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Or, According to Today’s Politicians, the Drafters of the Constitution Really Had Their Fingers Crossed When It Was Written

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly.  The Bill of Rights and the Constitution of which it is a part expressly state no searches shall be allowed without warrants.  Together they are the governing documents for our society.  

    The Bush Administration however was secretly and illegally searching without warrants for years although through the entire period there was an easy and quick way to obtain warrants in a totally secret court even after the searches had already been completed.  That latter Act, passed in a time of unreasoning fear and shortsightedness, is called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA.  Its allowance of retroactively granted warrants is or should be of questionable validity.  After all, anything allowing searches without warrants is of questionable constitutionality given the unambiguous prohibition in the supreme law of the land, not to mention the inherent danger of such a power being abused by the party in control of the Executive Branch.  There is too much of a temptation to use it to spy on political opponents seeking dirt to blackmail or silence them.  Remember after all, the Neocons touting Bush as the second coming have already publically declared at various times anyone who disagrees with them is ipso facto a “traitor” and guilty of “aiding” our enemies.
    Despite Bush and his buds having an ostensibly legal Act on the books granting them permission, if they would just follow a couple of minuscule requirements, to do want they wanted, basically to secretly spy on just about anyone they wanted and search damned near all communications, they chose to ignore the  Act in its entirety.  The Administration implicitly acknowledged literally millions of violations.  Arrogantly, the President did not even bother to seek the sweeping powers granted under FISA to invade privacy.   He insisted he has an absolute right to do such searches and spying regardless of what that or any other law says.  In fact, Bush and the Bush apologists seemed perversely proud of the fact that they were ignoring the Constitution.  They practically bragged about it and used it in political campaigns seeking to keep them in power.

    It is easy to see why the President felt he could openly thumb his nose at the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  The Republican Party dominated Congress at the time and rubber stamped whatever their anointed Caesar did or desired.  To show their complicity in the destruction of the Constitution and its safeguards, rather than impeach the President for admitted violation of his oath of office to defend the Constitution as written, the then Republican dominated Congress passed a new Act declaring the Constitution should be ignored on this point.  Fortunately, the potential oppression under that new Act was not made permanent.  It was about to expire and the Republic was about to be saved, at least from that particular attack on freedom.  Hallelujah.

    Better yet, the Republicans no longer controlled Congress and it would not matter that they still made the Supreme Court and the White House bark a Neocon Republican tune.  The current Democratic Party leadership, had been elected for the primary purpose of putting a break on the imperialist cravings and excesses of the Bush Administration and had the ability to block re-enactment.  Best of all, surely they would oppose re-enactment since they had been complaining mightily about the many, many ways Bush and his boys have been trashing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They had also been complaining that bills they attempt to pass themselves to reign in Bush the II’s reign were getting vetoed or threatened to be vetoed, frustrating their efforts.

    Here, they did not have to experience the frustration of a veto.  They did not have to face the painful decision of using any of the 10,852 other reasons they had to impeach Bush, Cheney, Gonzales and others in the Bush monarchy continuing to gleefully violate their oaths swearing to defend the once proud and useful Constitution. Since the dictatorial searches without warrants “law” pasted by the Republicans was about to run out of its own accord, it was the perfect opportunity for the Democrats to do some good finally with their majority position in both houses.  All they had to do was do NOTHING.  Nothing at all, which is something they seem to be good at.  They could have simply keep their mouths shut and not bring up a renewal of the obnoxious and dangerous spying law for a vote.  It would have finally died of its own accord.  It would have been VETO PROOF for once since the Prez cannot veto what is not passed nor can the Supreme Court overturn not passing a law.

    Amazingly, astonishingly, mind blowingly though, the emasculated wimps in the Senate whose symbol is a jackass have decided to let the President continue his violations of the wording of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.    

    I cannot decide if current slate of Democrats in control have never read the Constitution, have only read a copy with pages missing, don’t think it is important, believe their oaths of office are quaint anachronisms, feel their personal power is more important, are gutless, are lazy, are incompetent, still believe anything emanating from Bush’s mouth or some combination of those.  Do the Democrats want the spying/searching power for themselves now that they assume they will gain control of the White House?

    Rather than acquiescing to Bushies constant demands for Kingship, rather than seeking how closely they can shave the Constitution, why aren’t the Democrats seeking to expand civil rights and protections or at least attempting to return them to something more closely resembling the actual wording of the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  Why are the Democrats saying the new extension of the Presidents right to search and spy without warrants is only for a short period of time?  Forget tacking on minor restrictions which the President has already promised to veto or ignore, why was there a vote to extend at all?  Why, why, why?  

    Why aren’t they listening to their constituents or re-reading their sworn oaths of office?  Moreover, why aren’t they looking at the general track record and proclivities of the Bushies on issues such as this when the Bushies assert such a power is needed?  Has anyone in the Administration or the pundits who applaud and encourage him ever been ultimately proven right on anything?  Anything at all?  

    We need to undo everything Bush and his minions have done.  We need to undo them loudly to let the world know we are no longer a proto-fiefdom operating on whim and ego.  We need to replace everyone who was ever hired or appointed Bush or at a minimum those who didn’t quit in disgust or get replaced.  Why are we then perpetuating Bush aggrandizements such as his warrant less searches and ubiquitous spying on Americans?

    I am starting to think we need to replace all the current leadership of the Democrats as well as all Republicans.  This latest fiasco has lead me to wonder if we wouldn’t be better off having office holders at all levels selected at random similar to how jury pools are chosen.  That way we might at least have a statistical chance of putting people in office who have common sense, are honest, ethical and honor the genius of our Founding Fathers who designed a marvelous document.  Granted, statistics suggest a certain percentage of those who might be randomly selected for office would be morally deficient or mentally incompetent, but the percentage would be smaller apparently than what we have now.  In any event, I for one am tired of the Constitution being trashed by both parties so blatantly.

     At a time when Republicans are terrifying in their attempts to establish a lasting dictatorship, why do the Democrats have to be so gullible and ineffectual?     Is it a sign democracy in this country is doomed?  It will be unless we let the Democrats know their actions on things like renewing the warrant less searches law are unacceptable.
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