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Bush's Apostolic Ambitions

The Bush Cult
So, ... did you get it. If you haven't, you will. It's a piece of spam being sent around by Baptists and other "Christians," of the Bush persuasion, morphing into Jesus. A single sketch. To the Bush lovers, they can readily see Bush in it, but for the rest of us, ... it's crap. Worthless.
I wish I could show it to you, but, sadly, I cannot. I have an aol account for members of my family who do not stray far from aol. I didn't delete it, but aol did. I suppose those of us who do not pay for anymore than a free account, emails are deleted, quickly. So if you spot it, email it to me. You'll know it when you see it.
When I found the email sent to me by a family member. I looked at the sketch and thought, if Bush was Jesus, God wouldn't have sent some one of, his vague intelligence and absolutely no gift for speaking. We are talking about, Bush, as the leader of a serious cult here. It's like circling the wagons, to keep their chosen ONE from being touched by anything negative to "the cause."
Now, if you don't believe me, go to google and search "Bush Jesus" images. Nearly 450,000 of them on google, and after fewer than 8 pages that I looked through, are there any anti-Bush pictures. Again, we are looking at a serious, serious cult.
This is sad, if it weren't so, seriously tragic. It is the Sunni's verses the Shias, sans the AK-C 47s. If Bush were impeached, the result in our society would cut like a 66.666 earthquake through our American culture. What would the crack look like? Well, look at the red states and blue states. Yes, ... the modern day United States. We are talking a Biblical civil war! And remember, it was Bush who promised, "I am a joiner, not a divider."
It is not only Bush, here, it is his whole administration. Scooter wasn't found guilty; he was set up by the Democrats. His lies weren't really lies; they were Democratic lies. His "believers" will do anything and say anything to keep their symbol from being fingered. And, these worshippers, ... better described as, enablers, ... simply will not believe "the writing is on the wall."
His followers will find every excuse, outside The Bible, to cover for him. No negative vibes here, or it is "off-with-your-head." Dare the messenger to suggest anything negative to their almighty "worshipness," or it is "Off With Their Head." Alice in Wonderland stuff. Bush-Cult! Any report from The Pentagon that is negative, has to end with something positive about Iraq, even if there is nothing positive.
Gonzales' appointment with the Congressional Committee was a waste of time. With the seemingly, sly grin after all of his, "I can't remembers," "I don't recalls;" or "That was not part of my duty," didn't fair well with his constituents behind the oval tables. Over 114 times, did Gonzales use terms that the committee had warned him not to use. They could actually file charges on him for lying to a Congressional committee. The man is an embarrassment to our country's voters. Even Clinton believes Gonzales would strengthen Bush, if he just resigned.
And how about Wolfowitz. Giving his girl friend a promotion with more pay, for absolutely no reason! ROTFLMHO! Sorry, I couldn't help that! We can see why he was 180 degrees off on Iraq! I'm sure glad I'm not on an airplane with these folks as the staff and pilots. And these people were all supposed to have "mensaiatic"  brains. I don't know whose the dumbest here, Wolfowitz, Gonzales, or Cheney - remember Bush never claimed to "... be a mental giant," which his terms have proven correct. Certainly, they were some staff development points, that they missed along the way.
First let us refute that George W. Bush is "Jesusicial."  Compare their birth dates? Nope, doesn't fit. Compare their telephone calls. Nope, a modern day invention. Emails. Nope. This is getting silly. Itinerary? Jesus never moved any further than 30 miles from his birth place. Bush has been all over the world, and some of the appointments he would like to forget. Will Bush affect the earth as Jesus did. Some would give a "negatively," yes, for historical purposes. Finally, let us find the geographic details. Nope. Bush is living in the wrong world, at the wrong time, and ... in the wrong dimension, to be Jesus. Even their languages were different, ... with taking linguistics into the comparison. You laugh, but don't. I had to use the same logic on my own 3 Mastered brother that Bush was not Abraham Lincolnish. And funny thing is, he is keeping a list of "lies" that I have said about the Bush administration, the very same kind of lists that the Pharisees kept on Jesus, because, it was the Pharisees, you see, who had plotted against Jesus and ultimately voted to have Him killed. Believe me, "Bush Ain't No Abraham Lincoln!" Can you imagine Bush writing the Gettysburg Address. Bush would say, "I've got it on my Blackberry!"
Now remember, Jews in those days, used The Old Testament as their words and actions each day. Would Bush measure up? How about his brilliant staff? Let us go, again, to The Old Testament, on-line at, for this one, as well.
Leviticus 24:15 " Moreover, you are to tell the Israelites, if any man curses his God he will bear responsibility for his sin," and Lev chapter 24: 16 "And one who misuses the name of the Lord must surely be put to death. The whole congregation must surely stone him, whether he is a foreigner or a native citizen; when he misuses the name, he must be put to death." Ah, ... Bush should have retained Ashcroft, for those Bible studies. This is a direct order, ... so let us take up the stones!
Hey, I will go for that. Not only does Bush not measure up to that, everyone close to him would have all been stoned to death for their profanity, except Harriett Myers, who, I think is a neat lady, who hitched her necklace to the wrong star. But get this, this includes my loving brother, whom, while attending Bible college and did some preaching, obviously not enough to have had any positive influence on him. Members of his own cult, knows that George W. Bush is known, ... KNOWN, for his profanity. Get real, Bush is not even close to Jesus, regardless of the 450,000 pictures we find on a google search will give us, and no matter what his cultish followers say as they worship him as a modern day prophet, ... er, profit!
And, remember, this is only a Biblical discussion. We are not even throwing in the fact that Bush's actions have killed millions, when it comes to the reproductive rights of our women who have died in this war, but also the reproductional rights of the Iraqi women who have died, including the female children. We are talking about a man who claims, "I sleep without a conscience on my decisions,"  yet at his word, millions have died. Bush packed the Supreme Court for their mistaken decision,last week, but, ... Bush has made the Supreme Court, unworthy of our democracy.
So, not only does Dubya not qualify as being one of Jesus's close disciples, soon to be apostles, nor do the men who stand in offices appointed by the president. Because, you see, all of Jesus's disciples followed The Old Testament, until Jesus's started his ministry at 30, which lasted only 3 years. Don't believe it? Show me the chapter and the verse, SON! Rest assured, if Bush is impeached, he wasn't a bona fide messenger of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit!
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