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Why I No Longer Support Impeachment

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Since late 2002, I began to think about how the cosmic battle of evil has embraced fascism, before the word/philosophy was ever defined. A Bushite minister said 9/11 was a punishment for our sins. He was right but not for the reasons he thought-not because of homosexuality, or Hollywood, or pornography, nor because of Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, or John Stewart. It was instead because of the election, not once, but twice, of the Ant-Christ and its minions in Congress and the White House.

Beginning in 2002 I warned about the wrong turn from Afghanistan and the incompetent, Orwellian-1984 like search for a perhaps non-existent villain, an old friend of GW Bush. In 1994 President Clinton was approached by Bushites to bribe the Taliban Afghan mujahedin ($2,000,000,000 to "protect" a planned oil pipeline. It was further required that Clinton promise the Neo-cons to ignore the poppy crops, which later the CIA and fighter bombers could not find to phosphorous bomb or napalm, anyway.

I am certain you know how difficult it is to locate, millions of acres of brilliant Red and Yellow Poppy Flowers, against dark green, brown/black of the sparse foliage, earth and rocks, don't you? In 2002, I warned that the "hidden" Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) were a hoax. If they had WMD's, why wouldn't they have used them and why wouldn't they use them now?

Well, the Bush lies helped some voters rationalize that "evil, swarthy, non-Christian Muslims", were going to come overseas (how?) dragging their WMD's along behind them and overrun our population of 300,000,000, most of which are well armed, with their population of 25,000,000, mostly which are not very well armed. Reminded me of yellow Journalism about the, "Yellow Threat-China" ages ago. Recall that the Bin Ladens were a part of the Bush family Business-The privately held Carlyle Group (TCG), which has allegedly profited $44,000,000,000 on the current war and has average 37% per year since the Bush I presidency, about 15 times the average gain of other US companies). It's elite membership includes; Admiral's, general's, ex-Republican presidents, arms dealers, oil investors (including Bush Senior.) With 67% of its investments in Oil, arms, and mayhem ordinance, and the Bush family personally owning many of the businesses in which TCG has invested, there are BIG BUCKS in mass murder and piracy, under the cover and pretense of a just war.

That profit does not count the billions which have been reaped by Bushite contractors, a handsome percentage of which will be returned in campaign contributions to Neo-con candidates. By ignoring the law, the congress, the Courts and every other force for justice, the Bushites and their friends have gone from millionaires, to billionaires and some to multi-billionaires, while 75% of the word starves-and they call themselves Christians and go to church on Sundays? That one can commit such war crimes with impunity, is a chilling thought.

A dear pal of mine fought in the Italian Underground in WWII. He wonders how this could happen in America; with none of the true evildoers, ever facing the Mussolini treatment is either a Testament to the Italian people's courage and sense of justice, or an indictment of ours. Since 2003, mass-mayhem, the ruination of two nations. Now, thousands of mothers, fathers, children, elders, sick people, healthy people, religious people, good people, not so good people, bad and not so bad people, babies, toddlers, preteens, teens, scholars, athletes, theologians, philosophers, sales-people, professors, artists, teachers, housewives, grandparents, grandchildren, moms, dad's; people much like us except in language, religion and cuisine, 675,000 0f which are horribly dead, or among the 1,100,000 casualties, including, of our own children, 20,000 casualties and 3200 dead.

On the home front, tens of millions of Americans are facing reduced living standards, as a result of which, they and their descendants will be less healthy, less educated, have less proper food to eat, read less, have less time for leisure, for fun, for joy, for love, less clarity of mind, be less able to help their families and those worse off than they. There will also be fewer "Good Samaritans" and more less inclined to care, and a little meaner. If movie violence, video games and advertising can motivate people to real violence, as the Neo-cons claim, how much more will the real violence of a despicable war motivate people to worse? What sort of role models are our cowardly politicians, including some democrats? Moreover, merely having such people in government, rather than jail, has a negative effect on all of our people.

The reason* that so many supported Hitler until the end, was that they hoped to eliminate everyone who might remind their consciences that they were being monstrously indifferent. Now some Americans, and at least one religious Leader, may be regretting their heinous support and allowance of such a horror as the "War on Terror," but will never admit it.

Many of the "Christian Right" (of which they are neither) unable to understand why the Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion on the planet, are jubilant that someone is slaughtering them. Attrition, they hope will reduce the Muslim lead in the Organized Religion Population of Membership League. Has it never occurred too them that if the God the "Christian Right" pretends to worship, wants certain people dead, He which designed and engineered the Universe, is certainly capable of killing whomever, he desires, without any help from puny humans?

The "Christian Right" at the same time, worships, the Anti-Christ Bushites, because the Bushites are ordering others to do what they and their supporters are too dis-attached, uninvolved, frightened to do, but glory in. The lower classes can do the punishing, the killing, the suffering, for them. I've spoken to some who are too cowardly and hypocritical to join the military themselves, much like their fascist leaders who never went to war, they never served in any capacity.

The Men in power kill for hatred, and for money, and because they can, and because they are enabled by some equally bloodthirsty voters, and those who are "too busy" to vote, and because they hold in contempt, envy and hatred everyone on the planet who possesses the virtues fascists lack, empathy, conscience, tolerance and generosity. The fascist leaders would destroy anyone, God included, were He in the way, which right now he is in the form of you and I, who want our children home, out of harm's way, before they learn to become like their leaders. Meanwhile the fascists simply edit and twist the word of God, which opposes their Id-driven, bad seed, manipulations, and because no one has the stones to stop them.

These Bushites are the kind of kids my Mom wouldn't let me play with. Perhaps the day will come when people like us, upon seeing men do the things the Bushites do, will overpower them and display that trait which my ancestors in the Italian underground, showed Mussolini, and which General George S. Patton pledged to show, "... that paper-hanging sonofabitch in Berlin..."

However, I do NOT want these fascists dead and I no longer want them impeached! I want them alive, to see what people think of them. I want the RICOH Racketeering Act used against them, confiscating all of the wealth of their families, and used for jobs creation and War Reparation, all of it, down to the penny.

Let them live in the Ghettoes they helped create, eating Ghetto food, going to Ghetto schools which; they helped create. I want the rest, indicted, prosecuted, and put to work chopping pebbles or making baskets, in maximum-security prisons until their last days. I want them to see through the bars, how those of us who do not covet what others have live, while they are deprived of freedom, the freedom they have tried so evilly to take away from us.

I want them to see how those who simply want to live and do what we do best, to glory in our families, our work, in clean, air, water, food and land, in sunshine, in love and peace, and in worshipping or not, as we please, not to covet or hate the religions in which others delight, and to keep the evil ones in Washington from sending our children away to kill and to die needlessly for the profit of the Bushites.

I want for us to have back that which apparently neither congress, the media, nor the Bushites and voters valued enough, our sacred, precious, irreplaceable, Constitution and Bill of Rights, inspired by the God the Bushites hate in their hearts, and pretend at serving with their lips. Oh, one more thing, after the lives of the Neo-cons and Fascists are over, there is one thing I request, to have a man or woman of great holiness, drive a stake through the, unbeating, dead heart of every single one of them, so we won't have to deal with them ever again, sucking dry the blood of our young and murdering again for money and hatred.

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