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By Leon Thomason  Posted by Rob Kall (about the submitter)     Permalink
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( 1 ) General motors recently laid off 30,000 auto workers. More are pending from other manufacturers.

( 2 ) Bush lied when he said that gasoline prices had gone down. It only went down from the "recent" highest price level in gasoline pricing history under President Bush. Gasoline if you compare the price to last year has actually gone up by at least 40 cents per gallon.

( 3 ) A fourteen year old child could provide this Nation with a better economy by borrowing a trillion dollars from the treasury and then plow it back into the economy through the business sector. This Nation is operating under a "budget deficit economy" funded by our taxpayers that was targeted for business but not for working individuals.

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( 4 ) Bush proclaimed that inflation is down in comparison to other years. However when we look at our livelihood necessities that we purchase each day such as: grocery, utility, gasoline, and health care bills we know that Bush is dead wrong. When we look at our savings or banking statements we know Bush is again dead wrong. If the inflation rate has gone down, it must be on the luxury items that our rich citizens now purchase, or in regard to the huge tax breaks that they have also received. It is also inconceivable that this Nation's working or "fixed income" citizen's income has remained stagnated, and therefore millions of our worker's have fallen through the cracks in this so called "Bush" prosperous economy.

( 5 ) Mr. President: Who was it that said prescription drug prices had gone up 300% "after" your Republican Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that our citizen's are "still" paying for in this present year of 2005? It was your United States Commerce Department Mr. Bush. I will repeat once more, we are still paying for this 300% price increase on our medications.

( 6 ) Why has the National poverty rate increased under your leadership Mr. Bush if your present economy is so great now?

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( 7 ) Why do we still have homeless U.S. Veterans in this Nation if your new home construction statistics are so great Mr. Bush?

( 8 ) Why is it that there have been more bankruptcies filed in this Nation since you have been President Mr. Bush?

( 9 ) Many of our working citizen's no longer have health care insurance that they formerly had with their place of employment do to business greed for additional profits. This form of business practice has also resulted in a "reduction" of their hourly labor salary or pay since they must now purchase this identical health insurance themselves within the private sector. Is this another part of this great economic society of yours Mr. Bush?

(10) Business profits have steadily increased while our working citizen's income have remained stagnated. In addition, the "value" of each dollar that these working citizens receive from their work has declined as a result your "inflated" retail prices Mr Bush.

(ll) If your economy is as good as you now claim Mr. Bush, no one would need a second or part time job to support their family. If you would stop talking to the troops, and talk to us for a change, you might soon realize what is going on in this economy, and also this Nation Mr. Bush.

(12) Natural disasters fuel the economy and not necessarily hurt the economy since Federal funds or revenue are soon plowed right back into the economy. Business owners will profit on the supply of building materials in addition to the clean up and the reconstruction efforts, and in the interim this will also enhance the employment recovery effort by providing more jobs for the disaster area citizens who may be unemployed. Therefore any form of a disaster should never be used as a political scapegoat in regard to any economic statistics past or present. It is the disaster victims who have no home insurance or who have lost loved ones who suffer the most from any form of a disaster who need the help the most now or in the future. Bush has completely failed his "mission" in regard to this effort.

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LEON THOMASON is a seventy-one year old Senior Citizen, U.S. Korean War Veteran, and a Yellow Dog Democrat. He also has been an activist on the Internet for the past two years, and is a member of at least five Progressive Yahoo Groups across the Nation. Mr. Thomason has been involved in politics in his State of Oklahoma as a campaign supporter for Democratic politicians over the past twenty years. He is also a member of the Disabled American Veterans organization in Oklahoma. He has followed political events and news at the State and Federal level since he was 18 years old.


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