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Bucks County & PA - Ground ZERO for 2008 Election & YOUR Vote!

Message Mary Ann Gould
James Strait recently wrote an article for OpEd entitled "Bucks County Pennsylvania Is Clueless"
Actually, the situation is more convoluted and dangerous....and the clueless are most Americans, who will be effected by Bucks County and the State of Pennsylvania - shock and arrrgggh - as all may endure a far worse election/selection than 2000/2004 with our votes are compromised by a key county and key battleground state.
As the character of John Adams sang in the play/movie "1776':
"Is anybody there?"
"Does anybody care?"
I would add, does anybody know?
We all face a dire situation BECAUSE of two "clued-in" Commissioners in Bucks County & a Governor who will not lead when it is most needed. The State (Commonwealth) of Pennsylvania LEADS the Nation (by a huge margin) in the wrong thing -the use of paperless DRE touchscreen voting....ZERO machines programmed in secret with absolutely no way to prove original intent of voters - ZERO - for there is nothing there - ZERO!
A close 2008 election could create a Constitutional Crisis and throw the entire Country into
far worse chaos than 2000/2004....and Bucks County and State of Pennsylvania are ground ZERO!
ZERO for no proof ...ZERO for no caring by most election officials ...ZERO for action ...ZERO for major media attention...ZERO for uproar by the State and Nation.
ZERO for OUR Votes! Every American citizens Votes could in effect be 'ZEROIZED' if the determining factor are results reported from the ZERO touchscreen machines with ZERO way to recount or do anything at all to get back to the source vote ... ZERO way!
Jim wrote that two out of three Bucks Commissioners of the Key county of the Keystone state are "clueless"
as to the problems and potential result.
Sadly, the really Clueless are the Citizens in the USA as to impact of Bucks & PA!
Here are The real facts and impact on YOUR Vote & Next President Election or Selection:
First please take a moment and look at these figures (can be off some but in general shows the situation)
Paperless DRE States/counties in 2008

State Total Precincts in State Precincts with paperless DREs
Pennsylvania 9,389 8,487
Louisiana 3,957 3,957
Georgia 3,322 3,322
Kentucky 3,576 3,060
Indiana 5,604 2,845
Tennessee 2,276 2,276
Virginia 2,598 2,063
South Carolina 2,026 2,026
Maryland 1,793 1,793
Kansas 3,181 1,299
Delaware 436 436
Texas 7,928 242
Mississippi 1,916 172
Arkansas 2,083 68
New Jersey 6,259 6,169 passed law to change by Nov-will it?


Commissioners of Bucks County, PA do "get it" & that's the - OUR- problem.

These elected officials are not clueless but as an editorial in newspapers said "blind and arrogant"

They KNOW the facts. Data has been provided continually, including from top experts.

Two of the three choose to ignore data and RISK chaos while spouting same old (to put it politely) misinformation

Over and over, they deny facts. Over and over they tell same "stories"/

"These machines can do a legitimate recount" ... yet these are paperless DREs can they?

The two Commissioners and Chief Operating Officer repeatedly state they have "full trust" in the paperless DREs but provide no facts to back up.....because there are none, for there is no way to prove actual voter intent. There is nothing there! ZERO!

They claim "all is fine since machines certified by State" ...ignoring the FACTS that one of the very machines certified has been disallowed for use in 3 PA counties; that the Diebold TSx which was certified in PA was later found by Harri Hursti to have an inherent virus which can't be tested for ... State did a patch by installing new program at beginning of each election though that does not stop random virus from reactivating. They know that the very machines found "fatally flawed" by studies in CA, OH etc are the same machines certified in PA and used .... trust PA certification...c'mon

They claim machines can provide valid recounts using as "evidence" a recent county court case ...again wrong. Case proved not that you can have a reliable recount to voters choice but simply explained reason machine totals were less than sign in numbers. It was due to machine not operating at start up and voters leaving .... these voters were deprived of vote ... why aren't these commissioners concerned ????

They say that there is a paper print out capability for the "paperless DREs" ... sure there is ... a replication of "bytes" that will repeat over and over but never ever can it go back to source votes.

They say that they know/test the programming in the County and verify at each election..untrue. Counties can program in candidate names but have no control over or access to the operational program which is proprietary. What good is it to be able to program in names without knowing instructions of what is happening to the data, what is going on inside the black box, no way to ever know since there is no voter ballot to check against?????????

They know the real truth, for when their candidate for congress lost in a very close race and wanted a recount, he was advised not to pursue ...why... because they knew there is nothing there to recount

I could go on and on with the "misinformation". They are NOT clueless but rather very clued in regarding the catastrophe that they may cause the nation in Nov. Bucks is one of -if not THE -.most critical swing counties in perhaps the key battleground state. To repeat - and please look at the estimated numbers supplied by Congressional connections - Pennsylvania leads the nation significantly in employing paperless DREs. On election night if the figures depend on PA - and thus likely Bucks - what will happen when it is realized we have nothing at all to recount - ZERO -....not even chads (hanging or otherwise)

They know the truth but if they allow it to come out, it will show they ignored documented data and chose instead a machine that no one else in the US except for parts of PA and DE (and a few odd left overs elsewhere) will touch. Could there be additional reasons????

They ignore that Danaher has been thrown out of NM, NH etc

They tell citizens who call and question that the machines are fine and can prove their votes ...which is false

They keep coming back to we "trust" ... is that acceptable, they "trust" the paperless DREs?

Well, we citizens don't and for good reason

A call for a meeting to discuss more facts is useless for they are well clued in ... they have no intention of changing which was made clear at a recent meeting and 2 1/2 years of other meetings and data presentation.

They know exactly what they are doing ... and have the power and arrogance to ignore citizens valid concerns.

That is not clueless ... that is reprehensible and they should resign or face recall .. but they believe people are so busy, they can get away with their program of disinformation Wake up people! Bucks County and Pennsylvania are on a catastrophic road that will impact YOUR vote ... for if Bucks & PA deliver results on paperless, - nothing there - ZERO machines....and that determines the next president plus possibly congressional control .... hasn't your own vote been undermined?????

Speak up now ... make Bucks the poster child for anti-democratic, anti-American elections....for right now, it is and that is not RIGHT!!

Today, we are all Bucks Countians ...all Pennsylvanians just as we were all Floridians etc. 2008 will be far worse in PA ... and primarily because of the "clued in" commissioners of one party in one key county and a democratic governor who accepts comments that these machines are fine. For whom?

Write about this .... call ...PLEASE get the message out that the county where the American flag first flew is the county trampling on it today. Send us copies of your letters and results of your calls.

Make the call today and just see the "stories" you get/ Remember, you are a citizen of Bucks and of PA since your vote will be impacted

Call Governor Rendell at 717-787-2500 and tell him PA MUST have voter marked paper ballots (op scan or hand count) for November. Be a leader as have other governors. We need an outpouring from all over the USA. Help save all of our votes!

Call Bucks County Commissioners Cawley and Martin at 215-348-6000. Tell them no ZERO voting machines ... replace them for November AND with citizen input to help ensure a smooth transition plus visibility of process. Give them facts and let's hear back from you of the "story" you're given. Also leave a message for Democratic Commissioner Diane Marseglia, thanking her for trying to change the voting system and encouraging her to stay with it

Write letters to papers such as Bucks County Intelligencer , Bucks Courier Times , Phila Inquirer, Phila Daily News ...every PA media outlet you can reach.

Please pass on this info ...for your vote is at risk.

Don't let PA - Bucks County as the "lynch"-pin -become the Florida or Ohio of 2008 ...and actually far worse

Again, It's your vote that's at stake ... it's our country at risk because of the use of the paperless DRES by these very clued in and "deaf/arrogant" commissioners ... and leaderless Governor

Will you help break the deafness...there's a lot at stake , in this county, state and as a result, in yours!

HELP....Now! VoiceOfTheVoters dot org

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