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Rain Man's Curse

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Editor's Note: In this remarkable article, the author advances the idea that a special kind of creativity and genius is uniquely manifested by certain autistic individuals. The author includes himself among these specially gifted people, and explains that a group of his peers have discovered the fundamental building blocks of human thought by examining how their own experience differes from that of others. This is an invitation to think ourside of the proverbial box as you read the words of someone who has had to learn to think inside the box.

Autism is both MR/DD and Einstein. Long ago before "designer new age autism" autism was largely UN diagnosable unless it was a severe case.Many of its people came out very well! Only after the advent of the hit move Rain Man and the autism epidemic to follow did Autism become the issue it is today. Autism was once filled with odd geeks, strange kids and most of us were tutored nightly or in special education and yes, occasionally on the honor roll if things fit just right. Many of us were in two grades at once one above grade level and the other struggling in our less than easy subjects. Sounds like Einstein doesn't it? He too started out "dumb".

We can claim Alan Turing(1912-1954) he was gay, autistic and father of the computer. His strange geeky life and its social success are all documented in the biography of his called The Enigma by Andrew Hodges (1983). Author Hodges thankfully left no stone unturned when we wrote this biography and unknowingly also wrote the Autism Blueprint all successful Autistics follow. He included Alan's 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Charm School" his pain tolerance, his genius math ability and indeed his other less than grade level abilities. Alan's computer is the product of Autistic -Einstein thinking helped win WWII and it earned Alan an OBE award- Brittan's highest honor. Turing "hob knobed" with the likes of Churchill and Roosevelt and had a top secert clearance. Ironically after the war he took his own life in a Gay suicide.

Despite the Blueprint of Autism all spelled out in The Enigma there are few if any autism professionals left today that could read that book and pick out the obvious autism in it. Despite being the same autism the Einstein autism that holds the building blocks of the mind we are too little to late. We, you ask? We are a group (200 at least) of high functioning Autistic people from all over the world that met on line. Most of us are 40 ish or older and most of us are GLBT and we all seemingly started out life as a geek and overcame our different kind of human thought process that has never been in a text book before. We are all self taught we all learned our pre programed for us different kind of human language code and along the way connected it to normal thoughts- just like you use. These thoughts are the building blocks of the mind and the one by one thoughts that build to create a normal thought. They span from MR/DD to Einstein. If we would have been diagnosed like the autism people of today ,we would never function in society like we do.

No matter what country we are from or language we speak we all learned the same human thought code. Our Autism seems to be the base code for all human thoughts. If this were not new news coming up from the bottom of the gene pool and some other research discipline had a line on us we could explain your base line thoughts and add another 1000 chapters to the psychology books a lot easier. Autism's thought code explains everything from stuttering to dyslexia to learning abilities and even personality traits. Add in the Autism keen senses and even more personality issues arise. If we are right the normal thoughts you use for everything from research to social chit chat are just a small sub section of the entire range of human thoughts. Naturally the impasse is bigger than life, as those doing the research don't even know of the rest of the story. Unless our thought base is known it remains invisible and thus unaccounted for. Since were 40 ish and too old to ,we are not even be seen on Autism's Radar. Seemingly, modern Autism thinks they have failed if we are not in a group home by the time we are 18. Since old high functioning autistics, have discovered "new ground" no other research discipline has a clue we even exist and to the fact we might well be the living missing link. It is Autism research's job to discover us and relate our knowledge to the world but alas, that might never happen. Our pending rediscovery is not good news, as far as, new age autism is concerned.

All humans have the Einstein ability in them and we can assure you when it is developed we use every bit of brain power we have. Autism the modern empire is so confused as it lost track of the idea autism is both MR/DD and Einstein. Autistically there is little if any difference between the village idiot and the savant and the genius. If psychology knew what we call the picture thoughts they could see like we do the ones that need learned and fixed to function as normal. As humans we start out life with 123 and the ABC's the low end of normal thoughts and in reality there are 20 more types of sub thoughts that need to be "done" before the 123's and the ABC's work as you like them to work. That is just what we figured out autism wise. It took us 30 and 40 years of blind luck and happenstance to do it. Once we learn those thoughts normal thoughts we find are just shorthand autism thoughts. Carry them threw to completion and you have Di Vinci.

Autism both old and new is hung up on the idea of "lack of eye contact". Modern Autism screams and screams it is a sign were "stupid" as a sack of rocks and we are not connected. High functioning autistic like me know its Einstein thoughts. When we think our optic vision is off, and our brain plays threw the optic nerve picture thoughts. We read those picture thoughts by trial and error and then learned to water them down to normal thoughts. In other words we think with your day dreams and convert those dreams to words and actions. If you have ever tried to describe a dream to some one you know the trouble it can be. If you have been stopped COLD in a conversation and been forced to say I can picture "it" but, can't put a name to it you have just spied one of the picture thoughts you don't know you have stopped in mid flight. We think like this all the time and our thoughts are much more complicated than the simple daydream analogy.

Add to this our keen cave person senses, our pain tolerance, we really do miss 2-7 on the Pain Scale ,as well as, our or real life experiences and you have cutting edge ancient human thoughts all figured out. Like Einstein and others before me we all know there is just too much normal person mentality for our discovery ever to be seen for what it is. Einstein and Di Vinci all gave up on the human race as I have done there is just too much ignorant bliss and normal thinker "knowledge " to overcome man's biggest obstacle - himself. I can only hope 200 years from now someone will be quoting me, like they quote Einstein and Turing today.

Ironically,old autism was well aware of our pain tolerance and modern Autism thinks were too stupid to feel our pain but, we know we simply don't feel the pain to start with. Just imagine if a drug company knew this- we would be in mid evil torture chambers as they try to discover our Pain Tolerance and copy it with a pill. ( Search the blog for "x-ray".

Personally speaking yours truly was once hailed as the next Temple Grandin a popular figure in autism circles who wrote the book titled Thinking in Pictures. I wrote a book built on hers called Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and it was blackballed from autism circles but was once a hot item in the autism publishing business. I ended up being homeless saving enough to publish the book my self it was that important to man kind. Besides my self there are 200 more like me and we all have the same story to tell and Modern Autism jumps threw hoops to keep us out of the loop. The Autism Society of America just recently coined a new term called "Crypto Sensitive Autism" it was a effort to spin our success down to their level and give stunned shocked autism parents that find us on line, some explanation to why Autism used to work so much better. Again keep in mind our discovery is self discovery and no one else researching us has ever experienced a thought like ours and experience is the only effective human teacher.

I am also inventor of the Turing Motor a Green 70% efficient Car motor, named in honor of Alan Turing. Like Turing's Computer was VITAL in winning WWII my Turing Motor is the reasonable alternative to the Model T motor we still use today. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have invented If they understood their own from and engineering point of view. The Turing Motor is triple hybrid and runs on Compressed Air , Gas , and Electric. It features one central spinning cylinder and no up and down moving parts. It idles at 2-3 rpm and tops put above 10000 RPM. It starts and idles on compressed air to make traffic jams and drive threw visits cleaner .Then like a Puris it runs on electric and then for full power and high speed it goes to gas operation.

A gas only Turing Motor will make 250 MPH stock car racers possible and will have towing power galore for hauling purposes. It spins 3-4-5- times with every firing and the exhaust system operates on demand only after the fuel is used up. In a normal passenger car it will deliver 90 MPG and be green have plenty of zip and Mother Earth will be delighted with the green factor.

In reality I can't get the prototype funded. It had been entered in the Progressive X Challenge , The Virgin Earth Challenge and other contest. Think Tanks and progressive foundations turn it down and many write me back and say if was such a good idea a university would have thought of it. Engineers look at it and laugh and say "its never been done before" so it is impossible! In their mind it is. Just like the autism that figured it out has never been in a text book before the autism engineering that makes it possible has never been in a book before either. If autism can add a 1000 chapters to psychology it can 500 chapters to the engineering books. Alan Turing father of the computer had the entire desperate war effort of WWII behind him and they were willing to try any hair brained scheme. They put up with a gem of an idea out of desperation. Just look at the computer today? The Turing Ideals were once like mine impossible "stupid and ignorant" and a bit arrogant as viewed by the general public. The world today faces economic melt down and environmental challenges and fuel shortages and The Turing Motor might well be the green way to get the world on wheels again and bring the world economy back with it.

From the work of Robert L. Park a professor of physics at the University of Maryland at College Park and the director of public information for the American Physical Society. He is the author of Voodoo Science: The Road From Foolishness to Fraud (Oxford University Press, 2002). He presented a good deal of work on spotting junk false science, here are some of his points, with an explanation.

I know skeptical critical thinkers, of which I'm one can see all kinds of reasons to write this off as impossible. Some warning signs of 'bad' science are taking your story directly to the media, in an effort to miss peer review. Autistics like me have tired for years on end now to be recognized but, indeed new modern autism was built with a false foundation and admitting to us is treason. Even worse again, what we have discovered has never been in a book before and its all new news. Discovery is very hard to get discovered especially if it proves to be self evident. The Autism Empire is now worth over a billion dollars and its major lobby groups are the group home industry and the drug companies. These powerful concerns are not ready for the fall out of our discovery. Honestly, right before Rain Man the movie, Autism was much better figured out and old autism brochures from the Autism Society have a whole different look and feel fell to them. In the
old days we were seen as genius and little professors. We were allowed to discover and do life and even encouraged to do life with in the scope of our obsession and splinter skills -something totally forbidden in modern Autism. My testimony given at a CDC town hall Autism meetings faithfully explaining old working autism was banished from the public record.

Critical thinkers should be aware -this on the fringe science really is new news and despite an anthropology of us and many old autism people floating under the radar of modern Autism we have never been united studied or even admitted to. Keep in mind if our discovery is true to form ,normal thinkers, only use a very small spectrum of the human mind so naturally you miss the obvious. If our Autism theory is correct we are the building block thoughts of man's mind and as such we have been around for ever. Once our Picture Thoughts are discovered and disseminated it will be obvious why all of this human life ignorance went on for so long.

Working "alone" is another critical thinker warning flag but If autism would unite our anthropology (or some other discipline) We could become a whole slew of 'alone' geeks doing the same double blind experiment ignorant of each other but coming up with the same results. We were SO close to that milestone happening ,then Rain Man the associated media blitz came along. By the time Autism was reinvented with the best of intention was instituted with bad results the MR/DD side of autism was highlighted. The autism coin is so very thin so a push to one direction or the other and you either get a group home type of thing (look at the mold we are poured from) or a genius. Who ever dreamed Autism is both Einstein and the Village Idiot?

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Well 'healed' autisitc inventor and author that has like many more of "me" figured out the building blocks of the mind. Autism the thought process has never been in a text book before and is the sub level thoughts normal minds don't know they use (more...)
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