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If Hillary is it, Vote GOP in 08: It'll be like a "Mercy killing" for the country.

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Message Jay Esbe
I haven’t written anything in months.  I avoid the news I was once fixated on.  “Caved” is the only word I needed to hear on Air America before knowing it was preceded by the word “Democrats”.  I finally just gave up, and unfortunately, very unfortunately,  it was either  the right thing to do, or the only SANE thing to do.  Selfish?  No.  Far from it.   Read on;

 Collectively speaking, the Democrats aren’t worth a pound of piss.  I sensed it in 2004 with Skull and Bones/fall guy John Kerry.  I believed it in 2006 when I fairly dragged myself to the mid-term polls weighed by a thousand pound  ball and chain of skepticism, and voted a straight Democratic ballot, knowing full well that the majority of them were  treasonously complicit boot licking whores at best.  It was supposedly my only choice.  Not any more it isn’t.  No, I have an answer.  It’s ugly,  hideous -in fact-, but it’s also probably for the best:  Let’s just get it over with.  I’ll pledge –once more- to attempt -once more- during the Democratic primaries to elect a non-murdering non-lying actual human being to turn this thing around.  But when that inevitably fails –again-, I’ve decided that rather than just stay home, and let “all options still on the table” Hillary have it,  in the general election I’m going to vote GOP.  In fact, I am going to vote  for the most overtly insane, laughable prick, for the most offensive ass-wipe, for the worst lying right-wing fascist piece of crap (it’s so hard to choose when there are so many), I can possibly select.  I feel it is my duty to end the suffering faster. Not my own, but the suffering of the decent people of this nation, and the whole of the world.   Maybe God will bless us with someone even more overtly openly dishonest than Bush.  I’m deciding I prefer terrible liars to terribly skillful ones.

Yes,  by all means, go ahead and accuse me:  I ADMIT IT:  I really do hate “America”.  It wasn’t always that way, but now,  I have come to loath this nation with every fiber of my being.  Not “We the people”  America, but They who have usurped us, they who’ve done this in my name, in our name, those of us who KNOW what the hell is going on.  Face it:  We don’t mean anything, and haven’t for a very, very long time.  It’s been nothing but a dog and pony show from day one.  They shoved NAFTA right up our asses as a people, and they pissed on our sovereignty and jobs, allowed “corporate America” to exploit the hell out of the Mexican people for profit, and who was your President when the deed was done?  Bill Clinton, “Democrat”.   It goes back a whole lot further than that.  Harry Truman a “Great President”?  Sorry Howard Dean, you’re delusional too.    Jesus.   If you swallow that bullshit you need some serious help.  He INCINERATED half a million civilians, innocent women and children with a goddamned A-bomb while Japan DESPERATELY tried to surrender.  May he burn in hell forever and may YOU understand that you're the walking brain-washed until you go elsewhere for your so-called “history”.   “American history” is one huge lie from one end to the other.  If you lived anywhere else, you’d be figuring that out.  

Come on, wake up and smell the truth here people;  Bill Clinton was a knife right through the heart of America’s sovereignty and fundamental capacity to actually produce products HERE, and on account of him, an utterly evil fascist bastard (Fox) has his people in chains.  He was nothing but another big-business Republican who’s only REAL flaw was that his decimation of the working class here, wasn’t rapid enough to satisfy the really hard-right lunatic fringe.  You and I both know what it’s coming down to in 2008:  The continued phony  “War on Terror” (War for PROFIT in truth) under another Clinton, or a continued “War on Terror” under a Republican.   What really IS Clinton?  Nothing if not someone who appears to “win” these wars and who suckered the “smarter” half of the country.  Smarter I’ll give you, but it really isn’t saying much.  Face the next reality:  The Clinton War For Oil in Yugoslavia.  Every bit as phony as the current war is, it was sold to the brain-dead majority of self-proclaimed  “Liberals”  who’s only evidence of cognitive function was the capacity to use a television remote as they sucked up NBC like red white and blue  heroin.  The right-wingers who opposed it didn’t oppose it because they don’t like wars; they opposed it because Clinton was actually able to convince them that –like Clinton convinced almost everyone else-  it wasn’t what it really was: A brutal assault on an innocent nation who’s only crime was a refusal to sign away their natural resources (the coal, natural gas, and oil rights in the Caspian basin) in exchange for a “loan” he didn’t need, by the IMF.  He managed to convince the “smarter half” of this country that it was about “human rights”.  My ass it was.  It NEVER is.  A pirate nation: That’s what America IS and always has been: The global Mafioso,  coming into town, breaking out the windows and then offering “protection” for a price. The price is unbearable for everyone but you, the American.

If by some chance Hillary Clinton does become President, we are going to be in for a long, painful, agonizing death as a country.   Maybe we really ought to thank Bush:  The biggest liar in American history has actually revealed the truth about this country  like no other American president in history.  He’s really not the biggest liar.  Only the worst liar.  The world is onto us now in a way which isn’t going to go away.  Ever.  No mere election here is EVER going to erase the filthy, hideous revelation which has taken place.  No one loves you now.  Their Mothers, Fathers, their kids are dead, their economies either in ruins, or they’re on the “hit list” (like Venezuela).

Elect anyone from the GOP scum-pool, and it’ll all be over with in shorter order;  WW3 in earnest.  “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”.  Yeah baby, “bring it on”!  “Just do it” and lets get this party started. Long version, short version, the end is still the same.   We are going down HARD.   You think after murdering three quarters of a million people in Afghanistan and Iraq, “The World” is gonna re-embrace us as a nation under Hillary Clinton?  You’re utterly delusional.  Insane.  A MORON.  Take your pick.  The actions of Bush, and the inaction’s of the Democratic majority, and worse still, their outright complicity in all of this,  insures that like ancient Rome, we will finally fall.  Maybe you like the idea of personal survival (as most of us do).    But maybe there will be a price for your own complicity and self-serving delusions: Maybe there is a God who judges the nations.   In a nation up to it’s ass in innocent blood, from the American Indian, African slaves, to Dresden, to Hiroshima, to Vietnam, to Yugoslavia, with dozens of other mass-slaughters for profit interspersed for the benefit of Coca Cola and General Electric and the like, if there be a God in heaven,  you better start seeing the bigger picture in a world of eight billion fellow humans among the nations who’ve watched it all unfold over the decades.  You paid for it.  Are you still paying for it?    Maybe these “un-Americans”  just might not find being continued to be run over again all that attractive, even if it’s a woman driver the next time.  Do you think it’s going to stop?  Show me the evidence.  No.  The die is cast.  

It’s over.  Terminal moral insanity.  Absolute evil.  Whatever you call it, it’s incurable by any legal process.  But much more importantly than that demonstrable fact,  is this question, “what do you actually value in the greater scheme of things”?  The well being of the planet and the overwhelming majority of humanity, or your own over fertilized lawn, and personal comfort?  It comes down to loving America, or loving “God”, “truth”, “Justice”, “humanity”, ANYTHING of higher value -really-  now.  And this “faith” in something more important than here and now is not only mutually exclusive, but is diametrically opposed to the current paradigm.  When “God” finally DOES decide to  “Bless America”, it simply won’t be here any more to inflict it’s mass-murders and life-long record of global tyranny and extortion another day.  It’ll be a mercy killing; both to those here who’ve truly been sickened by a recognition of what the country really is, and also to the rest of humanity.  The sooner the inevitable over, the better.  Maybe not for you, maybe not for YOUR kids, maybe not for me.  But the Iraqis, the Yugoslavians, the Vietnamese, the Native Americans, and dozens and dozens of other peoples, races, millions upon millions, all those ‘brown people” in the so-called “third-world  (the incredible arrogance of that term says it all) THEY have kids too.  Who really do we think we are?   I –unfortunately- am one of the few and truly ashamed who’s found out.  

Like tens of millions of Americans, I fertilized my lawn Sunday and ate roasted chicken while watching my TIVO.   But when it all comes down, I will not curse God.   I will grasp the moment as a cosmic perfection so long overdue.  The hour comes near.  Remember “the thief on the cross” because there will be no excuse, only a personal realization of what you’ve been involved in, and where you are now:  Hillary or the GOP, one or the other is “inevitable” and You’re most assuredly going to be nailed either way.  Your last Messiah won’t be wearing any campaign buttons.   My hope is no longer here.  I’m not even sad about it anymore.  I think I finally understand something.  

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Jay Esbe is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion and lives in Seattle Washington.
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