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Bats, Insects and Predatory Neocons

By amazin  Posted by Keith Pope (about the submitter)       (Page 1 of 1 pages)   No comments
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Bats in the belfry and their insect prey may well have something to teach us. So what does this indicate has been done to produce the sorry state of human common sense and initiative that we have not been able to prompt this simple remedy for ourselves?

It is surprising what you can learn from other species, if you will only watch and think a little.

As distant mammal cousins of ours, bats are interesting creatures. If you are as callous as scientists and peel the bats to see their skeletons, and if you then turn the bat skeleton 'the right way up' they are just like us, but smaller and with enormous hands.

Of course, during the past forty million-odd years the evolution of the outer organic coverings that fit over the skeleton have come to give them various added abilities, as have ours. Fruit bats, or flying foxes as they are known, have a wing- or hand-span of some four feet, and they are mainly nocturnal, as are most of the rest of them. The majority of other bats have average-to-poor vision, and many are ‘as blind as a bat’. But these compensate by having a natural form of radar, emitting focused vocal blips of sound from their nose array to bounce off their intended victims and return to be received in enormous ears.

In defensive retaliation, some insects survive now by producing and issuing sounds which mislead the bat into thinking that the insect has gone the other way. – You can see this in practice if you watch the bats pursuing their intended quarry in lamplight at night. Insects that can do this escape and survive.

Other abilities are equally remarkable. The vampire, for instance, homes in on prey much bigger than itself, often while they sleep or are helpless, and bites them to produce blood. The bat’s saliva contains an anti-coagulant which prevents the blood from congealing, and the vampire then laps up the blood. Unfortunately the bleeding does not stop when the bat has drunk its fill and has flown off, and the victim animals are often considerably weakened from loss of blood, and can then even die from infection. There is also a high risk of the deadly rabies from infected bats, with its bizarre symptom of hydrophobia.

On the human scale, we see the same process, curiously similar in many respects. Unsuspecting humans, encouraged to glut themselves on raging consumerism, often cannot then be stopped, but, as we see all too well, gulp ever more of the world’s benefits, to the detriment of their fellows and all other species. Their communicated derangement of insanely prodigal life-styles also then leads to the disruption and degeneration of formerly serenely stable societies, with, as we see today, the added extreme madness of contrived and fomented wars to satisfy their depraved appetites for insatiable acquisition.

Can we as a race not learn from the humble insects and adopt a technique that gives the human vampires the impression that we have gone the other way, even if the technique involves nothing more complex than we physically ‘going the other way’ to avoid them?

Well, five thousand years ago, 'going the other way' would have worked. If those first propositioned by the would-be predators with the prospect of 'dosh' had turned on their heel and marched away, preferably after giving the sheister swindlers 'what for', the vermin would have been discouraged, would have given up their mularkey of the perversion of reality, and we would still be living clean.

Unfortunately however, soon thereafter folks were induced to live in towns, where they could not grow their own food, and so had to 'buy', 'at the going rate' and all. For this they needed money, so this they had to make or take or break from those around them - well, if they wanted to live, that is.  And fake the money for themselves? - not if they still wanted to live!  And their children were 'schooled' to ignore their instincts and to believe in the holiness of money and of the financial cause.

So things have not been the same since, and now 'walking the other way' to where, that is not already infested and controlled by the neocon breed and their laws and regulation of all others to conform to servitude to finance?

So now therefore, obviously, it would be better to oblige the would-be predators to do just the same and go the other way to avoid us, we thus preventing the infection by their madness? When you come to think that we are in the enormous majority and they are a mere minuscule minority and puny at that, this would obviously be much more efficient and preferable.

In fact, in view of the restraining influence that the cold Canadian climate is said to exercise on the more unruly elements among the immigrants to that country, it is suggested that the North Pole would probably be the most appropriate locality to quarantine these morally-leprous neocon predators and their contagion, then if they want to continue in their secondary effect of causing the over-heating of the planet, then that hitherto grave problem will also cure itself. So let's do just that and quarantine them.

But there is another simple comprehensive alternative, of course. WE nominate and draft our own representatives to speak for us if and when it is ever necessary - And not with drooling adulation as for the present corrupt crew presently selected and offered as the only options for us to choose between. These our prospective representatives will be warned. "Any departure from choosing for the general good, and you're out. And any monkey business and you are hanged together with those monkeying with you - Got that?" - Yes, our servants, rather than these puny corrupt devils who at the moment are trying to assume God's power of life and death over us and are enabled to visit impoverishment on all the world's human inhabitants and endanger all other life on the planet - for mere cash!

Then out with all 'the Feds' and 'central banks', and we abolish the fiction of cash, once and for all.  And Utopia - the best possible world for the all the planet's inhabitants - will then ensue and reign.

But just don't try and tell us we can't do better than the villainy that is being perpetrated now!

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