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Life Arts    H3'ed 12/6/12

Who's Afraid of the 2012 Prophesies?

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Lisa Vunk by Lisa Vunk

Lisa Vunk

Spiritual Awakening Facilitator

The term crisis in Chinese means "dangerous opportunity." In this time of global warming, perpetual war, the suppression of the masses by the elite, the poisoning of our food systems, and the disempowerment of people, we are placing humanity--let alone thousands of other species--at serious risk for a massive die off. Disempowerment may well be a conscious intent by the super-elite to suppress the natural evolution of people, as well as that of the creatures of this Earth.

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Our most horrid sin in this world is our arrogance towards the intelligence of the various creatures on this Earth, as well as the Wisdom of Nature Herself. It may be that, by the law of syntropy and entropy, this is a necessary condition for evolution to occur. However, the possibility exists that our species has put the Earth Herself into a state of entropy which She, in Her greater Wisdom, will then evolve into a state of syntropy.

We have all heard of the the law of entropy, the tendency towards dissipation, decay, disorder and death. It is the reason we fear and revile chaos. But entropy is only half the essense of chaos! The other half is syntropy, the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life.

Fantappiè coined the term syntropy, to account for the tendency of the universe to organize itself towards life and order. In describing this process, he identifies energy and matter that diverge backwards in time from causes located in the future that are governed by an underlying principle of geometric symmetry.

Meditate on this for a moment. Take a deep breath and pause. "He identifies energy and matter that diverge backwards in time from causes located in the future that are governed by an underlying principle of geometric symmetry."

Does this make you question the concept of linear time? Could it be the past and future are now? Is time so deeply related to eternity that the present contains both past and future? Is there no real boundary between mortal and immortal...between matter and energy...between manifest and unmanifest...between human and divine?

Syntropy relates to entropy in much the same way that the inner and outer are conjoined with one another in a MOEBIUS LOOP (morbius coil according to Nikolai Tesla). In this loop, the inside is continuous with the outside and the two become one. Perhaps time itself is a moebius loop? Opposites such as past/future, birth/death and male/female in this case become aspects of one another and exist as one with one another.

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For example, male and female are considered opposites, but they are so in terms of being mirror images of one another, polar expressions of one continuum, just as the north and south poles are part of one planet. Thus, the male sex organs are down and out while the female are upward and inward, much as the Moebius loop shows its inner and outer dimension.

The concept of infinity helps us to explain Fantappiè's theory that energy and matter diverge backwards in time from causes located in the future make sense. In infinity nothing exists side by side with anything else. Thus, in our infinity, you and I are not separate. Indeed, you may be sitting in your comfy chair in Australia, and I in my study in Maine, and exist in infinity closer to each other than our nose is to our face!

Could this explain how people are able to predict the future?

Renewal demands unity, a realization of the fullness of the Moebius Loop or Morbius Coil. Unlike the manifest Earth, joining poles along a linear (masculine) axis, it joins poles along a curvilinear (feminine) loop. Voila, the Universe! Voila, the energetic relationship between expansion and contraction! Voila, the torus!