life these realities; there was an American Native Chieftain, who was of the feverish belief that no white man's bullet could ever kill him. In him, so strong a belief was this, that others of his tribe caught the fever. It really did not matter in the end what he or his tribe believed, he was killed by a bullet from a gun fired by another man, and yet even this did not prove him wrong, God is full of ironies. The maker of the bullet or the gun that fired it, or he which fired the gun, could have been other than white. Nonetheless, in the end a gun was fired, the missile struck him in a vital spot and he died. Another fellow believed he could fly and so, from a mountaintop, he took off, in full confidence that he could, indeed, fly. He couldn't and he also died-and in the end it did not matter what he believed, he, at last notice, was still dead. Yet, another believed that once dead he could will his resurrection, that was many years ago, at last notice, he, as well, was still dead. When I was in high school, one of my mother's choice, the number one prep school in America at the time, run by Dominican Priests, it was the school with the infamous and the daunting, four hour entrance exam, It was given to hundreds of very bright young boys, the brightest of each of their respective primary schools, we were told, (although I thought others at my school were brighter than I was) one fine, sunny, spring, Saturday Morning, early, until near noon, when this boy of twelve would rather have been fishing. A year later in a schoolroom of that school, to which my father was of the belief I would fail said entrance exam, I sat in a classroom of which the priestly professor was absent.

The ensuing hubbub began modestly enough, and quickly erupted into a book throwing melee', which almost to a boy, none believed any intervening priest would ever appear before the bell dispersed us off to varies and scattered other myriad classrooms, far too many for all of us to be tracked down and brought to justice, by the indomitable Father Meyers, Dean of Discipline (DoD). As some of the books sailed downward out the windows, past the class of a certain priest known for his intense dislike of the vast majority of teen-aged boys, he quickly notified the DoD. So, much for the fantasy of escaping justice, it came fast and unflinching at the hands of the DoD. What followed the swift justice he dealt out (was "Jug" for seven mornings, promptly at 7:30) to those who admitted their complicity in the book throwing adventure, (of which I was one-honor system, you know. Though not all in that room believed that the honor system was to be honored, at least not by them and since it further involved non-tattling, and tattling was severely punishable, few ever did. That is one of the flaws in an otherwise near flawless honor system. It was also one, which marked those of lesser honor, for vengeance from the more "honorable." So, in essense I guess it was workable.) The point is that many of those in that room at the time were infallibly convinced that no priest would arrive before the bell. However, it mattered not what they believed, when reality manifested itself, one came, and behold he was riding a pale horse, and the rider of the pale horse, had a right hand which was lightening fast and dealt pain through capital punishment. Aside from that, he was a great guy. He knew by the end of the first few weeks of fall, classes, the first, last and nicknames of 938 boys. I knew a priest would show that day, because they usually did in such circumstances. There were those who, that day, believed otherwise and who continued to believe otherwise for their entire tenure at that venerable institution, of which that tenure was short for many of them. Voluntary removal was advised of some, continuous failure, was self-advisement for others. Regardless of belief, reality always sets in, for some, but too late for others. One boy advised me, while I was otherwise occupied, strapping together my books, that it was a coincidence that a priest, the DoD, arrived when he did, next time he would not. Even if he did, this fellow advised me, he would not admit to his culpability, and would thus escape punishment, and that I and the others who owned-up were fools. He was intent on teaching me that. I looked up from my task right into his eyes, and said, "No, you won't escape it. It will find you one way or the other, and neither I nor the DoD care whether you believe that or not." "But you are Catholic, and the priests believed you were ear marked for Notre Dame or Harvard, so you must care what happens to others." My reply was, "I am going to neither, whether they believe that or not, and I repeat neither I nor the DoD care what you believe, he will show up and you will eventually be caught." He was and booted out, not for his crimes, but for his dishonorable behavior. Later in life, like a President whose life parallels that fellow will, he went to jail for securities fraud and later committed suicide, when again caught with his hands in the till. He is still in my prayers. He was right, on one level I did care about others, on another, I did not. Some people, even now believe that the universe is 4004 years old, science notwithstanding. Many of them live in the south. Many of them are not very smart IQ wise. They believe that a series of fictional books are theologically correct, whether or not the writers of those books concur, I do not know. Perhaps they believe one can create one's own reality. One can for a period of time, but TrueReality will intervene, whether one believes in it or not, just as bullets kill whether one believes it or not. The Inescapably Ineffable: On this planet of ours, there is also an honor system. The American natives and other natives, Chthonian civilizations, knew well the code of honor: honor the land, the air, and the water, the creatures, don't sh*t into the river up stream or down stream, don't sh*t in it at all. Some removed from that Chthonian existence did not respect it. Their wantonness caused death, illness and destruction. They did not care, they believed no priest would come punish them while they were sh*tting in the river, and none did... not at least, while they were sh*tting in the river. Some people even now do not believe the world to be round, no, really, some don't-probably the same ones that believe that a book of fiction is theologically correct, they also, probably voted for GW Bush and still support him. Let us make no mistake about this; some people who voted for Bush the first time, saw the light and repented, They made what they thought was an honest mistake and tried to correct it next time out. Some good men and women voted for him, you know. They made a mistake and they've tried to make up for it. That is laudable we have all made similar mistakes, no one is infallible. NO ONE. Some even repented after voting twice for him, some have not, they still "believe" him to be honest. (?????) It no longer matters what they believe. There are lots of beliefs across this rounded oval on which we live. We are parasites living off and on this larger, living thing-this planet. Whether or not someone believes it, the planet is about 4.5 billion years old, that is exactly the half-life of Depleted Uranium, which some of those (America is the only nation which produces and uses the horrific stuff. We are now the only nation, which does lots of horrific stuff.) Half-life meaning in 4.5 billion years it will only be half a deadly as it is right now. It causes cancers and other horrors, regardless of what fools believe-it causes cancer, it kills horribly and slowly and then those suffering from it are treated with more toxic sh*t, slowly and horribly by people as sadistic as the Bushites. It doesn't matter what those who sell the raw materials for the DU say, reality deems otherwise. Now the entire nation, every place, in every state where soldiers fire practice rounds of the stuff, is contaminated for 4.5 billion years. That is the half-life of the poison and it may be the full life of the planet, who knows? Who indeed? There are lots of religions on this planet, which advocate or believe lots of different things. A few of them do not advocate that others believe what they believe, nor would they, even if they had the power, try to force others to believe as they do. They benignly go about their business, doing what they do and ignoring those who do not, but praying for them, or for their removal, but not by them. You see some people have the wisdom to comprehend something, which escape the Organized Religions of some Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and, I suppose a few pagans and assorted other religions, as well as some atheists, and that is that it really doesn't matter what they do or do not believe. It doesn't matter what anyone believes, Reality will do its job. I had a friend, he was studying science he was smart, had little common sense, but he was smart, no genius, but smart. He told me (in high school) something that some scientists at some major university had said, that it was impossible for a person to throw a baseball in such a way that made the ball curve-couldn't be done-scientifically impossible, he said, it was an optical illusion and this scientist was going to prove it. The scientist set up a series of vertical sticks every few feet for 60'-6" between the pitcher's rubber and home plate, and a noted pitcher was to throw his curveball and it would knock all the sticks over, not curve around them because to do that was not possible, he did not believe that a baseball could curve under the power of a man throwing it. That day they had the experiment. He invited hoards of media people to film and they did, much to his later regret. I don't know what happened to that professor, or those at his university which supported his belief, (I didn't care enough to find out, still don't, because I played baseball and I knew the ball curved, even when hit, it curved, a man who played the game and did not believe that, could get killed and a few actually did, but no sticks were broken that day, or ever. In the end it really didn't matter what he, his supporters, and his students did or did not believe. No single Organized Religion has a corner on truth and none of them know the complete truth, and it really doesn't matter what they do or do not believe. It especially doesn't matter, as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on anyone else. The same goes for atheists, it doesn't matter what they do or do not believe, as long as they do not try to force their lack of belief on others. The truth is there is a God and neither He, nor I care who does or does not believe that. Some don't believe because if they did, they would have to stop doing something they are doing which they do not want to stop doing. You can tell who these are; they are feverish about making everyone believe that there is nothing in which to believe. I am not interested in having anyone believe what I believe; I just inform if necessary and today was necessary. There is a similarity between some atheists and some Organized Religionists, in that they are both driven by their unbelief in what they say they believe. Therefore, since misery loves company they are beside themselves-with apoplexy over what others do or do not believe. That is how one can tell they are hypocrites. You must believe or disbelieve as they do, or die. If you live and believe or disbelieve in what they profess to believe, but really don't, then you are a living symbol of their error (and their terror) and they cannot have that living reminder. That is why some faith's do mass suicides. If everyone is dead, than no one is left alive to face them with their error, so they either kill everyone and stay alive themselves with no one left to refute them, or they kill all including themselves, so neither the others they kill, they, will be around to confirm that they were incorrect. Unfortunately, for those fools, they sent themselves and the others from the frying pan into the fire, perhaps literally. All of the Organized Religions are wrong about most things and right about some few things. Most politicians are wrong about almost everything and right about very little. One person told me that both believers and unbelievers are hypocrites because they both pretend at knowing the unknowable. A very wise comment. Unfortunately, he is wrong on both counts and I will get to them in a few lines. But first Jefferson, yes, him and that quote again, The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. However, it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. You see, Jefferson didn't care what people believed, neither do I, and contrary to what Organized Religion's say, neither does God, at least up to a certain point, and I am coming the whole knowing the unknowable thing in a moment, but meanwhile, here is the thing about God, if there is one. (I know, but hang on a moment further). God, The Ineffable, the One who supposedly made the universe, who created every single thing of which our imaginations can conceive of, and many which they cannot, the same God who envisioned and created the complexity of the human creature, the human eye, the complexity of our environment, the massive curvature of this universe and what holds it together, the quantum and it's universal management thereof-He, which did all of that supposedly, he who wounds and heals, who kills and makes alive, that theoretical, all-powerful, God, seems, in the eyes of mendacious and degenerate humans, of such enormous pompous stupidity and avarice, such hypocrisy, think that He needs our help in these killing others, which He saw fit to create in the first place. (This God, seems a bit inconsistent and not at all able to prophecy about whom to, and whom not to, create.) Can you imagine the twisted logic of that lie, that idiocy? The God, which created everything, every single thing, needs us to kill other people He saw fit to create! Like He is not capable of doing it Himself. The same God who said, "Thou shalt not, kill! Daminit!"

WOW! Whatta Concept! The dumbest F*cking thing of which I ever heard! A God who can create a universe, or many of them, who commands that we not kill each other, now wants us to kill because He isn't capable of killing, or isn't quite sure how do it? Uhuh, right.

Hey, God you want someone dead, kill, them yourself, what have you got a broken arm? You kill millions from disease and accidents every year (or at least allow them to die) but you cannot kill the unbelievers yourself? Are you then impotent, or what? You see, He is the god of the Christian Right (Of which they are neither.) and their god is no god all. Their god is an evil blip in their terribly, shriveled and warped minds. The real God gives life and if He wants it rescinded, He takes life needing no help, whatsoever, from comparatively, puny humans, as no real God would. Now, neither God, nor I care what anyone else believes, the Reality is that there is a God, and it really doesn't matter what anyone else does or does not believe. There is a set of eternal truths and it doesn't matter what one or another Organized Religious band of fools does or does not believe. However, there is NOT one thing, there is not, dogma, nor is God a Steady State, nor is He static, nor is He unchanging, nor is He All-knowing, Omnipotent. Anyone, which is incapable of learning, is nothing. IQ is not dependent on being well read or educated or on what one knows; it measures, and is dependent on knowing how to learn, and then proving it by learning. God learns and grows, that which does not learn does not grow-God Grows. Now to my writer in, which stated a wise thing, but a wise thing that was/is wrong? He that told me that both believers and unbelievers are hypocrites because they both pretend at knowing the unknowable. However, his error is that he did not know, that the unknowable to everyone else, Is knowable to some. Each generation God creates and send 36 prophets to Planet Earth. He sends them not to kill, not to make new religions, or certify those that exist, in fact, God never sends Prophets to pat religions on the back, or give them a standing ovation. No, he sends them mostly with BAD news, to correct bullshit. That is why any word or news about visions or miracles, send church authorities scurrying to mental institutions. He endows His prophets with some of the unknowable, and He does this regularly, through Infused Contemplation, Bestowed Enlightenment, and Private Revelation.

Some of these prophets do not know they are prophets, (they are so called, the Unknown Prophets. They just go about their business and at times say things that are recognized by a few as profound. Sometimes even the prophets are not really completely aware of why, or what they are saying. That doesn't matter either, as long they say it. The other prophets, the ones who know they are prophets? They are the Unfortunate ones in some ways and the more fortunate in others. Unfortunate, because THEY KNOW what they say is right, but they also know that damned few will recognize it as right, and fewer still will listen, and that is hard to bear, very hard to bear. They often sour on mankind and are so chilled by their experience that after they die, even God-Himself has difficulty warming them up, again. They are fortunate because each time they hear from God they are in ecstasy that a God would love them so much to trust them with things like daily contact How can one tell if someone is a prophet? Well, not everything is carved in stone. Some things in the future are changeable, and some are not. The ones, which are, can be predicted, the ones, which are not, can be warned about and maybe rearranged. A prophet can be identified when the things he predicts, those, which are not popularly chosen by experts, those that go against that grain, come to pass. One may look back and say, Hot-damned, that SOB was right again! That is reality; unbelievably, it doesn't matter. There are a few more things you should know about a prophet. (A) He will tell you why he has come and, (B) He can be killed, as Jesus-a prophet, was, but the reality is that, that will not matter either, in the long run, because he will be reequipped and maybe sent back again, as the New Testament verifies for those with ears to hear, because it is after physical life that TrueReality sets in. Oh, and Christianity is wrong about a number of things, one of which is reincarnation, the pope was wrong about that as well, the one that just died. The one that lives is wrong about so many things I have no the time, nor the interest in listing them all, because I really don't care what he says or believes, anymore than I do what anyone lese says or believes and I do not care to proselytize, just to inform. Reincarnation, equity in learning time, trial and error, growth from one stage to another, all takes time. The oppressor becomes the oppressed, the oppressed get an opportunity to see what they would do if they were king for a day, or for thirty years, or for a lifetime. This in keeping with the Word of God, I punish, now to only to three to four generations and I reward for 1,000 generations... Those who strive to convert others with words, and with less benign means, would be better served to simply... serve those who have less, and shut the F*ck-up! Those, which are right, the true prophets, do not proselytize, they merely inform, "You are dead-wrong! This is what is right, listen and learn, or do whatever the F*ck as you please, and face the F*cking consequences alone or in batches, it really doesn't matter, one way or the other, except for/to you." That is it briefly, and that is why I am not a Bushite and why if the Democrats had dropped the despicable Abortion issue we would not have had Bushites. Selfishness has brought us all down and if it continues we will suffer further, and be chastised further, like those people who want everyone to suffer for their idiotic beliefs, and die and burn forever with them, because they are too selfish to face life and their mistake alone and too selfish and ignorant to repent. Now, it does not matter a wit what anyone thinks about that that is what we have. That is the Reality and that is the way it is. End of story, (We wish.) (Tim?)

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