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The Butchers of Hope, and the Reclaiming of American Greatness

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Message Jonathan Ayers
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*This is an actual letter sent to Richard Burr, Kay R Hagen and Heath Schuler, in response to the Health Care Act of 2009*


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Not ONE of you is worth the spit required to put you out if you were on fire, I have had enough, and it is my belief that I am not a lone voice crying into the night.

The sheer fact that you are talking about this bill, as if it were some kind of actual debate sickens me. Both parties want this piece of filth; the only real concern seems to be about the survival rate of the incumbents own selfish political aspirations once it passes, and not the consequences to the peoples lives it affects. The Democrats are trying to railroad this down the throats of us, the American citizen, before there is any lengthy discussion of the total garbage included in, and the complete hypocrisy of this bill. Typical for the Democrat Party though, they have once again shown the American citizen how little they respect them by expressly writing Congress out of this bill, just like another disaster named Social Security. Even they know, while still writing it, that this proposal is complete trash. The Republicans are no better, scrambling to figure out how they can BENEFIT from this draconian change of power, rather than standing up to this ever growing tide of benevolent tyranny. An oppression obviously supported and endorsed because not only is there ZERO opposition being mounted to this blatant power grab, but when Republicans had majority control of both the Legislative and the Executive branches of government, their own spending skyrocketed. The only saving grace was that we had an economy that could absorb their gluttonous appetite for pork and payoffs, and that is no longer the case. The only real difference between the Republican and the Democratic Parties is the team mascot, and no matter which of the self-centered autocrats holds office, we, the hardworking, overburdened American taxpayer is always asked for more tithes from a selfish, uncaring government unwilling to ever do with less.

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Both of the parties in this country are complete rubbish, and neither side seems to remember that we are in fact still a Republic. This means that YOU represent OUR will, rather than forcing your own selfrighteous will, paying off your campaign contributors, or keeping an ever growing portion of the population poor and under your thumb. Politicians are exactly like serial rapists. Please, let there be NO misinterpretation of that carefully chosen word, because that is EXACTLY what is being done to the American citizen, and neither party cares, they just take turns. Despite our best wishes, our hopes, our fears or our feelings; each of them sits on their petty little throne; dictating their self-serving mandates to us citizens, whom they claim to serve, and then tell us later, how it was "for our own good."

THIS IS NOT A BILL TO HELP, OR EMPOWER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. This is a bill about YOUR ego, and YOUR power. This is a bill to keep even more Americans under your servitude, in poverty and needy, so that you can forever create even more dependent voting blocks to keep you employed and in power. Nothing more and nothing less, but the sinister element is that you are trying to sell this as 'caring for people', but you, the professional politician, do not care, and you never will. It is slavery and bondage for the poor and for those unable to care for themselves at its heart. You politicians will NEVER give enough to people so that they can thrive, only enough to keep people in their place and dependent on you for more. Just like good little serfs should be. You will never allow any real independence from the voting blocks that NEED you. Because, if the needy had any real independence from you, they might start questioning WHY they need you, or IF they need you at all. This is a fact, pure and simple. It is how you control and enslave sections of the population, carving us out like portions of a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Look around us. Look at the 'War on Poverty' that congress has been fighting for the last 70 years. Today there are more people in that bracket than when it started. We even have multiple generations of people living in the same squallier and hopelessness, forced to seek dependence under the wing of a government that cares nothing for their problems or plight in life. Only that they show up and vote like good trained cattle on election d ay. Look at Social Security, the funds were voted by congress in the 80's to be pillaged, like a bunch of Conquistadors sacking Tenochtitlan, and now there is nothing but debt left. The whole program is a train wreck looking for a place to happen, there is nothing 'secure' about it, not after the vampires drained it dry of its cash solvency. Look at Medicare and Medicaid, and how it takes real people in need twice as long for services that are often not covered, has very high deductibles for people who can't afford to pay, and has such a history of low or no payments that doctors are discouraged from serving public patients. And you egomaniacs are cramming this NEW piece of filthy legislation, which will cripple the current system even more by cutting the meager benefits received, down our throats! Someone explain why our current broken system run by the nincompoops on Capital Hill needs to be expanded so that everyone has 'universally' the same worthless care? If Congress's successful track record was put under the same scrutiny that Wall Street was held accountable to; every single stinking person on the Hill would be locked in a cell with no door, which would be buried underneath a prison, that was in turn submerged under the sea. The real twisted and evil part is how politicians lie to the same people over and over, somehow convincing them that they are your friend, and have your best interests in mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. You, the political class are the enemy of freedom, individuality AND to the American citizen. This bill, H.R. 3200 is your crowning glory to solidify that statement. Even under a faltering economy, your only focus is to place an ever growing burden of new taxation on us, and this can only be for one evil goal; so that fewer people can provide for themselves and for their families. That's pretty typical for the bullies that you are though, whenever you are faced with budgetary cuts, you will always grab the poor, the elderly and the children to toss under the bus, rather than cut your pet pork projects to payoff your high dollar donors. This time, we had a new addition under the bus, when Governor Schwarzenegger took it even one step further by threatening to release criminals back into the streets, rather than face the fact that the bloated bureaucracy of his state cannot maintain itself. This is nothing more than civilized extortion, "pay my taxes or ELSE..." I'm sick of this. I'm sick that we proud and hard working Americans are forced to come and shelter under your protection. To be under your thumb, slaves in a glass prison to you, the would-be masters. At one point I would have just thought you were completely irresponsible, like some unemployed teenage punk with daddy's credit card running wild in town while the adults have to pick up the tab. But there is too deep and too long a history of failures and excuses that effervescence from Capitol Hill, and the track record would really seem to indicate that it is not, in fact, run by a group of well intentioned but completely incompetent people; but rather from a group that understands that when the governed have to look to the government for their very basic of needs: food, shelter, medicine, that you have complete control of their lives. If I am wrong, show me. Show me the real living success stories of how any government run program ever in the history of America has brought the ability for people inside to grow and prosper, and I'll say I was wrong and be the first to sign up. But it does not exist any more than a snipe in the woods. It is never a program, but only an INDIVIDUAL, working hard and focusing on becoming better that has ever risen from the depths of poverty to achieve greatness and freedom in their life, a fact made more difficult every year by the obstructions created from our keepers. Self determination promotes prosperity. Programs are bondage, but any determined individual can rise from the pit like a phoenix from the ashes to greatness. There are too many famous American people of EVERY sex, color and background that have risen to become great to prove anything other than that.

But you are more than just would-be masters, you are unadulterated liars. Your track record in this is even longer. Just look at the records of the Congressional Budget Office, a cornerstone for the proposal on H.R. 3200, and you will see a trail of complete lies, and smokescreens. There is no budget EVER in its history that has been projected correct. Congress is trying to sell the astronomical cost of this program through an organization that has worse track record than John Gochnaur of the Cleveland Indians. But should it surprise any citizen really? How many outright lies have come from, and continue to come from both parties? From Nancy Pelosi and her abject lies about her knowledge of the treatment of detainees and interrogation practices, to George Bush Sr.'s famous "read my lips, no new taxes" farce, it seems the only way anyone can tell if they are lying is by the movement of their lips. Chappaquiddick ring a bell with anyone? How about the lie called The Contract with America, which vowed to pull back the veil of an ever expanding government ,and return the control of your life into your hands. Those liars could not even vote themselves term limits. But that is the era of the professional politician for you: the butchers of truth, and the betrayers of hope.

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After all it was in fact none other than the professional Republican politician that single handedly killed Conservatism, and the same professional politician that will doom it to failure again and again. The Keystone of Conservatism, and smaller governments, requires that politicians vote for less intrusive laws, and that a fundamental shift of responsibility be placed back on the individual. A professional politician would never do that, they simply cannot. How could they hope to stay in power by eroding the very things that keep them in power? That is why you will find no hope for change for the future direction of our country in the Republican Party. EVER. You can never trust, or put your hopes in a professional politician any more than you are willing to trust your heart to a common streetwalker.

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