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Let's just get this straight, shall we?
Firstly, there may be many who can view the already completed Universe from the outside. Those who do, visualise it differently from the rest, who see only from their little span inside it. 
The outsiders see that it contains all the things of what we - to our little view here at the point of our existence - call 'the past' and all the invisible things of what we consider as 'the future'.  Whether you believe it or not makes no difference to the reality; it all has to be there, existing simultaneously, though we 'here' can see only the thin slice of it that we call 'the present'.  The atomic action of our metabolisms acting across space as an integral part of the whole, gives us the impression of 'time' in an incomplete Universe 'in action', but the overall reality is otherwise.  Worth mentioning here is also that the outsiders also see that we cannot add or subtract a single atom to or from Universe, that what we call 'chaos' is in reality the perfect order of what Universe has to be, and that, supposing you could run the process of Universe a million times, it would have to happen in exactly the same way every time: it has no other option.   Appreciation of these points is not in any way clever; it is simply a matter of identifying the Universal obvious.
In this total context, what has happened is real, and what is bound to happen in an already-complete Universe is real.  Everything else, of possibility and probability and all the abstract things of mental intention and fantasy do not exist in the real world - the electrical basis of the idea, yes, but the notion itself, no, sorry.  So what eventuates is real; the rest is no more than subjective supposition.  However, even though such things as 'willful decisions' are already decided, as we see in the complete Universe, we still have to 'decide', otherwise this integral key to the future has no effect. 
Even in a matter such as 'six eggs', the eggs are real, but the '6' is imaginary.  The abstract number is intended to describe the reality, but it neither prescribes nor forms any part of it.  Incidental to this, those who count count more in the scheme of things than those who don't count?  Oh no they don't, not in reality.
In view of this understanding of what is real and what is not, we can effectively and realistically consider the problems that vex our world.  Prominent among these false notions are 'value' and its associated 'finance', which delusion a few 'religiously' manipulate to take everything real from us, so much so that after only two centuries of outright chicanery and corruption a mere handful of them now 'own' the planet, and the rest of us are here supposedly only on sufferance merely to help them maintain and guarantee their rule.   
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So who are these invisible free-loaders?  Well, about three thousand years ago, some astute folk aspiring to parasitism preferred others to do the work for them, so they schemed, conspiring and co-operating to make the illusion of 'value' acceptable.  They first promoted and bribed clod-headed 'leaders' to lead 'their subjects' to accept the mirage of 'value' as a reality.  So then, a spoon may be of wood, tin, silver or gold, but it is still only a spoon; however, after treatment apt to mislead and idiofy, people now preferred and so 'valued' gold.  The manipulators have not looked back since.  Neither have we, as they have kept us too busy working to have time, and 'edgecated' us to be too ignorant and 'passified' to think of doing so.  Starting with the spell of their crippled version of spelling, they then numbed us with numbers.  In their hands, the unreality of figures is manifest in that their 'value' is negotiable, depending on the intentions of their inflictors and to what extent they can persuade the rest to accept what is intended for them.  Similarly with all the 'theories' that such creatures, human or not, can devise to persuade us of their humble rectitude.
Even the 'economists' they charge with managing the imposition of 'the economy' have little or no concept of the unreality of their subject, merely manipulating the abstract and so unreal mathematical formulae of fiction they have been taught, while their unseen mentor masters extract the benefit of the very real work of the planet's populations.
A thousand years ago some particularly callous predatory orientals allied themselves to the original parasites.  Now they have abandoned even the pretence of 'gold standard', confident that we are too stupid to notice that they 'lend' our victimised countries mere arithmetic as illusory 'debt'.  This mirage of mere numbers is then multiplied by twelve by the fraudulent but 'legalised' delusion of 'fractional-reserve lending' by their instituted banking system, and this inflated arithmetic is transferred to us unthinking idiots in return for our labour.  Yes, of course we have to work and accept the lie of 'money', as we need it to buy our necessities, in which the vermins' agents have already dealt for profit and to raise their prices to us.  We also need this arithmetic to 'come by' or buy anything else that we can be persuaded to want.  Then, according to what they have so carefully taught us academically and socially, as it is 'debt' we have to repay it all, and so we are obliged to pay taxes on everything we earn by our work, and 'interest' on what we have to 'borrow'.  The banks' multiplying of the fiction enables them to make enough 'profit' in 'interest' to engage battalions of employees to persuade us of the benefits of their further fictional 'products' and 'instruments', with which to reap ever more from us. 
The gross total is paid into the 'central banks', and thus channelled into their tax-exempt 'trusts' and 'foundations', and they lend more mere arithmetic, so draining the efforts of all the planet's inhabitants into their control.  They also have us war and do unspeakable horrors to others - by 'law' - in order further to inflict their 'central banks' and their regime on any countries foolish or impudent enough to think they can opt out from such tyranny.  Look at the recent wars they contrived for Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya for their oil potential and to inflict  'central banks' on them, with Syria and Iran in process, and Somalia and Sudan to follow, making up that 2001 list of countries "to be invaded".  Then think of the Russian Revolution, WWs I and II and Vietnam, and think of the mere handfull for whom so many fought and were mutilated and killed.  For freedom? - No, just for 'them' and 'their' pockets.
The vast accumulation of what really is just arithmetic, though garnered from all our work, is also used to finance the corporations, with which to skin us further, and to provide the paymasters with the major part of their obscene 'profits' from pharmaceuticals, armaments, fuels, and essential supplies etc., and particularly from anything harmful to our welfare. 
Why do we not notice this?  Well, who owns and manages the world's 'media' of all kinds, and is in charge of our 'education' and countries' governance? After all, you don't teach cattle the details of their fate, do you?  Why do you think there is so much distraction of screaming football commentary, so many song and dance and luck contests for the fictional loot made available to entrance you, the endless frenzied babble, and so many newsreaders nodding and closing their eyes at you when they want you to accept the political trivia they are peddling?  It all to 'entertain' and so detain your attention while they practise their theft of everything you had. If any of this were otherwise I would tell you, but unfortunately the infliction of all this pestilential nonsense is real. 
So what can be done about it?  Well, that is easy.
Depose all corrupt 'leaders' now.  Draft individuals to vote yes or no on their conscience for the general good of any proposal put to them, and be hanged by due process for any corruption.  Then cancel the fictional numbers in the 'trusts', and penalise terminally any such 'making money from money'. Next, let all the various countries produce their own arithmetic and print whatever paper is necessary to enable any particular work that requires such fiction.  The fiction and penalty of 'debt' will no longer exist.
Continue as you are, but without the lie of illusory 'money'.  The unnecessary work will fall away; share out the necessary work of production and distribution of necessities, and this will entail us working a total of perhaps five days a month.  The rest of the time?  Just enjoy living on the marvellous planet to which we have been born.
The Rothschilds and their accomplices, if you let them survive, will have to do so without robbing the world's populations of their efforts.  Who needs them or their so-profitable corporations, which enjoy more rights and protection than we their victims do? - Oh, you have no idea of the fun they have been having at our expense all these years.
What you do to these vermin who have preyed on the rest of us for the last three millennia, and particularly for the last two centuries, is entirely your own affair.  In view of the cruel misery and death they have caused for their profit and supremacy, in the name of common justice any over-zealous efforts at gentleness are to be sternly discouraged.


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Aged beyond belief, with a fund of experience which few could match and fewer envy, as a former member of Justice International, the author has all his adult life tried to differentiate between fact and fiction. The twin interests of cosmology (more...)

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