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A small matter of trust

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Message Keith Pope

Trusts? A professor of economics, whose specialty was the trusts, looked at me enquiringly when I mentioned the name ‘Rothschild’, and asked in all innocence, “Aren’t they some kind of bankers?” – Yes, how protectively are our academics swaddled from any contact with reality within those ivory towers.

Well, Trusts are simply imaginary receptacles with special privileges. They do not exist in reality of course, but as ideas on paper together with such ‘legal' 'concepts' as ‘deeds’ and ‘instruments’, and they are 'structured' simply to receive and guard what is termed ‘wealth’.

Wealth? Originally real wealth was water. Still is, and surprising what a 'valuable commodity' some have made of it.  In the past also, without water it was the Sahara and dehydration. But water means vegetation, cultivation and life. If you had water, in the English language it was usually in a well, and that was well as an adverb or wellth as a noun. If some cared to spell the word ‘wealth’, well, that was their business and also became their commodity, it neatly separated the term from its origins and made the notion theirs to prescribe and define to simpletons as they wished, and that imaginary ‘wealth’ would conveniently separate them from the herd, as we see. Yes, and doesn’t it just do that?

So they institutionalized this synthetic wealth, which they said had ‘value’ - another invented delusion - and via ‘the leaders’ whom they also invented and installed, they persuaded the common people that it existed. It did not exist in reality, as we also now see, but folks will believe anything if you tell them it often enough and wave your arms about a bit – vide TV, razzmatazz, advertizing, ‘education’, ‘civilization’ etc. So the Trusts are the fiction into which ‘they’ stick the fiction that ‘they’ call ‘wealth’. Now, is that clear?

Ninety percent of all the ‘finance’ in the world is held – ‘tax’-free – in the ‘Trusts’. Properly employed via investment in ‘client-' or slave-countries any given amount of this finance with compound interest will double in about five years, aptly sopping up all the trash of paper money that their invented ‘central banks’ care to print for the people to work for and pay in ‘taxes’. These taxes their State-paid employees collect into their ‘central banks’ for them to lend back to us at interest for our infrastructures . . . But isn't that theft, embezzlement, misappropriation, grand larceny or something? - If we do it, yes, it is. If they do it, 'genius'. And grand! – Sorry about all the inverted commas, but hardly anything in our modern world is real, and these commas indicate that. If you could just accept the utter falseness of virtually anything man-made or -inspired we could forego the commas, but I don’t trust you to notice every time. No, just because these artificial ‘concepts’ have existed for five thousand years or so makes them no more real or valid in the real world.

Even all this ‘money’ in their ‘Trusts’ has no real ‘value’. It merely indicates the degree of control ‘they’ have exercised for so long over the countries subservient to the ‘leaders’ whom - as surely to Heaven we all ought to be able to see by now - they invent and install and then bribe with loan guarantees to receive their ‘investment’. And this indicates the richness of tradition of control that they have held over our ‘leaders’ for the last five thousand years and, via them, over all our mentalities. Look at the appalling present prospect of all 'our leaders' tightly controlled by masters other than those who supposedly ‘appoint’ them to represent their interests, and you will - or should - see what I mean.

So, sorry, I hate to do this to all you folks sweating away there on Wall St. and on the floors of the stock-markets worldwide, all you fund-managers, leveragers and option put-and-taker long-and-shorters reaping from the deliberately-contrived and -inflicted sub-prime bonanza, but I have to break it to you. The ‘value’ of the paper fake 'money' does not really exist and never has done, and some of us now know it. – I suppose the worst of you also already knew this, but shoulder to the wheel against the rest, eh? However, even your so-convincing sweating and Kramer-like screaming makes the money no more real and the scam no less malignant.

The basic rule of living is ‘Don’t do anything daft!’ Otherwise you risk being hurt.  But all 'the elite's' complex of ‘rules’ and ‘laws’, which they prescribe for the rest to obey, simply protect their own interests and exert control over us or give them an excuse to ‘fine’ ever more of their ‘money’ from folks who now are permitted little more than to breathe without breaking some law or other – Which is fine – for the elite. So between the fiction of ‘finance’ and the fiction of ‘law’ they really have us idiot races over a barrel, haven’t they just, eh? And with all that money they have salted away in the trusts over the millennia, soon they’ll be able to 'buy' the planet out from under the dozy feet of the rest and give us notice to quit – as in most of the more primitive countries of the world where, by shooting and/or shouting ‘Get off me land!’ they already practise what they intend soon to do to the rest of us, too - off the planet!

Unless, that is, the rest of us suddenly realize and abolish money and give them notice to quit their jiggery-pokery, together with all that elegant ragbag of monarchs and presidents and dual-nationality aides of theirs.

Then the rest of us will just have to get used to doing without – without the luxury cars in which to preen and go nowhere special and the electro-domestic goodies to which we have become accustomed and on which we think we have become dependent. Well, this is what most of the world’s population has been rubbing along without all these aeons, so perhaps kicking some of these ridiculous habits won’t do us any real harm. And besides, it will let the planet get over its artificially-inspired fever and cool down.

In fact, properly arranged, without having to pay the fictional results of all our sweat into those fictional trusts, we can still enjoy life and have all that our ingenuity can provide, simply without having to work eight or nine extra months of the year simply to earn ‘the money’ to pay ‘the taxes’ for these cheap crooks to stash away in ‘the Trusts’, and without having to buy a lot of junk that we don’t need anyway. And we can finally kick the habit of futile work and all that ridiculous paperwork to justify their fiction of finance, and start to learn to enjoy life. We can also learn to do without their wars, planetary warming, crime, drugs and the deliberate trashing of our youth in the interest of them and their loot, thank you very much!

Doesn't sound hard? In fact it sounds rather nice, doesn’t it?

Er, who are ‘they’, 'these cheap crooks', you ask, Reader? – But I told you, Reader, back at the beginning! Weren’t you paying attention? It is they who own and command most of ‘The Trusts’ and, as we see in their inspired ‘economic chaos’ of today, their rabble of minion accomplices who so-skilfully operate them!

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