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Bush's ominous statement in 2000: "They have not led. We will,"

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In reading these comments as reported by in which they wrote that Vice President Dick Cheney, “has assured political allies that an early withdrawal of US forces from Iraq would not be allowed, despite efforts by Congress to impose a deadline on US combat operations there.” I am reminded of what someone said on one of the political lists that I belong to that both Bush and Cheney serve at the pleasure of the American people.   

What pleasure did the American people enjoy as both of them ignored the terrorist warnings either by ignorance or design that led to September 11th, 2001?  They used that horrific event to illegally invade Iraq.  One only has to look at the Downing Street Memos to see how both President Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair fixed the intelligence to meet their need to go to war.  When Joe Wilson refuted one set of facts, what did the treasonous president and vice president do?  They outed Wilson’s wife Valerie Plame and if you want to see a rip roaring feed coming from Bill Maher, then you will most certainly enjoy it. It is called, “Traitors don’t get to question my patriotism”  Someone needs to give that man a medal for having the guts to say what he did. 

Also speaking of pleasure their administration in which Americans have suffered seems more like torture. One does not have to look for secret prisons it is being done to all of us right out in the open. Just look at the victims of Katrina.  It was sheer torture when thousands upon thousands were told sink or swim as the toxic water rushed into New Orleans.  Oh yeah, Bush was on yet another vacation, then headed to a fundraiser and strummed a guitar. His message by those actions was, I just do not care and drop dead in which many did. 

In his optimistic statement towards the governors of those states hit hard by Katrina, Bush stated, “You didn't ask for this, when you swore in, but you're doing a heck of a job. And the federal government's job is big, and it's massive, and we're going to do it.” When exactly is the federal government going to do it, President Bush and Vice President Cheney?  But, it was this statement that has one pleading oh please don’t, “we're going to make it right. Where it is working right, we're going to duplicate it elsewhere.”  

It makes one want to scream out, oh just go away and leave us all alone.  Someone sent me a joke in this morning’s email in which God stated as He created Earth, "There is another Washington ...wait until you see the idiots I put there." I think I can rest my case on that one. But, what has been done not only to those who suffered from Katrina is that their administration is not a joke, but a hardship. 

Cheney also stated of any troop pullout, “A sudden withdrawal of our coalition would dissipate much of the effort that has gone into fighting the global war on terror, and result in chaos and mounting danger," I think by sending in our troops into this illegal war we have created a new generation of those that do and will hate as millions of Iraqis have been displaced.  I am beginning to see the punch line of that God joke when such idiotic remarks come from Cheney and he is supposed to be the smart one. 

Exactly when are these PNAC men and neo-cons going to get it that their actions will only do the opposite.  I would say that there is chaos in Iraq as we are now embroiled in a civil war between the Shiites and the Sunnis. I also see Cheney using the good old fear card.  I for one am tired beyond belief to even get up the energy to be feared.  Please wake me up when they are both gone.  You see fear will only drag you down if “applied wastefully” as Gavin DeBecker once stated in his book ‘The Gift of Fear’. 

In reading where, "GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a frequent critic of the war, stopped short of calling for Bush's impeachment. But he made clear that some lawmakers viewed that as an option should Bush choose to push ahead despite public sentiment against the war." To Senator Hagel; why not go all the way and full speed ahead in calling for this impeachment?  Show us all what true courage means.  Tell all of your Republican buddies in the Senate that this is the administration that truly deserves to be impeached.  What both Bush and Cheney have done not only to our troops but the American people make former President Bill Clinton look like a saint. One even longs for the days of Richard Nixon who resigned from office. I would love to turn on the TV only to hear the news that both Bush and Cheney resigned. 

What Hagel should remember is that all of you serve at the pleasure of the American people.  In stopping short for calling for this impeachment, the torture of this country continues. 

Sen. Trent Lott does not get it when he criticized House Democrats that an "artificial date" for withdrawing troops from Iraq and said he believes Republicans have enough votes to prevent passage of a similar bill in the Senate.” For a party that was believed to be strong on national defense, the Republican Party has shown the complete opposite.  Right now, we have a weakened military that is stretched too thin, sending injured troops back into the field, open ports and unsecured borders, but they sure showed us in toppling Saddam Hussein.  Well bravo to all of you.  Osama bin Laden must be having a good laugh by now.  Hey, bozos; where is he? 

Lott also stated, "We need to put that kind of decision in the hands of our commanders who are there on the ground with the men and women," The decision was made by the American people this past November when they became the deciders.  I am really beginning to see the validity of that joke now when Lott is so deaf he cannot hear the will of the people.  Lott and others forget that what they are public servants.  Right now with totalitarian statements coming from the likes of Cheney as mentioned above, they are all treating us as their servants. We are all being treated as slaves to the state in so many ways too numerous to list here. 

One email that I received recently in which I nearly sprayed my computer monitor with coffee said, “I do feel that your ideas, your liberal way of thinking is what is killing this country from within.” Come again? Who exactly is killing this country?  It is most certainly not the liberals but the neoconservative Republicans.  In another email, I was told by a reader to “Trust Bush” I do not think I ever answered that one. 

At the 2000 Republican National Convention, then Governor George W. Bush stated, “The night is passing and we are ready for the day to come," In that statement one can really see a punch line, but I for one am not laughing. In fact, I would say that this is the darkest administration to date in which many cannot wake up from this nightmare.  I suppose that many are quietly humming to themselves the late George Harrison’s song, “Here comes the sun” 

One truly has to laugh at President Bush when he said at that past convention that the Republican Party was, "the party of ideas and innovation, the party of idealism and inclusion." Well there was innovation to be had when he sent close to 3,200 men and women to their deaths in Iraq.  One wonders; whose ideals were they speaking of?  Surely not the American people as their miserable record will show. They say that their party was the party of inclusion? What a laugh riot, but one cannot laugh as our men and women came home in coffins.  Does everyone remember when his former Press Secretary Ari Fleisher said, “Watch what you say” shortly after 9/11? Is that inclusion to threaten free speech?

In the movie, “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly goes back to the past in order to change the future, so as one reads what was written of speech to that convention, “It also drew discernible differences between the atmosphere offered by a Bush administration versus a "third Clinton-Gore" term.” One only wishes they had a time machine to go back to that point in time in order to change history.

To wrap up this piece, there was an ominous tone as Bush stated of the Clinton/Gore administration, "They have not led. We will," Yes, this Bush administration has led all of us into a darkened abyss, a hell hear on Earth and if they continue to get their way, a possible Armageddon.  I do not find any pleasure and there is certainly no joke in that.

Author’s note: Should you wish to contact me concerning this column or any other, my email address is,  

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