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How the Republicans Will Trick the American Voters Again

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Message Karen Fish
This week Hugo Chavez the President of oil rich Venezuela stood on the platform of the United Nations and called the President of the United States "The Devil" 6 times. This view of President Bush and the people of the United States is shared by most of the people of Earth. The Devil has many names, including "The Trickster."

Woody Allen said that politicians are one step below child molesters. Child molesters trick young boys and girls into meeting them by pretending to also be young boys and girls. The difference between child molesters and politicians is that child molesters generally only kill one child. President Bush has so far killed over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children. Imagine if over the past 3 years Iraq had slaughtered 40,000 American infants and toddlers and young children in cold blood. What would they be saying on CNN today about the President of Iraq who was doing this? Satan is also called "The Murderer." If Americans rose up on American soil against their babies being slaughtered by Iraqi soldiers in cold blood would CNN be calling these Americans insurgents, or terrorists, or heroes and freedom fighters? This is why President Bush and the American people are called "The Great Satan" by 1.3 billion Muslim people and now it is spreading to Latin America and the rest of the world.

The American people have been brainwashed that 911 came out of the blue, that it was an unprovoked attack by Islam upon the United States. The fact is that 911 was an attack upon the United States for its complete support for Israel, President Bush's puppet which has been occupying and massacring innocent Palestinian and now Lebanese babies and toddlers for years. The over reaction to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers is the same as the American over reaction to 911. Do you think that the Muslim Pakistan dictator joined America of his own free will, as a member of the coalition of the willing? This week it came out that Pakistan was threatened that if it didn't join America then President Bush would nuke it back to the stone ages. Do you think that Muslim Saudi Arabia is willingly supporting America? Bush is propping up the Saudi Royal family, a group of filthy rich dictators. The Saudi and the Pakistani and the Iraqi and the Palestinian and the Iranian and the Syrian Muslim people want George Bush's and every American's head on a platter. President Bush has caused such a pressure cooker of rage in the Muslim world against America that it is only a matter of time until the Muslim countries unleash a tsunami of revenge for the blood of their babies upon the American people on American soil. President Bush and Vice President Cheney tricked the American people into the Iraq War by assuring them that once they arrived in Iraq and deposed President Hussein the American soldiers would be greeted by the Iraqi Muslim people with bouquets of flowers and open arms and hugs and kisses.

How did President Bush come to power? The story is very simple. President Bush's father the first President Bush once made a speech in which he said, "Read my lips, no new taxes." Then he proceeded to raise taxes. In the next election the Democrats jumped on this lie to kick him out of office. This lesson was not lost upon him or his son the current President Bush. They realized that the way to get elected was to cut taxes. This is exactly how Junior got elected, with his tax cut. The American people loved it and fell for it and they will fall for it again.

Forget Commander in Chief for a moment. Think of the President of the United States as the head of your immediate family's finances. Lets say that you own a home valued at $200,000. You mortgage it at the bank for $140,000. Then you take a second mortgage for $60,000. Then you take a third mortgage for $50,000. Then you borrow another $100,000 from a mafia loan shark. Then you lose your job. So what happens? You lose your house and you and your family are homeless and have no food like 30,000 earthling children who die of starvation every day as America beams "Dallas" into the living rooms of the world to throw salt into the wounds.

When President Clinton was in office he had the country in a surplus. Because of his tax cut, his war in Afghanistan and Iraq, hurricane Katrina (always save for a rainy day), and his Wal Mart trade deficit, President Bush has thrown the United States into a 1 trillion dollar deficit which is exploding higher every day. This means that there is now no money left for social security, education or domestic spending. President Bush and Vice President Cheney promised the American people that Iraqi oil would pay for the war. In simple terms the United States is now bankrupt. You don't feel it yet because the Government is just printing new money. The United States is now right on the brink of another great depression or 20% interest rates.

Given all of this, you would think that in the next election the Republicans would not win a seat but you would be wrong. The Republican master mind Karl Rove has an ace up his sleeve. The Democrats should be out there telling the American people the truth, "We are bankrupt, we need to make sacrifices, we need to raise taxes and cut back on spending." However the Republicans have demonized anyone who suggests raising taxes. They are calling the Democrats "tax raisers." They are demonizing the Democrats as "cut and runners" as though Iraq was a great idea. The Republicans still to this day have the American people convinced that they are a wonderful party and that they have accomplished their mission. Every Democrat is scared to death of coming out in favor of leaving Iraq and raising taxes because they know that they will never get elected. The truth has become a politician's greatest liability. People shoot the bearer of bad news.

Who is really tricking you and running the country? The war In Iraq has made the price of oil and the profits of the oil companies skyrocket. The big corporations like Exxon Mobil pay the TV stations huge money to advertise their oil and they have put 60 million dollars into the Republican coffers. This money will now come flooding out as endless Republican TV commercials making the TV stations even richer. The TV stations are oil company and Republican propaganda machines and the politicians are the oil company public relations department. Have you noticed that in the run up to the mid term elections the price of oil has mysteriously dropped? This has taken the heat off of the Republican party. Who has benefited from the war in Iraq? The oil companies and the war companies like Lockheed Martin and the Carlysle group. Guess who sits on the board of the Carlysle Group and the Saudi Royal family? The answer is the first President Bush and his family. The Bush family loves this war. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

When Muslim nuclear bombs begin raining down on America and Venezuela and Iran begin selling oil for Euros instead of American dollars and the demand for American dollars evaporates like the Antarctic ice cap, and Manhattan and Florida go permanently under water and radioactive mushroom clouds the American people will be on their knees crying in agony like the Muslim people are today. Then they can blame President Bush and the oil companies who told them that there was no global warming as the Bush family laughs at this story in their castles in the mountains of Switzerland where they have deposited their gold. Did you really think that the oil companies didn't know about global warming? You get who you vote for.

Enjoy while you can because once the doo doo hits the fan the American Government will put a quick end to free speech to save themselves from being lynched. The process has already begun with Congress ending net neutrality which means that as in China your Government will decide what you can and cannot see on the internet. A military coup will be right behind with martial law. Your government has you focused on the "Islamo Fascists" while the true enemy lurks within. You have put the fox in charge of the hen house. All of this because of one act of fellatio in the oval office for a guy hung like Nick Lachey. You would be far better off at the temple of love.
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Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion makes peace among and unites Christianity Islam Judaism and Everyone else and the Countries they all live in as the first step towards world peace, by tying everyone together with their common threads and resolving all of their differences once and for all.

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