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An Open Letter To the Good People of the Middle East From the We're Not that Stupid Americans

Message Dennis Diehl

It disturbs me personally, when I read in yours or our media, that "the Americans" are doing or not doing this or that in Iraq, standing by while Israel does this or that to Palestinians and the Lebanese, and are about to do this or that to Syria and perhaps North Korea. You need to understand that most Americans are doing no such things.

It is our elected or perhaps fraudulently selected government that is doing this. It is not even all the government but more specifically THIS Administration made up of the Bush family Dynasty, in the form of the President and all those under his immediate control or controllers, depending on who one thinks controls who in this administration. It is not the American people against the Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese and other people! It is not the average easy going, live and let live Christian against Islam. We are a live and let live type of people and expect the same from others. I know you don't see that side of us in the actions of our leaders. Neither do we. This current, and soon to pass from the scene, we hope, has lost sight of what a Democracy really is and what constitutes a real American. If we had our way, we'd pass a law that forbid any two people in the same family from ever being allowed to run for President. It would prevent dyanastic rule and allow us to cut short any foolishiness that is more self serving than supportive of American ideals and our over all best interests.

The extreme literalists in Christianity, fundamentalists as we call them too, do not speak for the average Christian. And many Christians do not speak for the average American. They are the God haunted Christians who see every turn of events in the Middle East as a sure sign that Jesus return is just around the corner, again, and we are all going to be forced into unspeakable joy with them at the helm of the Jesus Kingdom on earth...I am being sarcastic, I hope you know!

They have leaders who are also God haunted and seem bent on playing a part in CAUSING Bible prophecy to APPEAR to be coming true. They don't know that many so called, "Bible Prophecies" are not prophecies at all, or were written after the fact appearing to be have come true. It's how religious people in the past play fast and loose with scripture to our harm. In our country, we call it a "meme" which is a mind virus that is more of the problem than the solution to our spiritual needs.

Our President says he hears the voice of God, and you need to know that makes the vast majority of us average Americans very nervous when he says that. Our President has a way of speaking that often embarasses us and mannerisms that, while funny, aren't. Most of us don't believe for a minute that he nor his extended family have any understanding of the average American, much less respect. His mom actually felt that the victims of hurricane Katrina were really having quite a good time and much better off having to flee to strange cities and stay in public arenas because they were actually living better there than where they were. We don't hear much from her anymore. We believe the life of luxury the Bush family has enjoyed has detached them from reality.

Eternal life under Christian fundamentalist control would be the classic definition of Hell where I come from. Our fundamentalists would have to eliminate your fundamentalists in great battles fought in the love of Jesus to get you to see the light. Of course, your fundamentalists would feel compelled to do the same. Perhaps you and I can sit on a hill somewhere and watch them make even more fools of themselves and have a good laugh. The best we can hope for is that each side will eliminate the other side and we the people, the average, the we are all one crowd, can pick up the pieces and clean up in the hope of bringing a tolerance and leaving people alone approach back to life on planet earth.

We the people believe that all of you deserve a safe place to live and work with your families and especially your children getting to grow up as children should be able to. We agonize over the pictures of your losses and the cruelty that you are experiencing at the hands of Israel and our Government.

Yes, we support our own young men and women in the armed forces, because they are our kids and we want them home safely. No one raises their kids to be blown to bits or to loose their minds in a war zone that is so frightening, they do terrible things to feel in control of it all until they can get home. We understand they make choices and, as parents, understand that they can have sincere beliefs about what they are doing and for whom, and yet not know they too are and can be being used for the less than noble agendas of those who would never send their own children into harms way.

We're still trying here to figure out who really killed John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, John Jr., if that could be what really happened, Martin Luther King Jr, and a host of others who seem to have gotten under the skin of those who had the power to stop them. We are losing our naive beliefs about how our government works and that our vote counts.

Our last two elections in the country feel more like third world elections we grew up making fun of, more than ever before. Most of my friends believe that those who got to be in charge of America for a time, and who have caused far more problems in our world than they have ever solved, are not really those the American people meant to elect. Someone once said you won't ever be a mature person in our country until you realize that Presidents are not elected, they are selected. I hope that is not true, but sure seems so at this point. I just wanted you to know that we know that too. I see more and more signs that say "he's not my President" where once you'd get your car rammed for having that on the bumper.

We even have some rather grave doubts about what really happened in this country on 9-11. We had buildings come all the way down that should never come down. We have a building that came down that few even know about that should never have come down, owned by a man who owned the only other two building that came down that day. Kinda odd to us that know. We even have a tape of this man saying he gave orders to "pull" his third building and darn if it didn't come down like a controlled demolition. No one asked him how he did that and how do you pull a building the same day?

We have no idea why the media won't ask this man to explain himself. After all, all three of his buildings came down exactly the same way that day. We're not stupid, but we do live in a climate of a bit more fear of our current government than ever I remember being under. After all, we also have a government that listens to us at will and minds our business for us, again as we used to make fun of others for doing to their citizens. We even have a President who only obeys the laws he likes and signs off on the ones he doesn't wish to be held to. Boy, I tried that once. Didn't go over real good with dad! He's done it over 750 times and his dad never says anything to him it about it. Go figure.

We know our President has broken a lot of laws in this country in the name of taking authority to himself that he is not entitled to. We hope to address that issue with him someday. Now we find that even those who investivaged 9-11 are admitting that this current administration was less than forthcoming and actually impeded their investigation when they could. Where I come from, that can only mean one thing...

We don't know why our airforce was so slack on 9-11 either. They snagged a run away Lear Jet a few years ago, out West, in minutes, but couldn't snag a jet liner in our most crowded air corridors of the East in hours. Some feel they were not so slack as uninformed. We have heard that our own Vice President told someone that the order to not shoot anyone down "still stood." Pretty creepy stuff.

And most of us know that a live Osama is better than a dead one when you can't find him, and no one really wanted him dead or alive. But I suspect when the time comes, he'll show up deader than alive. Dead men don't tell tales you know. Oh, and most of us know that there were no WMD's to justify going to war anywhere and we weren't in near as much danger then as we are now. On 9-11 we had a lot of sympathy, but our government, not our people, managed to squander that pretty darn quickly worldwide.

Some say the administration needed a "Pearl Harbor" to go to war...but I can hardly think of the implications of that myself. I do know that truth tends to rise to the surface in time and if we ever find out what we merely suspect, you'll see what a true American is and how a genuine Democracy can work in the best of ways. We are that kind of people at the grass roots.

Understand that not all of us by any stretch, think the nation of Israel can do no wrong. They have an agenda, and it's obvious that it is by permission of President Bush and Tony Blair. These men can speak up, but won't or when they do, it is weakly until agendas are met. Now Christian fundamentalists in our country think it is God's chosen land, but we know better. Funny how on the one hand our fundamentalists think the Jews killed Jesus, but on the other hand, think God loves that waste howling wilderness more than others and they are the special chosen ones to usher in the Kingdom of God, ala their ideas. Just so you know, the Romans killed Jesus, for sedition, just as they had thousands before him, but the Fundies aren't all that wild about ruling from Rome, where Satan lives. Most of my friends think Satan lives here or at least has a summer home here too.

The world has changed since these people came to "power." We wish they had come to "responsibility" instead of power, but we're stuck with the fruits of their thinking until we decide not to be. The average American knows they have no way of knowing just what is going on, who is pulling what on who and what the agenda really is.

I do know that nothing we are being told is really what is and that nothing is as most in high places would lead us to believe. We are not stupid, but we feel powerless at times like you do. We also get amazed as to how so few can cause such misery and deception for the many. It's an enigma wrapped in swiss cheese covered with baloney. We know this, but don't always know what to do about it or who to trust in bringing out sincere change for the good of all not just the few.

Right now, we have a government that is a benefit to the few, very few. I feel they laugh at us behind closed doors and are all smoke and mirrors in public. The people they hire to tell us what they mean or meant are like comedians to us. Remember the guy in Iraq that said the Americans were fleeing and he could not hear the bombs dropping the background? that! We have our own apologist who think we believe them, but we don't.

Some day all of us would love to meet all of you who have suffered so under the badly managed leadership of all our elected, selected or self appointed leaders. We'd like to get to know you as the human beings you are. Laugh a bit with you and cry over your losses at the hands of those that have never suffered such losses but seem freely capable of inflicting them. I honestly don't know how these men sleep at night, but they do. Maybe good drugs. Perhaps there is a drugs for thugs program in America we also don't know about...

So until this time passes, please know that we, the average Americans, those who don't see the world through the eyes and filters of the fundamentalist Christians nor the zealots of confrontational and pushy government, are thinking of you and feeling the pain of your being in harms way. It will change somehow and for the good. I am not sure how, but I do know that sometimes we have to experience others losing their minds so we then can all come to our senses. Perhaps that time is just around the corner. That is what we hope.

We just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and not a part of the "They", "Americans" or "the American government," that is imposing it's misguided will upon people who simply want to be left alone and would be excellent friends to have if one ever took the time to get to know them before blowing them into whatever their idea of Kingdom Come is.

Now we see the President of France wants Tony Blair to be over the European Union.  We are beginning to understand how this boys club works and wanted you to know. 

For now, let us pray that God will bless and keep them...far away from us and you until those not given to promoting themselves or one right way to be are replaced in Government by genuine human beings.

Warm regards from The Average American- who knows you don't hate our freedom...and want you to know most of us don't think like they do either. We are truly sorry for the pain and misery that has been inflicted upon you and ourselves by those who have lost touch with their own souls.

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Dennis Diehl is a former pastor of 26 years,  who outgrew the Literalism of Fundamentalism.  He writes about Pastoral and Church abuse and is available to speak on such topics or be helpful to any church suffering under abusive (more...)

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