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Corporate Government Has Got To Go

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Message Jon Faulkner
Corporate Government Has Got to Go

Wanna fix what ails America? It's not at all impossible and is, surprisingly enough, relatively simple. The first step in bringing the U.S. back to some semblance of a democracy would be eliminating all campaign contributions from groups or individuals. It's not too much to ask that tax-payers fund campaigns. Each candidate receives a lump sum they'd use for everything except television, radio and print advertising. That advertising would be free. Again, it's asking little that television and radio station owners contribute to our free elections. After all, broadcasters use the public's airwaves and freedom of speech and freedom of the press are only two of the irrevocable rights broadcasters and newspaper editors enjoy. Broadcasters should be honored to play such a vital role in binging the candidate's message to the public.

The Fairness Doctrine was dissolved during Reagan's de-regulation frenzy of the 1980s. It insured that broadcasters could not use the public airwaves to broadcast singular points of view. If issues of vital, public importance were discussed on air, the Fairness Doctrine made sure that both sides of the issue were presented to listeners. The elimination of the Fairness Doctrine opened the way for blowviators such as Rush L., Bill O. and Ann C. These folks use the public's airwaves to broadcast slanderous lies, and without opposing viewpoints, they stand uncorrected. If confronted with intelligent, thoughtful debate, these blowhards would soon lose their audience after being exposed as the dim-witted and dangerous fools they are. The Fairness Doctrine was a bright light that exposed these cockroaches that must stay hidden in the dark to be effective. It must be brought back.

Never again allow churches tax exempt status. If idle hands are the devils workshop, the churches are his home base. Christian Evangelicals are not nice people. They lie, they cheat and steal as they falsely present themselves as non-partisan. Over the years, they have stolen billions of tax-payer dollars. They build more churches and buy more broadcasting stations from which to spew their disinformation and hate. They see nothing wrong with this and rationalize it as God's work. Collectively, they send millions of letters to their flocks instructing them who to vote for. This is very expensive but, thanks to their tax exemptions, they have a large disposable income.

Pastor Russell Johnson leads the Ohio Restoration Project. He's got super values and morals and tax-exempt status. The Pastor is looking for "Like minded voters" who will get behind Ohio's Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell. He's a Kathleen Harris clone who promised to deliver Ohio to Bush in the 2004 elections. After extensive vote rigging, Blackwell delivered, and expects the governorship as reward. Preacher Johnson has summoned his God fearing Zombies who are expected to come out in droves to put Blackwell in the Governor's Mansion. Holy Tax Break! It's all too much for the Reverend Eric Williams. He sent a 3 page letter to the IRS, citing Ohio's Evangelicals for shaking God down for a buck. Among his complaints:

sponsoring events featuring Blackwell but no other candidates;
partisan voter registration drives; and
distribution of biased voter guides.

Reverend Williams felt the self proclaimed, strictly non-partisan, Christian Evangelicals, should have their tax exempt status revoked. The good Reverend was immediately accused of forming "An unholy alliance" with the secular left, or the more incendiary, liberal devils. Williams responded. "This is simply partisan politics and we're only asking the IRS to uphold the law."

These phony Christians offer their flocks as voting blocks, and in return expect their agenda to be enacted by the frauds they get elected. They need to rediscover their humility and stop begging the tax-payers for hand-outs.

A national test is needed to measure a voters knowledge of the issues and his or her awareness of national and world events. Why should the weakest link in the chain be the strongest, and visit something like GWB upon us all? This test would ask questions like these ....

1. What is your name?
2. What is the U.S. Presidents name?
3. Do you believe him?
4. Did your preacher tell you who to vote for?
5. If the Speaker of the House dies who takes his place?
a Your preacher.
b Anyone with a Gavel.
c The previous disgraced Speaker is given another chance.
d No one. The office is ceremonial.
6. How many Senators represent each state?
7. Write an essay."Where do soldiers come from"?
8. "Where do they go"?
9. If you saw someone drop an envelope would you ...
a Pick it up and bring it to your preacher?
b Tear it up?
c Sell it on Ebay?
d Open it, hoping there's money inside.
10. True or False. Liberals caused WWlll.

If you fail the test completely you can't vote. A score of 50% would entitle the voter to a block of 50 votes. A perfect score would multiply the vote 100 times. So, a voter could have a block of 10,20,30 etc. votes unless they're too dumb to know their own name.

Loyal Bush supporters are people who believe the universe winked into existence a few thousand years ago. These are people who would bring their children and a picnic lunch to see someone hang, and whose only crime was suggesting the world may not be flat. These people, who consider themselves charitable, loving Christians, watch Fox News and are deeply satisfied when learning that hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children have been slaughtered in Iraq. The media tells us that republican voters rate Bush and Company ahead of the democrats in foreign policy issues but think the republicans have made a terrible mess in Afghanistan and Iraq. Aren't these foreign countries?

America can't afford anymore GW,s. World leaders rise to the top by their courage and wits. As Ann Richards, ex governor of Texas said, "George was born on third base and thought he hit a triple." Bush was placed in office through no effort of his own. He merely accepted what he considered his birthright. Does anyone believe that genuine world leaders listen to him and come away impressed by anything but his fantastic ignorance? By extension they think Americans are as dumb as George is and they're right.

Removing the Holy Rollers tax exempt status would help, as would testing voters for their general knowledge of the candidates. The way campaigns are financed is , as everyone knows, legalized bribery. America will continue to sink ever lower until the hole gets too deep to crawl out of. The present system must be replaced with solid, no bullshit election laws. Corporate shills posing as congressmen can no longer be allowed to soil America's highest offices.
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Jon Faulkner is a licensed Master Mariner. He has long considered the conservative republican mindset a form of mental illness. He lives in northern Maine.
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