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Bush loses control of policy, Iraq, and America's soul

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That Bush now wants to send more troops to Iraq means that he has lost control of policy and lost control of Iraq. Never mind that the war is already lost; at least three Civil Wars already rage; the "insurgents" are not "insurgents" but a guerrilla war against the illegal US occupation of Iraq. But we were told that we would be greeted as liberators. Not so! Former Secretary of State Jim Baker says pulling out now will create more chaos! There is chaos now! Repeating the failed strategy, staying the course that is no course will but create more chaos at greater cost in both American and Iraqi lives. Iraq, meanwhile, has bankrupted America -yet Bush continues to spend like a drunken sailor. Baker doesn't talk about that. Baker's offensive is nothing new; it's just the tired GOP strategy: repeat the lie often and loud and it will be believed. Cicero warned long ago that the "...mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious."

One is reminded of Winston Churchill who wrote that the statesman "...who yields to war no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events." At last, what does "staying the course" and "getting the job done" mean? There is, in fact, no course to stay but mere "war fever" itself. Bush, moreover, has never defined what is meant by winning. Some 650,000 Iraqis are now dead as a result of the US invasion and the wave of civil war that spewed up in its wake. I believe that figure to be even higher than US civil war dead! Now Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq to achieve a "goal" that he cannot even articulate. Bush wants to aggravate an utterly failed strategy by repeating it. Bush wants to raise the stakes on a losing bet -and dares to call himself a "Texan"! Bush has made of us all mere slaves to uncontrollable events.

An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.

-Thomas Paine

What good, then, more troops when Bush has already abandoned all our Democratic principles and eschewed habeas corpus? Indeed, so-called "terrorists" could not conquer America from without nor have they the need to do so. Bush has accomplished from within what they could not from without.

What price have we paid for this appalling record of utter failure and ignominious defeat amid unapologetic idiocy and hubris? We have paid the highest price that a free nation can pay. We have paid with our freedom! We have indulged Bush's delusions with our very Constitution. We have suffered his hubris at the expense of Democratic ideals. We have sold our souls.

Even as we were told that the war was fought to preserve our American freedoms, Bush was at work destroying those freedoms more effectively than any terrorist could possibly have done.

"One bit of trivia that caught our eye was the elimination of habeas corpus, which apparently use to be the right of anyone who's tossed in prison to appear in court and say 'Hey, why am in prison?'"

-Keith Olbermann, quoted by the Washington Post

Americans are Waking Up to the Reality That Bush's "War on Terrorism" Isn't Aimed at Making Us More Secure. Its Only Aim is to Keep Him in Power.

Bush also wants to steal Iraqi oil with impunity.

Bush has denounced charges that Iraqis were actually better off under Saddam. Denounce all you want, Bush, but the fact of the matter is this: the average Iraqi had a better chance of surviving Saddam than he has of surviving you and your criminal occupation of his country!

Saddam's regime seems benign compared to the Bush occupation now characterized by heinous torture (another war crime), the deaths of some 650,000 civilians, and a level of violence which Bob Woodward described in his new book and on CBS:

Getting to the point now where there are eight, 900 attacks a week. That's more than 100 a day-that is four an hour. Attacking our forces.

-Bob Woodward, CBS 60 Minutes

Saddam, we are told, murdered Iraqi people. So has the US.

Saddam, we were told, tortured people. So has the US.

Saddam, we are told, was a "bad man". Well -what makes Bush a good one, when, in fact, Bush has done everything and with more force and brutality than did Saddam.

Saddam, we are told, enslaved the people of Iraq. And Bush has not? And for oil? Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote that one who believes himself the master of others -as Bush presumes to master Iraq -" a greater slave than they." If I were an Iraqi citizen, what difference would it make to me whether I am murdered or tortured by Saddam or by Bush? What difference? Bush and the mindless GOP cultists who follow him blindly seem to think that murder committed by "good" people is good but murder committed by "bad" people is bad. The cult of Bush believes that if done in the name of Democracy, America may enslave the world. In fact, murder is murder and people are defined by what they do. One who murders in cold blood is a cold blooded murderer. One who would enslave others is a tyrant. Bush does not get a pass. Bush must be held to account on both counts.

It was only recently that Bush tried -in bad faith -to link his "war on terrorism" with his abysmal quagmire in Iraq. At the time, Bush polled well only on the "terrorism" issue. Bush had hoped that linkage would pull his fat out of the Iraq fire. That strategy was undermined when some 16 US intelligence agencies linked the two issues in a more honest, straightforward and meaningful manner. They found that the continued US presence in Iraq inspires more terrorism, makes terrorism worse, and inflames the middles east.

If Bush's real goals are merely the theft of Iraqi oil for the benefit of his corporate base, then the war must not be won. But, in fact, the US war of naked aggression against the people of Iraq is already lost. Moreover, it is a heinous war crime that absolutely MUST be prosecuted at the Hague if the ideals of international justice are to be anything but the empty rhetoric and meaningless platitudes that Bush would have you believe that they already are.

Not merely the US but the world must make an existential choice. Our choice will determine the nature of human civilization over the next century; it may even decide if we will have one. Choose Bush and revert to a dark age of technological, fascist totalitarianism that would have made Hitler blush. Reject Bush and the horse he rode in on and we may yet survive to nurture the true ideals upon which our own nation was founded.

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