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The coming scorched earth policy and how they're laying the groundwork.

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Message Jay Esbe
What the "surge" really is, who's probably behind it, and the coming scorched earth policy.

Whatever level of idiocy and incompetence you want to assign to this administration, unfortunately they've proven themselves remarkably competent in one area; the politics of diversion.

Bush knows his "surge" isn't going to change a damned thing. But Karl Rove's finger prints are all over this thing. What it's actually accomplished is mighty: It has changed the subject; from getting out of Iraq -the clear demand given by the voters- to whether or not to increase the troop levels. No one's talking in any meaningful way about getting the hell out now are they. Brilliant. Or at least smart enough to stop the dems dead in their tracks.

Bush has said two things we can and should take his word on; #1. He intends to hand this war to the next President, and #2. He's not going to leave office without "doing something" about Iran.

So as the craven dems eagerly took the bait of the escalation, and are spending their days voting on absolutely meaningless non-binding resolutions the President has already announced mean absolutely nothing to him, this President has exactly what he wants and believes he needs to initiate a scorched earth policy; U.S. troops dying, vastly out-numbered and surrounded by the enemy, and whatever time it's going to take for an "act" against them allegedly by Iran, which will then result in his giving Israel a green light to attack Iran, and his ordering air-strikes in support.

That the Democrats have fallen hook line and unfortunately also sinker for the "surge" strawman is painfully obvious, but they're also falling for an even more dangerous one; "Iranian weapons" being used against our troops. The strawman of course is the source of the authorization being debated. The reality –however- is that we should be no more surprised to find Iranian Shitte support of Shittes in Iraq with arms, than we were surprised to find Soviet and Chinese support of the North Vietnamese. Imagine then if in 1968, we'd had an administration who spoke of using tactical nuclear weapons against Russia or China for arms support during the Vietnam war. Of course it would have been completely insane. At least -however corrupt- Nixon was smart enough too keep the Cold War cold. Bush is not sane by any meaningful measure of the term. He sould have eebn hauled in fron of Congress the moment he claimed "God" told him to attack Saddam and at least a vote held -for the record- to impeached him on the 25th ammendment. But thanks to an absolutely worthless bunch of entrenched Democrats who's personal corruption lead them to hand their war powers to this President in violation of the Constitution, the current debate over the source of weapons from Iran, has once again enabled the administration to move forward with it's agenda for war on Iran without the actual legitimacy of the causus belli ever even being questioned; Are arms from Iran, a justification for an attack on Iran, EVEN IF Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered it? The answer to that question ought to be exactly the same as it was in 1968: No one in their right mind would ever have advocated a nuclear attack on China or the Soviet Union for their proxy support of the North Vietnamese.

Who in the hell couldn't and shouldn't have expected a neighboring Shitte country to covertly support their fellow shittes in a revolution against their minority Sunni oppressors when the sh*t hit the fan, thanks to the utterly insane delusions of the neo-conservatives?

So the Democrats have been solidly placed on the path to hell, presumably by Karl Rove, and they have been effectively sent to their corners to engage in the debates Bush needs to keep troops in Iraq, and await the inevitable ***justification*** he will use to attack Iran. But if you know anything about this man and the movement which has created the first global monster of the 21st century, you ought to know that this could happen at any moment, and when it does, there will not be another request for war powers; he believes, and has clearly stated, that he has the authority to "act" already. This will simply be a case of Bush announcing that "air operations against suspected nuclear facilities" in Iran, have been commenced. What then will the useless Democrats who've stupidly debated a non-binding resolution do? What then indeed.

Yesterday would not be too soon to begin impeachment proceedings against the administration. In truth, it's the ONLY way they can be stopped from what every evidence suggests they will do. Even cutting off funding for the war in Iraq, would not preclude Bush from ordering a tactical nuclear strike on Iran. I believe he's going to do it. I believe it because he's so much as said so, and he has indicated again and again that he can and will do what he wants as "Commander in Chief".

Unfortunately, the same failed leadership that allowed America's first functional dictatorship to establish itself, has indicated that like Bush, they too are incapable or unwilling to change. They are playing politics, and even as politics go, they're profoundly misguided. No one in the majority leadership has thought through the fact that if Congress begins holding impeachment hearings, and places the administration under oath, whatever opposition exists in the Senate, is going to very quickly evaporate as witnesses are either forced to admit the most massive lies ever told by an American government, or they inevitably perjure themselves to the satisfaction of all. In short, as co-conspirator George Tenet once allegedly said regarding WMD, it truly is a "slam dunk". But the Democratic party is proving once again, they are willing to place perceived political gain, even misperceived gains, above the fate of the Republic.

Stop this nonsense and impeach these lying, murdering, treasonous criminal bastards. Impeach them both immediately; the grounds are so well established on so many crimes, the failure to do so has become nothing less than patently absurd. Stop this nonsense before it's too late. It may already be too late, but you'd better damned well act decisively for once, or it certainly will be too late. I fully expect the Democrats to utterly fail us. Again.
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Jay Esbe is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion and lives in Seattle Washington.
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