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Libby's best bet-- cut the deal' and squeal like a stuck Neo-Con pig?

By Edwin Anthony Dalecki, Jr  Posted by Rob Kall (about the submitter)     Permalink
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Libby's best bet; FLIP on the moral fabric of Lies!

When will Scooter 'cut the deal' and squeal like a stuck Neo-Con pig? When will Congress Investigate the Lies and Deceit of this entire administration of liars? Libby's Best Bet; FLIP on the moral fabric of Rove-Cheney--Bush!

When will Scooter 'squeal' like a Stuck Neo-Con pig? The Neo-Evil-Cons will NOW distance themselves from the Scooter and pray to the 'Higher Authority' that Scooter doesn't squeal like a stuck Neo-Con pig! The 'Scooter' represents the real moral fabric of this White House in these Dark days to follow. Should the Scooter 'squeal' and cut a deal ASAP?

Hello! Indictments, NO indictments! Smeargate has Americans 'viewing' the 'historical -- political representation' of the 'most corrupt' Republican governments since Iran-Contra, and or Watergate. Will Cheney's Puppet 'The Scooter' fall on the 'republican sword' and cut a deal or 'spill the beans' later on? So much for all these so-called republican morals -- ethical standards!

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-- Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, indicted by grand jury on charges of obstruction of justice, making false statements and perjury in CIA leak probe. -- 30 years! --

Watergate, Iran Contra doesn't compare to this Smeargate! This latest scandal touches on the heart and soul of this deceitful war to induce fear. A war that is responsible for the tens of thousands of death. This entire regime of deceit has littered our White House with lies and trickery to induce fear in Americans! Make NO mistake, The Bush administration has simply 'lied' for the innocent death and destruction of biblical proportions.

As our War-Peace-Vacationing President goes on the 'offensive' to riddle our senses with lies of fear for war support; there will be NO indictments handed to Bush, Cheney and or Rove since they are Untouchable and Feared by all Washington Insiders! Bush, Cheney and Rove are the heart and soul of these Neo-Evil-Cons. These Political Thugs - Liars have very deep pockets to shield their deceitful politics! Each and every elected Representative of our Congress can only bow to these 'dictators' of deceitful death-destruction.

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In contrast, Wilson's op-ed piece is at the heart and soul of this immoral, deceptive war but all Americans shouldn't be looking for any real "Bombshells" from this Special Counsel and or Grand Jury. Wilson's op-ed discredited the Bush -- Cheney lies for a rush to war and for that reason alone, they attacked Wilson and his Wife. Make NO mistake here; the ruthless smear-mouth Neo-Evil-Cons that riddle our airwaves are gearing up to trash the Joe Wilson -- Cindy Sheehans of this country.

This government has repeatedly used 9-11 Fears to rally support for war without proven-documented cause. Hussein and the country of Iraq was absolutely NO threat to the US. Not one (1) Iraqi national was ever involved in the 9-11 incident. The executive branch of this government used their deceptive, abusive powers along with immediate media access to DUPE all Americans, Congress and this Written Press.

The 'Teflon Duo' of Bush -- Cheney launched a very deliberate, calculating and quite deceitful 'psychological war' on every American. That war of fear, deceit, lies and political trickery escalated into a full-blown 'rush for war' with Iraq. This psychological war of FEAR had many Americans, Congress and Mainstream media folks signed off on this rush for war. If journalists did their job in 2002, Bush, Cheney and their entire regime of deceit would vying for a laundry details at a federal prison.

This Teflon Duo of Bush -- Cheney established an internal group called WHIG to market and deceive Americans for this 'war call' in efforts to gain a strong US presence in the Middle East. Iraq will be used as a staging platform for any and all possible conflicts in the middle east. Hence, NO exit plans for Iraq by design. The war with Iraq was about Oil, not WMD! Hussein was building Palaces from the Food for Oil, not WMD and this administration had to know it. Thousands are dead, five-hundred (500) billion spent for what? Blatant Lies!

Sadly, Americans are experiencing one of the most corrupt, inept and deceitful governments since Richard Nixon! This current 'regime of deceit' may far exceed public expectations and surpass the deceptive reign of President Harding that so littered Our White House with blatant liars and gamblers that called themselves "the Ohio gang!"

Here's the overwhelming difference! Instead of gambling away the White House dishes; this Teflon Duo along with their Illustrious, ever So-Smart, conservative BASE of Deceit is just borrowing US futures from the communist country of China to the tune of hundreds of billions!

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Listed below is a compilation of lies to 'Incite Fear' that were pounded into each and every American. Lies that our media failed to ever investigate! These blatant and deliberate lies had sent 'fear' into all Americans! These lies have killed two-thousand and seven (2007) Americans and thirty-five (35) thousand of innocent Iraqis. Tens of thousands have also been wounded, maimed and scared for these lies of biblical proportion:

"This is a man of great evil, as the President said. And he is actively pursuing nuclear weapons at this time." "There's good reason to believe that he continues to aggressively pursue the development of a nuclear weapon. Now will he have one in a year, five years? I can't be that precise."

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud," then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice

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