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I am questioning if cancer is really is a disease. It certainly is not infectious, and I know that not all diseases are, but in the pathology segment of my BA and MA in (Physical) Anthropology, I stumbled onto ancient cases of various, so-called "modern" diseases and it got me wondering.

I label some of these so-called "modern Diseases" or these toxic "illnesses," injuries, not "diseases." I do so because much of the evidence seems to point to outside forces being responsible for many cancers and because it spreads much like poisoning does, throughout an organism. Yes, I am aware of the retrovirus claimed origin of some cancers and do not dispute that claim, here.

We do not call a bomb, which shrapnel injures people, an infection or an illness any more than we would call a bullet wound an infection or a disease-we call it a wound (though such wounds can become infected) a purposeful injury. I do not believe that many cancers are an organic infection, but instead a toxic attack on the human organism, a poisoning, but one which seems more closely resembling radio-active poisoning in its resistance to healing and its relentlessly toxic destruction.

Lead poisoning can occur from a bullet wound or from other sources such as paint, or ingestion, and although it can be treated successfully with anti-biotics, in most cases it is not considered a disease but an injury:

"One particular category of toxic tort is injury caused by exposure to lead-based paint." Quoted from: Website for Monheit, Silverman & Fodera PC, tort Personal Injury and class action lawsuit attorney's

I will come back to cancer and it's status or designation in a follow-up article, but I first want to pursue the industry, which has been singled out by law as the only official source for making proprietary, medically acceptable, prescription, drugs, without persecution, oops, I meant prosecution. Here, I believe once again in opposition to the concept of a free-market place is the hallmark-trademark of the fascist, the exclusionary, closed market place. It would appear that the same principles which created homo-phobia, racial-phobia, religious-phobia and every other sort of exclusionary barrier, also applies in the fascist state, commercial competitive-phobia, open, free-market, phobia, and fear of truth.

I believe many of the products which claim to be cures and treatments for diseases, those products are officially designated as "Legal-Drugs," are no less dangerous than those of the major street drug dealers in America and may not have curative powers very much greater than what herbalists, "Quacks" and the toxic junk street-drug dealers sell.

Watch the advertisements of the pharmaceutical companies. Are they not focusing on many common human inconveniences, trying to make them appear to be serious diseases? Why? Is it because they are not smart enough to cure real diseases and they'd rather try to entice every stupid, vain bastard, and every poor hypochondriac in America into taking some sort of addictive drug, than to try to cure a relative handful of truly sick people? They are treating toxic injuries with toxic shock "remedies," when there are no such remedies for anything. They are the real quacks, the purveyors of the twenty-first centuries version of, but deadlier than laudanum, or snake oil.

Decades ago they treated Syphilis with gold and arsenic. It either killed the disease or the patient, sometimes both. It was all they had and at the onset, they didn't know any better. That is what the modern treatments for cancer are, unenlightened, but they know better. It isn't so much that that this is all they have; it only is if one boxes oneself into a loosing paradigm. There may be alternatives, but they are not patentable. That is why the industry persists in creating drugs from toxins and Petro-chemical, residue, waste and byproducts, they can patent those, but not a natural product that anyone can find, sell or use. They have boxed themselves in by avarice, and at the same time us.

Their's is a Defcon, End-of-Days method also, "we'll only do this if we can get rich on everyone's misfortune or we won't do it, so you'll all die while we profit or to hell with you all!" that, America, is the kind of people with which we are dealing, fascism at it's finest.

They and their system are Hell bent and so are all who support it, and they know it, that is why they want those they treat to go through hell on some small chance of surviving. They are sitting on stuff that can be tested/researched, stuff that may heal or treat non-toxically, but they cannot figure out a way to patent that stuff, so it's live and die by their profits and to hell with natural cures which cannot be patented. Maybe we need a new patent system, first come with natural cures gets the patent, but only if they share it with other companies. Perhaps all patents of drugs must be immediately shared with other companies.

Once again, we have the fascist hallmark-Exclusivity, at work. However, it is much more than just that. It is a most immoral development that a "cure" or "treatment" can be exclusively held by virtue of a patent. Sorry, but the approach is wrong, immoral and despicable, so is profiting from the poor health of others. It is a throwback to before Jesus' time, when he put an end to the superstition that health and wealth was reserved for those families which were "sin"-free," and everyone else must pay the piper.

Creating medicines for serious illnesses should be cooperative ventures which rally every resource in the world, not profiteering ventures for avaristic exclusionists. Every Major University on the planet should be involved to find the least toxic and best healing method, protocol, cure or treatment. That is why the idea of a corporate profit-motive is an evil one. I say the only moral way to approach healthcare is cooperative research, shared ideas, and no profiting on healthcare products or services, by anyone, ever again. There should be an end to petroleum byproducts being the only source for drug ingredients. The profit motive DOES NOT draw the best people, though it often may draw the greediest people, of low character, with the least resistance to temptation.

Which is why the oil drenched fascists in government support corporate profits on health care, and why they want to eliminate lawsuits against the healthcare industry, they don't want to lose the business. The entire industry is corrupt. Off with their heads, every one! The current paradigm is an idea spawned in Hell.

What can you expect, from those who run the "legitimate Drug Dealing" companies? They are Bushites, selfish, greedy, evil, unenlightened, culpable, and unempathetic, monsters. (Some may not even be creations of God.) Can you imagine anything more evil than profiting on the misfortune of others? Other than war, that is?

The manner in which they announce the frightening side effects in commercials, in flighty, sweet language, is symbolically cynical at best, and the sale pitch is right out of the street dealers lexicon.

A CEO of one major Drug-Dealing, company allegedly said in an interview his goal was that every American be on some sort of drug his company makes for the rest of their lives. He wants a drugged out nation-so does Bush-1984, the great Orwellian conspiracy come home to roost. This is treason, pure and simple and not all that abstract! There is good reason to arrest Bush and his officers and drug company CEOs, and top officers including the one I quoted, under more than one of the various domestic anti-terrorist acts.

The side effects are often far more serious than the diseases they are supposedly designed to "treat." "Treat" is the key word, here, a code word for, "Mask their symptoms, hook-em on drugs, drain their dough, and bankrupt their Medicare!" That is some motto the new corporate drug dealers have, but what is more enraging is that they are using doctors as their street peddlers.

Isn't it interesting that everything on which the Mafia profited, and for which they were killed, jailed and tortured, because what they were selling was "immoral," is now a part of the repertoire of fascist Big Business?

Many doctors are pimping drugs, which, in many cases, are more toxic than what is sold on the street. However, even more baffling is the readiness of doctors to compromise/sell their integrity for a hand full of green backs. Of course, one actually has to possess integrity, to compromise it, doesn't one? Therefore, on second thought, sell is the better word choice. The last several decades we have been allowing the wrong sort of people to become physicians-people consumed by greed, who marry people consumed by conspicuous consumptionitis.

The sacred oath of Hippocrates, the code of medical ethics known as the Hippocratic Oath, is still taken today by graduating students in many medical schools, but it is a meaningless thing to greedy medical, nihilist, wannabe's lining up to grab the golden ring. Honor and altruism, like many things of the spirit, today are described by the avaricious fascists as, "just words, outdated and inapplicable in this modern era." Anything, which blocks the gluttonous, wholesale swallowing of wealth, is irrelevant to the avaricious. Honor is also, under this paradigm, therefore without merit. The God we know is dead to such people. Their god is wealth. Honor of spirit, ethics and holy morality, is dead, honor is being wealthy. Truth? What Pontius Pilate said about it when he was but a small cog in one of the initial fascistic wheels, was never truer than now, "What is truth?"

Truth? What is it? It is dead, replaced by gaining wealth at any cost, mass murder, as now by politicians, for black gold, as long as the wealthy stay the paradigm, fascist, course. Hypocrites, the Father of the physicians, are irrelevant, dead, because he did not honor the Golden Calf.

Let us ask how many Americans are addicted to "Legalized Drugs". Let us ask why this industry is attempting to entice every weak-minded, neurotic, hypochondriac and person with a problem yet undefined by researchers, into becoming an addict. Let us ask why the "legalized" drug-dealers and their pimp-street dealers; the doctors, hospitals and pharmacies world-wide have cynically taken to pandering to those with addictive personalities, in a treasonous effort to hook every American and later the world on maintenance drugs for life. That is certainly an easier way to control people than merely advertising, as they do now.

Let us ask how many Americans have been maimed, disfigured, crippled, emotionally, mentally and physically and how many have died in hospitals and elsewhere from drug reactions, or suffered side-effects, symptoms and diseases and "fatal events" from "Legal-Drugs" and inbred hospital diseases.

No wonder there is such harsh penalties for buying or selling street drugs and why the government, at the beckoning of the drug companies, are always after herbalists. The "Legalized Street Drugs" of the Pharmaceutical Industry want NO competition! Ask why the AMA and the drug companies don't cry-out against the use of pesticides/herbicides and solvents, for all the damage they do humans. Couldn't be because some of the largest drug companies also make the baby killing, pesticide/herbicide/solvents, toxins that may cause cancers, Alzheimers, and Parkinson's, could it? Naw! Not possible, you say! Well, news is, they certainly do! Some of them make the toxins that cause cancers and then sell to victims, the toxic drugs they pretend will cure them but really will just kill them slower and in greater agony. However, Hell, American arms manufacturers, as always, sell guns, phosphorous bombs, napalm, mines and other horrors of war, to us and to those who, if not already our enemies soon will be.

Not a bad idea, such diverse and brilliant people; Thomas Jefferson, David Ogilvy, Picasso, Michelangelo, Einstein, and many others, offered the innovative idea that when something isn't working, and even sometimes if it is, destroy it and take a new path because paradigms stifle innovation and discovery and keep the wrong people and the wrong products in place long after they've outlived what little usefulness they may have had or been fantasized to have had. In fact, the best idea was God's Old Testament Ban-retire all the people attached to the old way, they only muddy up the works of the future.

Not that long ago, researchers were unaware of histamines and the role they played in the healing system or in Anaphylactic Shock. European scientists only discovered histamines in 1930. A French academic discovered the first Histamine inhibitor (anti-Histamine) shortly thereafter.

When threatened, the immune system sends histamines, antigens, and anti-bodies, to attack organic alien invaders, which sometimes backfire causing allergic reactions even the sometimes-fatal anaphylactic shock syndrome. In these cases, instead of battling an "alien" presence, our histamines attack, a non-alien, because it's identification mechanism is not properly working, thus doing harm to its own system.

We have only identified a tiny percentage of the enzymes within our system, so we may not even be aware of other antigens, those that blindly attack inorganic or chemically or otherwise altered organic toxins, or blends of organic and inorganic materials. Therefore, isn't it also possible, that we have another specialized immune system response-an antigen which is yet unknown to scientists? One, which attacks inorganic and organically altered toxins. One, which is a Defcon rallying, end-of-days for each individual who is attacked by a toxin the liver, and immune system cannot fight off. An immune system hampered, damaged, compromised by the inundation of toxins throughout the planet, all spread at the whim of profiteers or the Petro-byproducts and plastics industries.

Why are researchers not asking this question (or are they)? Since the heart muscle rarely, if ever has a cancer, why aren't they analyzing the heart's apparent immunity, and seeking to find out if its cells can be used to destroy cancers in other parts of the body?

I wonder why, when they are certain some cancers are the result of a (retro?) virus, and they know that heat is destructive to viruses, they do not treat those cancers with heat? Why not raise the ambient temperature and destroy the virus, or simply send an incredible burst of heat through a wire insulated only up to the point of contact with the cancer?

Don't we know that Ultraviolet rays immobilize the living dead-those killer viruses? Why are we not experimenting with sending the blood of those with Leukemia through transparent tubes exposing it to sunlight and back into the body? Why aren't we sending mini-ultraviolet ray projectors inside the body like the tiny TV cameras we use for inspection of interior organs, to destroy interior cancers? Is that feasible?

What we need in the medical field of research, is not avarists who go work for the criminal drug companies, but scientists who are detectives, for which profit is not the motive, for which discovery and cure of real, not imagined diseases, serious crippling, death-dealing, painful diseases, not merely silly inconveniences. To end the profit motive in legalized drug dealing, we need to nationalize the pharmaceutical companies and run-off the avariciously evil men who run them-turn the industry, in its entirety over to the major research universities. The more we nationalize certain industries, the more they will seek altruism instead of profit as their reward. There are plenty of industries which do not involve critical or necessary goods, which will be attractive profit makers, things of luxury, the things the avaricious, those whose souls are lost, will buy like pigs at a trough. Send the fascists, the avarists, there to work.

We need to weed out the fascists from our world and then brilliant, altruistic people will come eagerly to make this a world of brotherhood, not one-upsmanship. Altruism is from God, oneupsmanship and profiting from the needs and misfortunes of others is evil, avarice and of Satanic/Hitleristic design.

Like those in the White House and congress, whose souls are lost and are trying to drag us down into their world of apocalyptic insanity, many people give up and tie themselves to a rock and jump into the sea with an overly expensive panacea, even if it kills them.

The anti-Christ and his allies are alive and very sick, infected by an Incubus Virus which disables the conscience. They are almost as sick as those who write myriad, twisted fictions about End Times, while others write and speak twisted fictions, transposing them over sacred documents like those of various religions and our Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights. We need to break the old paradigm and start anew on finding medicines and regimen, which work without caustic "side-effects." To do that we need to weed out those heading the major drug dealers, in what is ludicrously called the Pharmaceutical's Industry, evolution has passed by the avaricious, and has as it inevitably will and must, passed on to men of vision-visionaries who see God's face in everyone and everything, and respect the planet on which we live and therefore defend it to the death against the insane intruders which seek to tear it and its creatures apart.

Want to get physically ill? Watch CNBC when they interview a CEO of a major drug company, who smiling from ear to ear about his bonus and drooling as he tells America how many billions they will make from a new cancer drug, and how many billions from a new diabetes drug and watch the drooling sycophantic fascist interviewer applaud and pin a laurel wreath of praise on his domed head. If that doesn't make a person physically ill, they have lost their conscience.

We need to eliminate, send to sanitaria, the people of the various arms and legs of the Culture of Death. We need to outlaw certain types of organizations which protect avaricious Industries, which profit from those ill and dying and we need to continue to sue slovenly and greedy health care professionals and their industries until profit is no longer their motive. Until those who go into medicine for a living do not do so to become wealthy just as many professors go into their field without the concern about wealth, because if you love what you do, you will rise, but never ever should any industry give solace and comfort to those who enter to have their incomes guaranteed or protected above that of other professionals.

The smartest, most altruistic, people in the world are not always found in religious institutions, and seldom in medical industries or in politics, or in the commercial goods industries.

No, instead more are found driving taxicabs, teaching at universities and colleges, working for advertising agencies, working on construction, designing for architectural firms, engineering firms, writing, making movies, painting, sculpting, dreaming, cooking, staying at home and raising children, caring for others in many fields and demonstrating, without trying to, or planning to display their altruism, they nonetheless, innately show empathy for others less fortunate, rather than trying to take advantage of them or rob them blind, and such people are active in many walks of life.

They have not all migrated to the religious institutions, although many there are good people there, as many are not, nor the medical industries industry, although there are good people, as many are not, politics, although a few there are good people, many more are not, or the arms industry, or others, there are few also.

We need to break the mold, the paradigm of the entirety of the medical, industry, get it off the Dow Jones, off the NASDAQ, off the American Stock Exchange, out of the corporate world and into the universities as non-profit, necessarily protected from the avaristic and the fascists.

Well, this all begins to make my Income Status Card for my HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN, package look even better, dump the offshore toxic garbage, chuck all plastics, and all fragrances and let's see, ummm, oh, yeah, tax the Hell out of the outsourcer's, to finance the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN hey, and maybe tax the out-gassers as well, otherwise your garage will be so crowded there won't be any room for your auto's.

See other medically related articles and diaries by Pete Bagnolo, at: Comprehensive health care plan
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January 17th 2007
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