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King Bush, Knight Dick, and Princess Lynne!

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Slap Down, Dickie?

You know the Republican Party is in trouble when Dick Cheney starts talking "slap down!" Remember, this is the man who shot his fellow hunter in the face. If that would have happened in Oklahoma, Cheney would not have his license and would be paying a heavy fine; and,... he would be able to boast, along with many other Vice Presidents, of having a "rap-sheet."

Remember, Cheney is the same man who "...wouldn't take water-boarding" off the table. This is a member of the White House regime that supports leaking to "take some one out." Let me see, was it Cheney that said, Maybe someone will take Valerie Plame out and teach Wilson to stay out of White House business. This is the presidency from which came the "secret prisons" that imprisoned and tortured an innocent man. This is the presidency which has helped kill as many as 600,000, and after Camp Falcon, well over 3000 uniformed soldiers.

So, ... Dick? "Slap-down," huh? Is that how you raised your kids? Foster parents learn not to hit children, and if it is good enough for foster children, what "say ye" about your own family. Since "We call it slap-down," can the reader infer that this "slap-down" policy is how you raised your children.

On the other hand, Mr. VP, the expression, "slap-down," could mean that you slapped down a nuisancy, a repugnant flie that has been flying around your head. "Get the frikken fly swatter and "slap-down" the dang thing. It is not to our standards of humanity, so, thusly, we have a right to slap it down." Funny thing is, Mr. Cheney, there is a game for the Macintosh called "Slap Down," where a hand is controlled by the player, and the player gets to "Slap-Down" all this pesky critters and squash them. We also have a town in Oklahoma named "Slapout."

"Dick, ... how can I say this professionally? Vice President, if you want your grand kids to slap their kids, slap your grandchildren! Go ahead and use that language, Cheney, because even a four year old understands that. SLAP-DOWN. It is when someone bigger, slaps down on someone smaller. Could this mean that you consider other Americans lesser than you? Fact, Lynne's little book may be great, but when you have 20,000 million in your bank account, hey, it's easy to find a publisher. But even better than that, when you are the Vice President's wife, that gives you an advantage over any other "aspiring" artist. Heck, ... by your count, having your own agent and being the "Most Important Vice President In The US History," that is a cinch your publisher would look down on you and publish anything you want. It's God's will! While most of us are hoping to be blessed by God Spiritually and in other ways, you and your family is blessed by Haliburton. Lynne, some advice from ol' brother, Dale, here, when you die you won't get any specialized treatment in the ground. No one to "slap-down," when your dead, Dick and Lynne. Hate to tell you that, but it is true.

So, you were coming on Wolfe Blitzer's show to advertise your book. I've been watching Wolfe for over a year, and he doesn't invite people on to sell their books. Wrong show! "The Situation Room with Wolfe Blitzer and Dick Cafferty." Do you see your name on there? Lynne, Wolfe gets to decide the agenda. The viewers have tuned in to watch Wolfe Blitzer and Jack Cafferty talk about world news, national news, and politics. Is your book political? You want to sell your book, get on the Jay Leno Show, if you can or The Romper Room Show. I know this is very hard to accept, Mr. Cheney, but you are wrong, were wrong, and always will be wrong, as well. Jeez, what does it take to convince you marble-heads that we do not have "kingship" in the United States. Our fore fathers had the presence of mind to do away with king and "queenship". If I see Paul McCartney, I will call him Paul. I live in the US, and we do not bestow "queenship titles" on any one. Not even your family.

Slap down, huh? Dick, I saw CNN's Situation Room, and your wife couldn't swat a fly. Wolfe was ever the gracious host, and Lynne, YOU were off-base. My brother is a right winger while I am a liberal. Here's the name of the game; if you lose your temper in a debate or in an interview or in an email , you lose that debate and the next 10 debates after that. Hate doesn't bring acceptable out-comes. Lashing out, means you lost.

And, by the way, Ms. Lynne, in our household, we have never used the word, "Slap-Down." Nor have we bellowed out, "Go F*** yourself, because it makes me feel better." Do you see the underlying problem? This administration is no different than the Nixon administration. Both you, Bush, Mr. Cheney, are like Richard Nixon; he thought he was above the law and above the US Constitution. Well, ... what can I say ??? "YOU ARE NOT!" Our founding fathers put a clause in The Constitution that says, "Us ordinary citizens, have a right and a duty to impeach anyone who thinks they are The King of the United States of America." You work for us; we don't work for you.

Now Lynne and Dick, go to your rooms and sit in the corners and think about what you did yesterday and said today. Think hard about it, because you both owe Wolfe Blitzer an apology, ... and CNN and their audience. Even after you lost your temper, Lynne, which is a character deficiency in you, Wolfe was "Oh the professional!"

Did you see Wolfe raise his hands in the air, roll his eyes around, and flail around like Rush Limbaugh's interpretation of Michael J. Fox? Wolfe Blitzer is a professional; you are not.

Even the next day, after your, soft-on-torture husband talked about "The Slap-Down," Mr. Blitzer was, again, professional as he always is. I have seen you two times, and I saw you self-destruct both times.

Finally, Mr. Vice President, you stepped into your office as a man with the most experience any other VP had in history. Well, ... you can now look in the mirror and say, "I am a failure as a Vice President." Why? You had a chance to tell the president, "No. Invading Iraq is a bad idea."

"Why?" the president would ask.

"Because, Iraq is a country that is a Muslim country surrounded by Muslim countries, and we don't have the same culture as they do. We don't understand them. They didn't invite us, and they don't understand us." You should have listened to Colon Powell, and you didn't. You are a loser.

Mr. Vice President, my old WW II friend, Andy said, when you unprofessionals invaded Iraq with our troops, "I am going to hold George Bush accountable for every soldier we lose over there." I knew the mission would fail as well, and I am not the vice president. I knew! That's before I learned that you guys fired 200 homosexual interpretors. I knew then, it was a "slam dunk." We didn't have a snow ball's chance in an Oklahoma July, to win the trust of the people in Iraq.

So, ... Dick, you are a failure. Wolfe? He keeps his job on CNN. Maybe he will invite you in as a consultant, since FOX is rapidly losing viewer-ship, especially Bill O'Reilly. My suggestion? Retire before you are impeached.
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