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America a Nation Yet?

By Dom Jermano  Posted by Rob Kall (about the submitter)     Permalink
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It is obvious we are trying to wage battle against the Republicans through the Democratic Party; that in my opinion are one in the same. If we really want change we need to cut the cancer out which means disemboweling both Parties.

We still believe the old history tales of Americans not liking King George of England, because of taxation. The Boston Tea party was a response to a tax that basically helped nourish the West Indies Company, a UK megacorporation that King George was a major investor in, as a monopoly, since it didn't have to collect taxes on its tea and could sell it for a lot less.

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It was about Big Business and Corporate Power to seize the Opium trade for even more profits as the American Colonies became more involved in their own Opium schemes in taking control of trade. The British didn't sell Opium for money it was traded as currency, so any money that was made by exempting tax on British goods from China and placing taxes on competitors made them wealthy indeed.

I remind you that people are born as competitors, and to discount the fact that the early colonies were not in competition with Britain; reinforces the naive first grade history classes.

Think about it ! Britains were major slave traders out of Africa, and selling them in America. Do we really believe it was about a tea party, tax dispute?
Britain was out conquering the world, imperializing itself in Asia and the
Middle East. It was about Opium.

Americans saw the profit, and also sold Opium often including a few bales of ginseng to keep their eyes open during the long voyage to China. Face it. The USA began on trade competition of slaves and Opium, and if the King did institute a tax we know what the tax was really about, and it wasn't for all the tea in China.

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In America it is a constant battle; the country is going to fall and collapse. I might add that when it does, as all major super powers have succumbed to, it doesn't mean that it is the end of the world.

There will be groups and factions in America waging supporting influences, and money will have a new identity. New currencies will be invented in support of each group. Dare to say that the constitution has been a lie from the very beginning eradicating Native Americans and outlawing them toward the original founding, along with our kidnapped Black American Slaves?

We have to get it right! If native people don't understand Democracy; we don't ramrod it down their throats, and take their land, and resources, and move them to the most undesirable regions. On the contrary we need to be patient without fear, without guns and paranoia, and get down to really making America come true. In my opinion we have no country, it is a lawless regime with lethal force to accepting its criminal past.

Native Americans and Black Americans are still discriminated against as our WHITE PRESIDENTS are duly swore in MEN from GEORGE WASHINGTON to GWHORGE BUSH and occupy the Capitol symbol of WHITE SUPREMACY namely the "WHITE HOUSE."

Now if we are to recognize that this issue is more than getting our country back, and of course I personally don't want it back, because its past is a litter of crime upon crime to humanity.

Then we therefore must begin start to get our legitimate country. It is a requirement. We don't want to get it back, because we never have had a legitimate country in the first place. We need to write a new constitution that would include Native Americans and Black Americans. Is it to late? No! We have come to recognize its necessity, because as the years roll on and people forget about what makes a country great we keep slipping off the slippery edge into the Grande's Canyon of them all, and I don't mean the Grand Canyon, but that Canyon that has no bottom, and is forever wretching and striking at each other in an attempt to preserve and appreciate a country but it is never realized. WHY? Because the truth and actions have not come to bear. How do we do that?

First don't give me the bull about Johnson's Civil Rights Legislation, one of America's mass murder campaigners of the century in Vietnam. It has to do with Civil Rights in the beginning of the countries existence that counts. Don't give me the bull about Abe Lincolns fight against slavery when his objective was to free the blacks so he could start an army to conquer and destroy Native Americans in the West. His motive was to connect the railway from California to the Atlantic and make more profits from the Opium trade.

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We can discuss about reparations to them, paying back over 100 years of black slave wages, and making Native Americans feel they have power over their land while eliminating Reservations, and disengage the srub land areas we forced them to accept and live on. Or we can go on the way it has been for the past two hundred years biting each other in the ass as crazy patriot acts, chasing our tails, claiming how great our country is, without making amends for our crimes to humanity, and leaving more than a child left behind.

Are we missing the real story? That Native American Indians are the same as the Palestinians in the Middle East. And Israel is hoping the Palestinians will fade off into the sunset as our Native Americans have? Israel has a problem, and like the US. We are still struggling to have a country. Israeli needs to include Palestinians in a combined government, the same with the USA and its Native Peoples. Without the two in cooperation, there will be a continual divide, and the answer is not two states or a State and Reservation living side by side. The answer is one state with the real people as part of the organ of its authenticity. This is when a real nation emerges. That organ is the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

This is when other nations see how we were courageous enough to include all Peoples, and it becomes an example of how things work toward modern day standards. But today the outside countries or foreign lands see the hypocrisy inside America, and when America wants change to the rest of the worlds society; it is rejected, terror ensues. They say how can we have democracy when they do not agree in their own land? They murdered and stole the land from the people, they want to do the same to us..And as time has gone on WAR upon War upon war has grabbed us by the balls. Not to even think the amount of crime that has evolved from our lies in the past, and the still unpaid reparations to the people we have harmed in other countries around the world. And we wonder why there is more terror! London is a prime example. How obscure to suggest Iraq needs a constitution when in fact America has been living with a false one for over 200 years.

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