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The History of Iranian people's struggle for freedom

By       Message Abbas Sadeghian     Permalink    (# of views)   4 comments

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Last summer during the uprising in Iran, I was astonished at the little information available. Obviously, thirty years of total cut on communications and negative propaganda from all sides had caused a black hole in the amount of available information on Iran. Noticing this vacuum of knowledge, I decided to put a simple article together regarding Iranian politics and politicians.

While I was getting the material together, a few other issues came up as well; the main issue being the fact that we lost it again. The murderers running the country devoured the honorable struggle of the Iranian people. For more than one hundred years, the people of my country of origin have been fighting and dying for the most basic rights and freedom, and we simply keep on loosing.

There are also the new headlines about Iranian government getting closer and closer to Russians. A few days ago there were headlines about Iran buying a new air defense system from Russia. Although, on the surface it looks innocent enough, this news is not a simple posture. It is true that Iran needs the bomb to protect itself, but it is quite irresponsible to get entangled with Russians to protect the country. The History of problems with Russia is so deeply rooted that this type of movement is obviously erroneous. It appears that Iranian rulers have cornered themselves to a point in which they must resort to fatalistic adventures. It has the appearance that they cannot face their impending demise so they are going for annihilation.

There is also a very personal issue involved for me at this time. In 1990, when I went to Tehran for the last time, my uncle, who had devoted his life to fighting the Soviets, told me some of his memories of the cold war. I was supposed to keep the memories secret for twenty years, and then write them down for history. Although the Soviet Union collapsed in1984, my uncle was not sure that they were totally gone. He wanted 20 more years to make sure that communists were gone and all the people involved were dead .I was supposed to use my out most discretion not to harm the country.

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Along with the above stories exists a parallel story regarding the first battles of the cold war. Although the stories of the first events of the cold war are not well known, it is well documented that the first bullets of the cold war were shot in Iran .My mother's Cousin was one of the first 100 people killed in the first struggles of the cold war. Later on during my early twenties I had the opportunity to interview an Iranian agent who had infiltrated the soviet system and simply duped the KGB .This person, a close friend of my uncle, permitted me to ask a few questions - I guess he trusted my uncles judgment that I would not talk until all participants are dead. The agent's work was so classified that the recent declassified documents of the Iranian intelligence agency SAVAK indicated they did not have a clue at his real mission.

I debated how and where to print these stories. After some internal debate, I decided against the idea of the book. Instead, I decided to write a series of articles covering Iranian history of the 19&20th century, and to print them on the OEN as Rob Kall has been great supporter of the cause of freedom in Iran and he has earned the right to be the person reporting the news.

The secretes I will reveal in the next few weeks are things that I safe guarded in my heart for a day like this when I can divulge them without harming anybody These events are directly related to the national security of Iran and United States during their joint effort to chase the KGB agents. I hope people of different beliefs reading this material will understand the context of these events, and realize that many people around the world sacrificed their lives to put the Soviet Union out of business.

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History of Iranian, Russian conflict:

The relationship between Iran and Russia was not of great significance until the reign of Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov or Peter the Great (1672 1725), Tsar of Russia. Peter tried very hard to pull Russia out of the middle Ages. Good or bad, Peter is responsible for many changes around the world. Regarding Iran, he made a Russian doctrine to capture Iran's territories in order to get to the warm waters. A simple glance at the globe will show Peter's dilemma. Although Russia possesses plenty of access to open waters, the easily blocked Bosphorus & Dardanelle Straits and " Vladivostok", Russia's main Pacific port which freezes from November to March, limits their access to water. The only way out of this problem was to go through Iran .If Russia were able to get to the Persian Gulf, and then they would have access to the Indian Ocean as well as successfully blocking the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off the flow of 60% of the oil of the world.

Irano-Russian relations complicated more as Iran's last conqueror Nader Shah Afshar, was able to unify the country and captured many of old Iranian territories in southern Russia.

Nader Shah was able to move his army through Pakistan and Afghanistan rapidly and captured Dehli. He brought back a lot of wealth, currently in Iran's central national bank. Nader Shah was killed in 1747 A.D.

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Nader Shah Afshar (1698 1747)

The last of Iranian conqurers

After three hundred years of powerful kings, the country was faced with its most incompetent, cowardice, and corrupt kings of its history known as the Qajarid dynasty.

The Era of Castration:

These kings of embarrassment ruled the country during a time in which all other countries were going through significant industrialization, technological advancement, and geopolitical achievements. When they took over the country during the 18th century, Iran was a reasonably powerful country. By the time they were booted out of the country, Iran was a miserable, bankrupt third world bungalow.

Since the founder of the Dynasty was literally castrated we refer to that era of history as "the Era of Castration".

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Agha Muhammad Khan Ghajar

The founder of the Ghajar dynasty. He was castrated at a young age .His looks and behaviors testify to his masculine deficits. He was sadistic, he plundered Georgia, and he gave the Russians the excuse to take over Georgia and Armenia, as a Christian gesture!!!.

The Qajarid government's problems with the Portuguese, British, and Dutch in the Persian Gulf, left the Russian Empire largely unchallenged in the north. Naturally Russian's took advantage of these events and plunged southward to establish dominance in Iran's northern territories.

Fath Ali Shah Ghajar

The castrated king was replaced by the over sexed Fath Ali Shah who assigned his son Abbas Mirza to fight with the Russians for thirty years .The following huge military defeats forced the king to sign the notorious Treaty of Golestan in 1813, followed by the Iran's loss of its traditional foothold in Central Asia to the Russian Tsarist armies ,as well as its richest territories .The Russian armies occupied the Aral coast in 1849, Tashkent in 1864, Bukhara in 1867, Samarkand in 1868, and Khiva and Amudarya in 1873. The Treaty of Akhal, in which the Qajarid's were forced to cede Khwarazm, topped off Iranian losses to the global emerging power of Imperial Russia.

Fath Ali Shah Ghajar.700 wives should explain the character

Desperate Treaties

In an attempt to find allies who would help Iran to stand up against the Russians, the Iranian kings would ally themselves with whoever was available. These acts of desperation were counterproductive and created additional problems. Probably the most famous of these agreements was the treaty with Napoleon, which is known as The Treaty of Finckenstein which was signed in the castle of Finckensteinhttp

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Napoleon guaranteed the integrity of Iran, recognized parts of Georgia and other eastern Transcaucasia as Iranian territory, and was to make all possible efforts for restoring those territories to Iran. Napoleon also promised to furnish the Shah with arms, officers, and workmen. France required the Shah to declare war against England, to expel all Britons from Iran, and to come to an understanding with the Afghans with a view to a joint Franco-Perso-Afghan invasion of India. Despite the Treaty of Finckenstein, none of the terms of the treaty were realized. In 1809, the English signed a treaty with Iran forcing the French out of the country. Finckenstein was a disaster which irritated Russians and provided them with the excuse to push harder.

Abbas Mirza

Fath Ali shah's son put up a fight. But his disastrous defeats were monumental . He died of tuberculosis

There was a lot of competition between the British and the Russians. They had put the country in middle, like a cake. They were enjoying plundering it. The story of future treaties was the same. Gradually treaties were replaced with a big sell off of the country. The kings would borrow huge sums of money, they would put, Iran's wealth as collateral and they would waist the money in Europe in sex clubs. By the time the Ghajar dynasty was finished the country had gone backwards by a couple of centuries.

Nasseraldin Shah. The King of Iran for Fifty years,

Trimming his majesty's mustache

He was ignorant & dictator ,he sold the country out for the enjoyment of his libido. Although he was brought into power by his brilliant Prime minister, "Amir Kabir", he got him killed only after three years. From then on there was one defeat after the other. By the time he was killed, the country had shrunken to its current size which is half the size it was during the 17th century. He borrowed tremendous amounts of money from the foreign banks to go to two trips to Europe. In order to pay for his life style and trips, he made treaties with the British and Russians, which gave them just about everything that the country had. His diaries of the trips are sources of laughter and a monument to his ignorance. When he heard of a group of intellectuals who had gathered together and talked behind his back, he ordered all of them to be arrested and thrown into a well. He shot them while they were screaming, then he ordered them to be buried alive. He would give the governorship of different cities to his servants for a price. Then the new servants turned governor would squeeze every penny out of their subjects.

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Although, he had a large harem of many wives, he took a liking to this boy (Malijak). The boy was supposed to bring the king good luck. Here he is with Malijak in a picnic. One of his Prime ministers was his cook, who would make a good Shish kabab for the Shah.

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Amir Kabir

One the few politicians of the era of castration who was not for sale

In a trip to Russia He agreed to give the command of Iranian army to R saleussian officers.Giving up what no one would give up.The British retaliated by creating Southern Persia Police

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Iranian Cossack brigade under Russian Officers

Baha'i Faith

During his reign a new religion was born in Iran called Baha'i. He imprisoned their leader in awful dungeons and when they made an attempt to his life, he massacred them, in one the most horrific events of our history

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Abdul Baha

Nasseraldin Shah's reign was finally over when an angry peasant shot him in a shrine, while he was celebrating his fiftieth coronation. His brutality and corruption laid the ground work for the constitutional revolt of 1906. There are not many kings in Iranian history who have caused as much harm to the country as Nasseraldin shah Ghajar did.

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Mirza Reza Kermani

Exchanged his life for the king's life. Big sacrifice but fifty years too late.

Mozafareldin Shah

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

By the time he became a king he was close to sixty years old ,he was weak, poorly educated ,and not very bright. He just liked to hunt and travel at the countries expense. He had many wives but his favorites were boys. One night while drunk, he gave Tehran's main garrison (Bagh Shah) as a gift to a homosexual prostitute called "Little Satan" .The next day his servent had a devile of a time to get the garrison back from the Satan's hands.

The Constitutional revolution

The people who were tired of his fathers dictatorial rule, revolted against him and asked for constitution monarchy. He signed the papers(the complete story will be in the next article)

Discovery of oil

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

More things to sell as cheap as dirt

Muhammad Ali Shah

Servant of Russians, tried to change the constitutional monarchy to old fashioned monarchy. Colonel Liakhov used the army to destroy the new parliament and kill their leaders. Against a bunch of civilians it was a miserable success at best, leaving a lot of wounded hearts

Commander of Cossack brigade Colonel Liakhov

The Russian leader of the Cossack brigade Colonel Liakhov, under the orders of Mohammad Ali Shah, bombarded the newly formed parliament with artillery, and started a period which is referred to as "short Dictatorship". At the time of Liakhov, Russians had the maximum possible power in Iran.

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

Sattar Khan & Bagher Khan

Two ordinary men ,fought the corrupt government and won. Two of the very few respected heroes of recent history. The people were able to restore the parliament and kick the little out in shame.

Sultan Ahmad Shah Ghajar

(Image by Unknown Owner)   Details   DMCA

The last of the Ghajar kings. He hated Iran, slept with as many European prostitutes as he could find. Cowardice, sneaky and money hungry. His biggest service for the Iranian people was him leaving Iran for French prostitutes. He brought the Era of Castration to an end. Although he was physically intact, he was psychologicaly more castrated than Agha Mohammad khan the castrated founder of Era of castration

(the complete story of the constitutional revoltwill be in the next article)


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I was born and raised in Tehran Iran .I came to the U.S in 1976 to study psychology. With time decided to hang my hat here and became a U.S. citizen. My areas of interest in psychology are varied. However I mostly work with stroke patients. I (more...)

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