I'm writing this as dawn approaches Independence Day, sure to be fraught with celebrations of military heroism. But I'm struck with the notion, "Is this what our nation's founders thought they were fighting for? To throw off the shackles of the old world's owners, only to be replaced by new owners?"

As we draw nearer to the tenth anniversary of 9-11, I must admit, I was never convinced of the official narrative. Nineteen Saudi Arabians attacked us. In retaliation, we invaded Afghanistan ? Then Iraq ? It never made sense.

So, until recently, I hadn't watched any footage. I did some googling on 9-11 to see if more has been revealed in the last ten years. I wasn't surprised to find a video on Youtube entitled, "9/11 Truth The North Tower Being Blown to Pieces." I was surprised at what's so clear, what our media hasn't been telling us.

The Twin Towers and WTC7 were controlled demolitions. If you can't believe your own eyes, what can you believe.

I'm not disputing that aircraft were flown into the Twin Towers by Saudi terrorists. But how powerful a faction it must take to coordinate the controlled demolition of three large buildings, four commercial aircraft hijackings and what appears to be a missile-sized hole in the Pentagon ?

For ten years we've been lied to. I had some hope that with the election of President Obama we'd have some relief, some reprieve. It ends up, he's part of that same faction. The faction that lies to us, spies on us and coerces us to kill innocent people for their oil.

Our military fights for the ownership class, but never for the people.

Happy Independence Day? Really?

Scott Tyner

Hattiesburg, MS