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The End Of America? Its Supreme Court, and Other Sacred Institutions And How We Can Fix Them

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A Satire On The Bushite Crushing of the Supreme Court and How We can fix it. It is time to end the lifetime Membership of the Supreme Court Judges and it is time to end political sponsorship of its members based on corporate and fascist, avarice. We were ordained a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, not a nation of the fascist corporation, by the fascist corporation, and of the fascist corporation. However, that is exactly what we have become. We were a Democracy, containing, at the same time a Republic, wherein there were guarantees that the majority would not be enabled to overwhelm, or intimidate, and diminish, or impose their will, upon the disenfranchised, marginalized, minorities, or upon any religion, or upon those who wanted no religion, or upon any nationality, or any other uniqueness. (Read Jefferson's God inspired comments.) How can we achieve such a thing? The practice mentioned in the first paragraph of fascism in the Supreme Court, must be stopped. It must be a requirement, a prerequisite that to even be considered as a candidate for nomination to such a position, a person must have a balanced record which displays compassion for the under classes. Further once in office, should any justice have a one sided record favoring the wealthy and powerful or the government, more often than is prudent, s/he should be removed. (Read Jefferson) It isn't difficult now, because we no longer have a Constitution or Bill of Rights to defend thanks to fascist apologist and defender, the man against which the fires of Hell rage, anxiously awaiting his visitation, Anthony Scalia. Satan, the creature which so strongly influenced Scalia, a cowardly, Wimp, whose sycophancy is legend even among the cravens to which he cow-tows, who behind his back perhaps more frequently than he cares to believe, refer to him as "...the Papist, Italo (Author: I am Italian also.) who sold out to gain our approval, gain our acceptance, be allowed into our social circles, ... to be in our company..." When he approaches the communion rail, angels and saints must regurgitate, in Heavenly disgust, sickened by the sight of such a soulless, abomination on the steps of the sacristy, because he assisted in the blasphemy of the ages, the sacrilege of the millennia, the destruction of God's holy and sacred ordinances and revelations, The Bill of Rights, and The Constitution. However, he is the darling of those in his church's hierarchies, my church, which hierarchies haven't a clue as to who is God and what He expects. The church, like most churches, most Organized Religions in these times of crisis, whose heretical, hierarchical, leanings are ever more fascistic, ever more supportive of the wealthy, ever more insistent at the parish level, that the richest men and women are the closest of friends with its pastors, their golf buddies, are never the laborer, or the salesman, always the rich. The hierarchies, are ever more supportive of Opus Dei than of the Jesuits, and ever more rejecting of the backbone of the church the middle class and the poor. The hierarchy is ever more Hitlerian, from their support of a pope, which interfered in an American election, to the support of a president who has far more in common with Adolph Hitler than with any Catholic saint ever honored, or even any sinner. Sinners seldom go to Hell, Evil Ones usually do. This George is no saint, but is, instead, the Dragon, with leathery, spiky, hairy, grey/brown wings, and horns, the Evil Spawn of the Evil Spawn, whose black soul is visible only to those Chosen, which are numbered more of the Progressives. My church, The Roman Catholic Church, whose hierarchies, with the exception of the missionaries who take the vow of poverty, are ever more entranced and fascinated by the wealthy and are addicted to things some of their parishioners have never experienced because they could not afford such things. Scalia was appointed to the Supreme Court much like some other members, for his Supreme Partisanship-His irrefutable, unconstitutional, one-sided voting record always favoring the corporation against the individual, always the power and wealth against the poor and the middle classes. Apparently, he has never desisted from his unhealthy need for approval, his need, to be accepted by Aryan, Anglo Saxon, and white Aryan, Anglo-Saxon, men of wealth. He appears to have an inferiority complex, which has now cost this nation and another nation near to one million lives and has wrecked tens of millions more for generations to come. In the twisted mirror in which may he view himself, he is viewed as insouciant, he apparently feels, at his lack of Anglo-Saxon heredity, inferiority, a sick and selfish shame of his own ancestorial, broken-english, family heritage. Having come from peasant stock which he now eschews, ashamed of that background, one of which a real man of the people would be proud, "... the salt of the Earth..." Jesus called such people. However, Scalia, is not a man of the people, he longs to be of royal blood, he longs to be like... me. He isn't and never could be, God wouldn't allow it, not for him. He will go though eons of lifetimes and never experience what I have, his punishment for what he has wrought.

Long go, before there were such class categories my family was of the people, and since here in this great country we are again, thank the Good God, for we treasure that category above any. America made such pride in being of the people possible for my family, and the Castello d' Bagnolo, now remains a long lost Castle and Palace, nesting in the hills of one of the five the towns of Bagnolo outside of Firenza, a nice place to visit, but an ode to a former life from which my family are now freed. My maternal great grandfather was a gentleman farmer, a knight and a duelist. He willingly came here for the sake of his family. I can never forget the words of his son, my immortal Grandfather Louis Iuzzolino, when as boy I asked him what was the thing he valued most after God in his lifetime, the thing for which he was most grateful, and he answered, "That my sainted father did not miss the boat that brought him to this sacred nation. Thank the God who so blessed his soul and mine and yours! Little Peter, never forget what I said here and never desert the people from which you came. This is the land of liberty and justice, ordained as such by the Almighty."

He had come, from being, in his youth, an athlete (Baseball/boxing) and a sculptor and stonecutter, to becoming one of the joint founders of the AF of L-CIO, in Illinois and his local was among the first integrated unions in America, decades before the Civil Rights Act of 1961. My spiritual analysis of this Scalia creature, is of one reeking of the stench of Hell to the nostrils of just men, is that his cowardice draws him to seek out some sort of deviate pleasure by being around those of a race he cannot be, thus making him a traitor to his Italian American heritage, a heritage of which most of us are proud, and a destroyer of America's pride, and a traitor to this, our great nation of America, as well. Cowards fear being alone and they greatly fear not having the protection of the ruling classes, so he will not be alone in his cowardly fears. When he was here during the Revolution, he sided in with King George, just as he does now. He is doomed to repeat his stupidity all the reincarnations of his lifetime, unless God has mercy on him. Therefore, he will always cleave to the bosom of the ruling cowards, for protection. Cowards cannot even face their inadequacies alone, misery loves company, because they know where they are going, and don't want to go to Hell alone. It is no coincidence that he has aided to make Americans ashamed of their leaders-dragged our reputation through the manure heap, one man ashamed, one man filled with self-loathing, to not wish to face Hell alone. I recognized him the moment I first saw him. We've met before, several times and he was always on the same side, that of abusive power. He is not the first man to drag down millions because of his own twisted psyche. He appears to me to be a man ashamed, therefore, as misery truly does love company, he does things that make millions ashamed, but they, unlike he, are not ashamed of their ancestors, or their heritage, but of what he and the foul smelling company he keeps have done to our nation, our friends, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, he and the stupidity of the Gore campaign management, and the Kerry Campaign management, have assigned Democracy to the "*t-hole outside the camp, as far as no closer than 1000 cubits-2000 cubits..." (Re: the Essenes Qumran texts). Is it not bizarre that we, and The Jews, after so educating ourselves, promising ourselves, congratulating our selves on our self-education, about the Holocaust, never to allow ours or any nation to practice Genocide/Holocaust, so proud was the former and so paranoid was the latter that God slam-dunked both into giving infestation, the twin still births that lived, of fascism in the two places neither would ever have expected it to fester, America and Judea. In America, it festered in the South and in Judea everywhere. Now, so-called "Christians" the Christian Right, (of which they are neither) of the hills of the south, where the uneducated, intellectually challenged, made many babies, while the educated, intellectually profound, northerners, practiced coitus interruptus and all manner of birth control to limit their offspring, have now found that the former have outnumbered them, as I predicted in 1972. The result? The flood of children of the near brain dead, have assembled enough voters to out vote we smarty-pants intellectuals. My advice to you younger, higher IQ men and women, make many babies, not war. Have 5, 10, 15 kids each, and educate them even if you have to educate them at home. Go without, live in bare huts, drive old cars, wear threadbare cloths, rags if you must, but have babies and lots of them and have them read good books, fill the schools, public, private and in between, with bright progressives and out vote the brain-dead bastards, so these fascists won't again sit in the congress and the White House ever again. The Testaments were right after all, wealth and it's dominion, disassociates men with the land, with the ground, with their souls, and from God and makes them spend too much time looking in the mirror, admiring their cloths and their other possessions and congratulating themselves on their brilliance to have made so much, so fast, that they are in the eyes of everyone for their successes. Well they cannot take it with them and their souls are weighed down by the burden of gold, of large homes, fancy cars, pouty cities, and when they crumble to dust in their coffins their legacy is what we now have, spoiled materialistic bratty offspring educated beyond their intelligence and having ruined our nation and maybe the world with their conspicuous consumption. Maybe if they'd had lots of kids they would not be able to afford to buy all the crap they have bought, and they certainly would have outvoted the slime that gave us the Bushites. It is time to kick in the ass the advocates of limited families and make Whoopee at every opportunity, Make babies not war, grow kids not Fancy cars and big suburban homes, want to conserve, start by conserving your money to grow big families. Don't order cable, and if you have it dump it, buy some sexy films instead and play them every night, stop buying CD's, $300 dollar shoes, and $1,000 suits, and 4000 square foot homes to one-up your neighbors, get back to the values of the 1930s and 1940's.

Hunker down and hide in the bedroom, use the condoms for balloons, and feed the birth control pills to rats and mosquitoes for their birth control. Besides, sex is much more fun than cable. Bring back polygamy as originally ordained by God and marry every smart, good looking woman you meet and impregnate every woman you marry at least once a year and do it for the next twenty years. And finally, let's appoint someone like Elliot Spitzer as Special Prosecutor, and go get the fascists! And maybe run him for president.

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