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WMDs Justify All-out War--Against Obama and DINO Democrats!

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(Article changed on August 29, 2013 at 21:24)

(NOTE: Just a few days ago, my friend Tony Pirog quietly launched a Facebook group that may soon prove historically important in saving America's marginal political Left. For Tony clearly grasps that to be shaken from its present coma--a coma forcefully documented by Jeffrey St. Clair, editor of Counterpunch-- a united Left must battle its most dangerous enemy to the death. No, NOT Republicans, but Democrats In Name Only--or DINOs for short. As a page administrator for Progressives United Against DINO Democrats, I here make an impassioned plea for the pressing urgency of combatting DINOs. PLEASE consider joining our group at 
The fearsome menace of DINOs
The fearsome menace of DINOs
(Image by helmuthess)
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The fearsome menace of DINOs by helmuthess


A notorious tyrant, leader of a major modern nation, has been caught red-handed using WMDs on his own people--even on members of his own party. Faced with such brazen criminality, we can spare no time for the pussyfooting of that spineless debate club known as the UN. We MUST declare war--now!

The WMDs in question here are Weapons of Mass Deception. And the tyrant is none other than the world's most bloodthirsty Nobel Peace laureate, Mr. "Drones for Peace" himself, Barack Obama.

Generalissimo Obama's been on quite a binge. One would think that having granted blanket immunity to the certified war criminals of the Bush administration, on the heels of imposing a draconian sentence--unprecedented for whistleblowers--on Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning, would be overreach enough. But Generalissimo Obama, that little hurdle of a second democratic election cleanly surpassed, brazenly wants it all. So now he uses a speech denouncing the previous administration's brazen flouting of the rule of law (so you gave them immunity WHY?) to announce his own innovation in brazen flouting, "prolonged detention"--conceived, of course, to keep us all safe. And then, as if one page from his law-flouting predecessor weren't enough, we get the trumped-up case for making war on Syria. Guess what, folks: another "humanitarian" war. Because a tyrant we're NOT supporting (as opposed to the ones we do) POSSIBLY used chemical weapons on his own people.

When a U.S. president goes humanitarian on them, hapless foreign nationals know it's time to duck and cover. Especially when their all-beneficent deity shares pigmentation, a peace prize (and precious little else), with Dr. Martin Luther King, but in his own "I have a dream" moments seemingly aspires to be a badass mother-f*cker gangsta named Dr. Drone. Or, as black activist Mumia abu-Jamal insightfully calls him, "the black face of empire."

But the question for us as progressives--as people of conscience who believe in a decent human life for everyone--is whether a new war is justified. And to me, the evidence conclusively proves the right war certainly is. But NOT against Syria. Instead, we must fight a brutal war of extermination--a war where we do not shrink from hunting all enemy combatants to EXTINCTION--against Obama-style DINO Democrats.

For American progressives--and by "progressives" I mean the entire political Left--plainly stand at a crossroads. As does the Democratic Party, reputedly American progressives' most effective home. But just as the smiling black face of Obama masks a cold-blooded, ruthless tool of the global 1%, today's Democratic Party conceals for well-meaning progressives a cunningly laid trap. For progressives are gradually learning that today's Democrats, like Mr. "Hope and Change" Obama vintage 2008, are not exactly what they signed on for. For an increasingly dominant element in the Democratic Party--and its dominance has increased scarily under Obama--stands ready to trample underfoot every unwary progressive Democrat's naà ve dream of a better world. Given that element's acronym, the notion of trampling under a massive foot could not be more appropriate. For the heartless, rampaging political beasts in question are DINOs--Democrats In Name Only.

And they menace not just Democrats.   The D.P.'s DINOs have had a devastating effect on the ENTIRE political Left. To the extent that they, far more than Republicans, are progressives' most dangerous enemy. An enemy progressive Democrats must shed their blinders and recognize, and that only a united Left consisting of everyone from REAL progressive Democrats to Socialists has the power to fight.

Any failure to set them on the road to rapid extinction will surely mean our own. A total war on DINOs is now screamingly urgent.

See, DINOs' weapons of mass deception are extremely powerful, now including a deceitful president's bully pulpit and a pliable mainstream liberal media complicit in propagating his deceptions. And that president himself is a master-class deceiver, a virtual "Teflon don" to whom responsibility for the most perverse Republican-style policies and acts of actual criminality never seems to stick. For in palming off as progressive policies that should be the political Right's wettest wet dream, Obama is shielded by a triple layer of Teflon: his party, his pigmentation, and the visceral, irrational partisan (and racist) hatred he evokes in Republicans' base. For it's hard to imagine, let alone name, a Democrat who better serves GOP interests. From undying support for Wall Street and the Israel lobby, to militarism, to contempt for civil liberties and rule of law, to an "all of the above" energy policy worthy of Sarah Palin, to hatred of a free press, to his addiction to government secrecy and virtual allergy to transparency, Obama's got the whole GOP package. Perhaps the success of his administration will be far better measured if we regard him as a GOP--or even neocon--president. Even his most ballyhooed policy achievement, Obamacare, was the brainchild of a REPUBLICAN think tank.

But Obama's and DINOs' toxicity for the Left is far graver than their implementing policies that revulse our humane stomachs. The deepest problem is that--in the eyes of an incurious public--they unjustly monopolize the space of left-wing discourse. To the extent that for the political mainstream, they ARE the voice of the authentic Left, and anyone to THEIR left is a freaky-fringe political extremist. Ask anyone--like prominent black public intellectual Cornel West--the effects of taking on the Obama mob machine. If you're NOT instantly branded an extremist--or a naà ve, utopian idealist--your motives are summarily dismissed and discredited as being self-servingly personal. Dr. West himself, while pursuing such admirable goals as ending racial profiling, curtailing drone strikes, or alleviating poverty for EVERYONE, has been stigmatized as being "jealous of President Obama." Anyone who does not fear our nation's dangerous veer toward fascism should study the central role personal smearing played in silencing critics of Hitler and Stalin.

For silencing of the genuine political Left is exactly what DINO Democrats seek. And the tragedy in this--not just for Leftists but for our nation and world--is that what the genuine Left seeks is FAR from extreme. In fact, in a political world gone batshit bonkers, our aims are uniquely SANE. Who else, for example, outside of a handful of libertarians, is taking the world's foremost climatologists seriously, and endorsing energy policies that really will save civilization? Who else, despite the bipartisan hypocrisy of concern for the family, is eager to pay its breadwinners a living wage? Who else stands adamantly opposed, after too-big-to-fail banks provably tanked the world economy, to lax regulations turning banks into supersized gambling casinos? Who else, again outside a handful of libertarians, believes wars should be fought solely for legitimate purposes of national defense?

Woe to any nation whose sanest and best voices are branded extremist and marginalized. 

Yet DINO Democrats--unlike moribund, increasingly out-of touch Republicans--are today's biggest threat to silencing forever the genuine Left. On the eve of a trumped-up DEMOCRAT war in Syria that smacks of everything that was worst in Bush, Leftists of every stripe need to launch an overdue war of our own: a political war to the death with DINO Democrats. As Republicans grow daily more out of touch and illegitimate, DINO Democrats, under the shield of their party's populist legitimacy, have taken on the heavy lifting for Republican policies. Only the massive frame of a DINO is big enough to conceal the body of an elephant--and it's from THAT quarter that all progressives, Democratic and otherwise, face the gravest risk of tramping to extinction. Only in creationists' Garden of Eden can humans and dinosaurs share the same habitat. It's extinction for DINOs or us, and America's progressives had better decide fast.

To join the only group uniquely dedicated to planning war on DINOs, the Facebook address again is

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Patrick Walker is co-founder of Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP) and the Bernie or Bust movement it spawned. Before that, he cut his activist teeth with the anti-fracking and Occupy Scranton PA movements. No longer with RAP, he wields his pen (more...)

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