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Message David Patterson
It May Seem Counter Intuitive, But,,,,
The premise of this serious article is to consider actual ways to get a response from those that run the United States Government. Perhaps Own the US Government would be a better way to represent this present reality. Since these owners have turned our Democracy and Government into a sham of broken promises, lies and slavery, it's time to figure out a way to meet them. To have them step forward and publicly claim this U.S. citizenry as their prize toy. It's time to get rid of the Population handler known as Government and have them RULE us directly. No more charade of this Government by the People and for the People, let's just get to a "Mano o Mano" relationship with "Them". I want to see and hear these Rulers. I want to see their glorious robes and scepter. This may be asking too much, but I would just love to hear their vision for the Human Race they have conquered. Or at least the dumbed down version they would proffer. And why shouldn't it be dumbed down, who would care anyway? Besides, what could they tell us? And why, since they RULE, should they tell us anything but simply what we are to do next for them? Still, it would at least clear the air, so to speak, and give the "People" an honest representation to themselves of where they really stand in this world. People could then organize their lives and quit squandering their energy on illusions and delusions.

"Uh, Hoss, Do you have a single clue what it is you're ranting about today?" A condescending, cynical voice intrudes.

"Sure I do, I'm prepared to lay it all out here and show Humanity a way to draw their RULERS out in the open." I reply, resenting my previous flow being interrupted.

"Hoss, You've tried this before, starting some kind of essay and then having a voice come in and somehow give your nonsense some kind of direction and momentum." "Simply put Hoss, What's up with that?"

I get ready to reply when out of the blue, "Leave Hoss alone you cynic!" Can't you see that he's trying to be a writer?" "Writers all the time create voices and characters that then have a dialog." It seems I have a supporter here that just jumped in. Someone who is perhaps interested in what I was going to add to the vast storehouse of Human Intellect. That is before I was interrupted.

So I say, "Alright People, let's just calm down and try to reason all this out together."

My second, the supportive voice responds, "Hoss, you don't know who I am do you?" "I am the mind of the Globalist RULER you were wanting to talk to and I'm going to tell you just what it is you want to know." "I'm even going to make it so simple, that anyone still reading at this point will be guaranteed to finish this essay and then be changed forever."

But the Cynic will not be deterred and chimes in, "Stupid gimmick! You think reminding people they're reading an essay is clever?" "Geez, just how self conscious and sophomoric are you anyway?" "That trick is so tired and over used."

The cynic has hit a nerve so I defend my literary effort by saying, "It's no trick, this really is an essay that I'm writing." "And I intend to finish it with all three voices, yours, Mine and the Globalist RULER'S mind." "So Mr. Globalist RULER, in CAPS no less, what is your plan for humanity?"

The Cynic, feeling like he's going to be shown up here emphatically states, "The Globalist RULER smells like something you smeared on your butt cheek this morning by being in a hurry to beat the rain to go mow your lawns."

"Now be nice Mr. Cynic, let's hear our RULER out." "Maybe he can make it all simple for everybody." I say, wanting to get to the meat, if any, in this article. I continue, "So just what is the secret of your Globalist Kingdom?"

After a slight pause, The RULER waiting to see if the cynic was going to let him speak finally continues, "I live in the Swiss Alps." "My tentacles of control extend directly to the worlds financial centers in London England, New York City USA, Hong Kong China, Dubai, and Moscow and Peking. And Of course Tel Aviv." "My influence and control is then spread through the general populations from these centers through Banking, Commodities, Stock Markets and Government Institutions and Religion." "I pretty much hand pick my Public personalities to deliver my Programs, Dictums and Precepts." "You will find that highly successful people in all walks of life have been tested and approved for their roles in my kingdom."

The cynic seizes the moment, "That's so much bull!" "where is the proof?" "I want to see references from other writers, I want to see someone else who thinks like that."

I reply, "Well my friend, you either see it or you don't."

"That's no proof." My Cynic Huffs, "I think you just made all that up." "besides, you've said 'you either see it or you don't' before too and still I don't see anything at all." "No One believes your Nonsense." "You're just making a fool out of yourself."

"Hoss, let me answer your cynic." The ruler says in a soft voice. He continues, "It's funny how in your essays you call yourself Hoss when your real name is David." "But I suppose you are just creating yourself as a character too, so why not use your Internet Screen name."

"OK Globalist RULER, please, you go on and clear this up for me. whoever I really am." I reply, feeling the confusion of being both Hoss and David at the same time. I suppose it doesn't matter what I call myself. It doesn't make that much difference. A name is just a name. The essence of who and what I am is a constantly revealing mystery as each moment of my life flows by. Now I am a man at a computer transcribing his self created thoughts. Checking and editing them for the eventuality that they may have the opportunity to be communicated and mocked up as a similitude in the mind of another. That would be you, my reader. If you're there, or here, depending on how you look at it, let me, Hoss or David, just say hello to you.

"WOW! you really are milking this self conscious gimmick to the hilt man." My cynic again interjects. "I'd almost rather hear the Globalist RULER speak than sit through anymore of your personal pablum."

"As you wish my cynical friend." I reply again entering the dialog with my literary creations. "So Mr. Globalist Ruler, what is the proof of your assertions?"

The globalist RULER sighs and then explains, "Basically we just divide and exacerbate the Global population along lines of Nationality, Religion and the one that really aggravates, Class." "We allow several to be worth way more than others." "All the while controlling by ownership of the world's material by placing a monetary price on ALL MATTER, SPACE, ENERGY and TIME.""We of course create and control the money and who gets it." "However, our specialty is WAR." "We've manipulated and thrown the World into several all consuming conflagrations by backing and installing various Puppet Bad guys here and there." "And through special means, convincing the rest of the world they must be eliminated." "Frankly, it keeps humanity busy."

"Hmmmm?, Mr. Globalist RULER, that sounds a little sinister in and of itself." I submit, dazed by the implications of what I just heard.

The Globalist RULER then replies, "Yes it is." But that's what Humanity gets for the time being." "We've created this game and it's our hope that someday Humanity at large will evolve to the point of making their own games." "Games that will transcend the mundane and make earth the place where dreams are worthy, and worthy dreams materialize and manifest in the blink of an eye." "But meanwhile, we'll continue to foster conditions where people strive against each other for the crumbs we let fall off our table." "We too wait for the next step in evolution." "We too wonder when the real powers in this universe will begin the next dispensation."

"You know what Mr. Globalist RULER?" "I'm the one writing this and I wish I knew what you meant by that." "I really do." "But I have an inkling." "I can imagine such a world." I say, hoping that somehow this is all somehow more than just killing time.

"Well thank God this essay is over!" My cynical character chimes in with his unique style and gets the last word.

For now.
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I am a simple man of eclectic interests and tastes with no particular academic credentials. I still perceive, think, read and write somewhat. Writing music is a hobby of mine

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