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Who Really Enabled the Neo-con Successes! Part I: The Answer May Surprize You.

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Part II To Follow Soon. Since the election of 2000, we have heard lots of whining from Blue State Americans about how dumb the Red Staters were/are. Well, according to a survey taken recently, 50% Of Americans have IQ's below 100, including the president. It is neither a crime, nor a stigma to not be intellectually well endowed. It is however, both, not to know one's own limitations. Practicing above one's competence is a moral crime nd is a regular occurrence these days. However, that is not the worst of it, Americans ought to realize that a good many things trump intelligence. Recall the films, Blue Angel, Of Human Bondage-recall Nixon, Napoleon, Lindbergh, and the Neo-cons? Emotional trauma, emotional ineptitude, and/or lack of common sense or conscience, bigotry, avarice and other human errors, often trump Intelligence and education. It is also true that some people who are not of the highest intelligence often make better common sense decisions, than smarter, more well-educated, people, who may be emotionally crippled, including being taken-in by charlatan politicians and Organized Religionists. As far as the 50% below 100 hundred on the IQ chart, maybe the church was correct. Maybe, some Americans thought they were smarter than they really were. Maybe they were guilty of practicing above their competencies, going a bit overboard in anal-retentive controlling attitudes, including controlling birth rates. In the long haul, that appears to not have been a very enlightened decision. Those who deny that truth are copping out. The Birth rate warnings, which Margaret Sanger and others trumpeted across the nation, were a scare tactic. Many of the upper crust and Sanger were frightened at the rapid rate of population growth among Catholics and other minorities. Eventually, however, even Catholics and the other lower classes responded. They, too, wanted to acquire material signs of wealth. Some of those who wished for it all, allowed materialism and selfishness to trump common sense and the intellect, as well as education. How? While those who thought they could have it all, were being mesmerized by drug company, Birth Control, TV commercials, which were blared to mesmerized Baby Boomers and their younger copy-cats, teenaged girls, substituting in lieu of close parental controls, tacit permission for the unmarried to have sex, au-natural, using oral contraception pills, but boosting STD's. They were comforted by the fact, that if pills didn't work they could easily have an abortion. They had fallen for the Sanger upper crust BS propaganda. The upper classes were worried, because the old adage; The rich make money and the poor make babies, was working it's magic again. Meanwhile, outward signs of upper middle class materialism, the lower classes thought, could enhance their lower than middle class standing. Therefore, if they avoided pregnancy, with both working, they could afford, more things, and thus traded their integrity for acquisitive consumption: driving fancier cars, building larger, more luxurious homes, signing adjustable rate mortgages, and no principle, reduction of debt mortgages, taking expensive vacations, eating at the best restaurants, hiring immigrant gardeners, maids and sitters, until children were old enough to use a latch-key. Parents bought off their consciences and their children, immersing themselves in narcissistic, cultural pleasures, by simply ignoring nature and responsibility and going into heavy debt, not by raising families, but by buying irresponsibly. They assiduously avoided hands-on growing and investing in a family. In the early 19th century Malthus made a population prediction that people would be standing shoulder to shoulder and on top of one another across the world by the mid-20th century. People labored under the Sanger excuse that the world was over-populated. Sixty years later, he nations other than America who practiced birth reduction are very much regretting that decision. The birth rates are so low in Italy that the population is scheduled to be cut by 33% in two generations and their economy beginning to show signs of following suite. Meanwhile Italy is constructing incentives for motherhood, because if the rates do fall as low as predicted the economy will be even more seriously affected. Russia and other European nations are not far behind. America, however, so far, is only overpopulated by the Litters of the Christian Right (of which they are neither), which elected the Bushites and were so practicing above their competencies that they were unaware, (and remain so) that it was their children not those of the Bushites which were fighting, dying and being blown to bits in this abominable oil "war." Really, is there an Earth users manual that says China and India can each have over a billion citizens, but we, who are far wealthier, can only have 289,000,000? No, sounds more like a selfishness excuse to me. Sounds more like the Conspicuous Consumption, Group, known in previous times, for their sensuality and common sense, now days, can only reproduce one or two children spread over 20 years, while the Neo-con, uptight, missionary position only, stiff minded, lower IQ group are producing in litters every ten months and staying home to raise them. The working class and Democrats kissed off responsibility whole-heartedly bought into upper class Neo-Con lifestyles. Well, guess what? While pregnancy, avoiding, conspicuous Consumptioneers, were in an acquisitive mode, busy practicing birth control, those with IQ's below 100, were also busy-busy Missionary positioningly, coitusing their brains out and reproducing in litters like rabbits. In addition, they reproduced enough brain-dead, dummies to get Bush into office, twice, fixed elections or not. Did you see the bumper sticker that says, "Your one or two kids may have been on the honor roles, but my eight kids who barely passed exams to progress from one grade to another, helped elect one of their peers to the White House and more to Congress!" The dumbing down of America is one of the last stages of modern usurpation of principles. How did it happen that the middle and lower economic classes went from being Democrats to being Republicans? The Johnson administration and Viet Nam, which attacked with reverse discrimination some of the very people, which fought for Civil Rights. That did not help; it sent white middle classes racing to Reagan. Another unhelpful thing which sent workers in droves to support Reagan was the union's abandonment of the worker by hiring as business agents those lacking passion-hiring men and women who would never put themselves on the line for those they represented. I come from a family of union executives (And medical people) who worked their way up the regular members ladder from worker to business agent, to executive, in the days when corporate goons attacked union workers but they never lost the passion and had no fear. They were fighting for their children, an almost unheard of concept these days. Many of those with advanced degrees who entered the hierarchies of unions in the late sixties and seventies were pussycats and used to smooth passage and no conflict. They abrogated their responsibilities by under-representing and betraying their regular members, taking the easy way out whenever a conflict arose. They dumped whistle blowers and conspired against those who wanted justice, because they wanted a nine to 4:00 job with no stress. They helped send many over to the dark side. Middle class households buying into a materialistic life style with gusto. It strongly appealed to the sons and daughters of working class families, whose parents had sacrificed to send their children through college. However, those children did not appreciate the sacrifice and they eschewed the lack of luxuries. They did not want to be like their parents. They wanted to be like their bosses. They became sycophants and in the process sold out their heritage. Shameless self-promotion, oneupsmanship and becoming a pawn of corporate America, was the goal, at any cost, and the cost was their own souls and those of their progeny. Parents had failed to inculcate in their offspring, the importance of self-control and an austere lifestyle. While we are discussing how personal selfishness, has a backlash, how about the 60% of Americans who were too busy working and/or shopping, to vote? The largest group was single, working, women-Thanks to them; they and we, innocents, have Bushites with which to contend and 1,100,000 human casualties. There is also another disgusting phenomenon, the revelation that many of those Democrats we sent to Washington to protect us, our nation, and our sacred documents, are so very busy being entertained, bought-off and betraying not only the voters but our national heritage, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, that they have no time to read proposed laws-bills! Wasn't it Congressman Conyers who when asked why he voted for the Patriot Act/Military Commission's Act of 2006, replied that, "... we don't read most of the bills we vote for..." What in the Hell do these fools think we elected them for, to party and live high off the hog? Do they think we sent them there to be worshipped by the Satan of DC, the lobbyist? To go on junkets, eat exotic foods and drink, and carouse? What Conyers casually admitted to, walks, like, sounds like, and smells a lot like, incompetence, misfeasance, malfeasance, gross misrepresentation of constituency, and ineptitude-Democrat or otherwise. Why did whomever he represents send him there, and was he speaking for himself or are there others like him, which are taking their salaries under false pretenses? Even Jerry Seinfeld's pal George is not that insensitive. While I am such a rotten mood, I'm going to get it all out. Every Democrat who voted for either or both the Patriot Act and/or the Military Commissions Act of 2006, ought to hounded and if they don't straighten up, dumped next time around, or at least until those evil laws are repealed and burned. They didn't practice due-diligence, they won't go after any traitors in their midst, and there are plenty of them. As the population goes, in industrialized and/or technologically advanced nations, unless their balance of trade is hugely favorable, so goes the economy and with it, Jobs. What is the answer? Americans must stop buying into the wholesale sell-out of their integrity and their humanity for materialism.

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