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People In Pahrump Nevada Are Sick & Dying From Cancer & Agent Orange -- Why Isn't This a National Issue?

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Only In Nevada
Only In Nevada
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An Open Letter To The New York Times and Other Investigative Journalists

Dear Ms. Field;

(Genevieve Field states she is an Editor for the New York Times Magazine. I spoke with her briefly and she is cold as ice, indigent, and treated me like I was a worm or otherr unworthy creature using up any of her precious time. Yes, you guessed it, I don't like her and the feeling is mutual.)

I have always been fair and honest in my writing. This letter to you and the deception I believe occurred that happened in our telephone exchange and the interview I had with Brian R. Alexander, who is an independent journalist working on a major article for the N.Y Times Magazine on my Twin Sons and myself. Admittedly, some of the misconceptions in this matter were of my own making. I received a telephone call from the District Attorney's Office in Pensacola, Fl., and was informed that a "Reporter with the New York Times" was looking for me. I have always respected, for the most part, some of the editorial content that comes from the New York Times. Now that Jill Abramson has been replaced with Dean Baquet as executive editor any and all respect I might have had for the "Grey Lady" is now as gone as Ms. Abramson. The reason I have no respect for Dean Baquet is based on the below link at the Huffingtom Post and other information I have compiled on an Executive Editor that is obviously subservient to the government and corporate America rather than the American people, who are the readership of your Newspaper and Magazine.

Whistleblower Says Dean Baquet Had A 'Lame Excuse' For Killing NSA Story

The mistake I made in this matter was that my son's murder trial had just run its course and I was upset that one of my twins had received a 15-year sentence via a plea bargain and Will Cormier, his elder brother by five minutes, received life without parole from a jury that deliberated the circumstantial evidence that took a miraculous one hour and five minutes that also included their lunch break which made it obvious that the jury did not deliberate the evidence properly and made up their minds without the "due diligence" that juries are charged to adhere to in any court of law. When I heard that a New York Times reporter was looking for me I jumped at the chance of speaking with him and didn't even read his email that I found buried in over 5,000 emails I had received and had no time to read. We had moved from Georgia and were attempting to escape the publicity that surrounded this entire horse and pony show that is commonplace in trials in the Florida panhandle. I have no question or doubt that one of my sons murdered an innocent man; however, I was on the fence as to which one of them had been the actual perpetrator of the horrendous crime that had occurred. At any rate, both were at least complicit in the matter and it was obvious to me that this fact completely escaped the jury that deliberated (sic) this matter. Brian's original email to me is printed in its entirety directly below:

Hello Mr. Cormier:
I hope this reaches you. I've sent emails previously but wanted to try again.
I'd very much like to speak to you for a story I am writing. Is there any way we can be in contact?
My story will discuss your sons and I feel it's vital that I hear from you. I'm more than happy to fully explain if we can speak.
Thank you very much,
Brian Alexander
Twitter: @brianralexander
Read the new book!

There was an original email that I found and it is reprinted here:

---- Original Message ----

Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 5:41 PM
Subject: Brian Alexander, New York Times magazine
Hello Mr. Cormier:
My name is Brian Alexander. I'm a writer working on a story for the New York Times Magazine. (You can learn a bit more about me by clicking on my website. The link follows this message.)
Part of my story will discuss the case involving your sons. I can only guess at how painful the experience has been for you, though I have read some of your blog posts, so I think I might have some idea.
I also gather from your posts that you are extremely skeptical of the press, which, I suppose, means you would be extremely skeptical of me. I'm not sure how to counter that in an email, except to tell you that I have a good reputation for being fair, accurate, and listening with a sympathetic ear.
And that's what I would like to do, listen to you. I will be visiting the Atlanta area next month and would very much appreciate the chance to meet with you. I'm not only interested in the case, but in getting to know you and your sons, and the reasons behind your view of the trial and judgment. I want to hear your story.
The article I am working on will be in-depth, a major feature. My goal is not to pass my own judgment on anybody, but rather to understand the issues at play in your sons' lives and your life, too.
May we exchange a few emails, or have a few phone conversations during the coming days? I'd like the chance to communicate with you and, perhaps, to assure you of my intentions.
With best regards,
Brian Alexander
P.S. I wasn't sure which email address was best, so I've tried to cover all the ones all I could find.
Twitter: @brianralexander
Read the new book!
As it stands at this time, none of the email addresses that Mr. Alexander was attempting to reach me are functional. I haven't been interested in speaking with the press prior to the end of their trial, and in all fairness, the only reason I granted Mr. Alexander an in-depth interview was because it was The New York Times. I had turned down I don't know how many other publications and news hounds because I didn't trust any of them to be "fair and balanced." Furthermore, I did not want to grant any independent writer an interview because I didn't think it was fair that anyone should make money off of the misery of my entire family which is now essentially destroyed.
The Escambia County District Attorney's Office has an extremely tough policy on giving out personal information on anyone; they did not give me Mr. Alexander's phone number nor did they give him my phone number. Their only contact with me in this matter was that a "reporter from the New York Times" was looking for me, and when I heard that information, I attempted to find Mr. Alexander, which was no problem at all. I did not read all of his emails except to find his phone number. When I heard from the Escambia County District Attorney's Office I made a very critical error. It was represented to them that Mr. Alexander was a "reporter with the New York Times." I "assumed" that he was a staff reporter and as it turns out, that was an incorrect assumption, and as the old adage states, assume "makes an ass out of you and an ass out of me." In this case the adage was 100% correct. I believed that I was speaking with a staff reporter, not an independent writer that had figured out how to make money on our family's misery. I gave him almost a three-hour phone interview, which was followed-up by a five-hour face-to-face interview here in Pahrump, Nevada.
When Brian Alexander arrived in Pahrump, I advised him that I was not able to fill my Klonopin prescription, medication that I have taken for years for chronic anxiety. The withdrawal effects are not only extremely dangerous, but are hard to deal with and cause anxiety, confusion, paranoia, and in extreme cases, grand mal seizures. In the same breath, it allows someone like me to live a normal life when otherwise I would be as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof and constantly thinking I was dying. Hyperventilating and going off the deep end are frightening phenomena, and I advised Mr. Alexander that I wasn't feeling well several times during an interview that at times was extremely grueling. To shorten the story, I allowed him after five hours of interviewing me to take almost every photograph of my family that I have, all of my sons' personal paperwork, and other items that I won't mention here. The moment he left I knew that I had made a mistake. I immediately called the New York Times and was on the phone for over an hour. I was first routed to the National Desk and was told that he didn't work for them. They were shocked that he had taken such irreplaceable items from my home and stated that a New York Times reporter would never do such a thing. I was then routed to the New York Times Magazine Division and after an extremely long conversation they stated that he was not working for them either. At that time, the gentleman I was speaking with asked me to send Brian Alexander an email and ask for his editor's name on the off chance that he had been contracted to write about that had happened in Georgia and Florida. That's exactly what I did and I expected a reply -- and quick, as I was extremely agitated and angry that he had mislead me. The email I sent him was from my smart phone because at that time we did not have internet access. I waited and waited and did not receive a response from Mr. Alexander. Because my email was not answered, I called the Escambia County District Attorney's Office and advised them that he might be coming down their way after the International "Magic The Gathering" tournament in Atlanta was over and stated that I did not believe he was a reporter from the New York Times. I withheld several important facts from Mr. Alexander because he could produce nothing that proved he was from the New York Times. He offered to let me look at his website, which I did after he left and found that he hadn't written anything for the New York Times since 2004. To me, that was not a confirmation that he was representing anyone but himself. After he arrived in Pensacola, he was met with skepticism because they took me at my word as I had an excellent record of being honest with their office even though we had to agree to disagree on several matters. Brian was furious when he called me and said that he would have his editor call me. I awaited a call and none came. Then, I did receive a message from a woman who claimed that he was his editor and that indeed, he was "representing The New York Times." Below is the email that I received from the New York Times:

Field, Genevieve

Dear William Cormier, Jr.,

Hi. I'm writing to let you know that Brian Alexander has been contracted by The New York Times Magazine to write a story about the Sean Dugas case and the game Magic: The Gathering.

Brian has let me know that after his interview with you, you became concerned about his legitimacy. As his editor, I can assure you that he is an upstanding reporter with excellent credentials.

Thank you for your time and your loan of materials related to the case. Those materials will be returned to you within the next couple of weeks via The New York Times.

Genevieve Field
Now, let's get to the crux of this issue. I moved to Pahrump, Nevada, and was unaware that there were cancer clusters throughout the entire town and a statistically impossible incidence of multiple myeloma occurring in a population base of approximately 30 to forty thousand individuals. I am a journalist seeking my Bachelor's degree and will again pick-up where I left off after I broke-down during my sons trial. When I heard from the townspeople what was going on here I was at first extremely skeptical; however, after nosing around quite a bit I discovered that their allegations were in fact true and correct and I discovered evidence that was even more damning than the majority of those I had spoken with were aware of. It is a sad and extremely emotional story, a reporter's dream come true, but I am having health issues myself since I arrived in this community and to be honest, I felt the story was too big for a novice journalist such as myself.
With the above facts being stated, I made a deal with Brian Alexander; I told him that I would grant him a no-holds-barred interview if the New York Times agreed to investigate these "cancer clusters" and attempt to bring justice to the many unnecessary deaths that are happening, and have been happening in this town for decades. It is an absolute certainty that this is a huge government cover-up and they have known about it for more years than I am old. Pahrump Nevada is just a few miles south from the Nevada test site where underground nuclear detonations were carried out on a regular basis several decades ago. There is a huge aquifer under Pahrump as reported below:

The word Pahrump, a Paiute term, has been interpreted to mean "water rock" or "place where big waters flow". Reports show that the Pahrump Valley sits above a huge aquifer of approximately 22 million acre-feet of water. Settlers first appeared in about 1875 and a Pahrump township was created by a small group in 1892. Cotton and grapes were grown for a number of years but the area didn't kick-off until after the Las Vegas road (now Nevada Highway 160) was paved in 1954. Power arrived in 1963 and telephones in 1965.Today the Pahrump Valley is one of the fastest growing towns in Nevada and the United States. It is growing at an annual rate of approximately 20%. The town is served by an active elected town board, an appointed professional town manager and a well staffed town office. Telecommunications in the valley is state of the art with a fiber optic installation completed in 1999. Former farming land is being developed into housing at the highest rate in the state. Several major housing developments are currently under construction and will eventually provide over 10,000 new homes in the valley. The area boasts several chain retail outlets, five full-service casinos, numerous service stations and an endless variety of retail shops and commercial enterprises. There are two area newspapers and an independent TV station.

The town's near proximity to Las Vegas (~60 miles) makes for easy access to world class rail and air service. Nevada Highway 160 from Las Vegas is the shortest route to Death Valley recreation facilities. LINK

Most of the Pahrump residents use well water for their showers and toilets; however, there is a huge segment of this small population that buy bottled water for their drinking and cooking needs. We also have a well but did not have the money nor transportation to purchase bottled water and used it like we would use water anywhere else in the United States. That may have been a critical error albeit one that couldn't be helped. There is medical evidence that my kidneys are beginning to fail. On a routine chest X-ray my physician discovered two potential problems. There is a "mass" in my chest that was not there when I arrived in Pahrump, and there was a CT scan of my abdomen ordered because they were going to perform surgery on a hernia, which found "Pt with thickened greater curvature of stomach on CT."

Our entire family has had nothing but gastric issues since we arrived in this town -- and we, as the majority of the residents, believe that it's the water that is causing these problems. The aquifer under Pahrump has had more issues than the Nevada test site, polluting the water with radiation and the radiation that is present in the very ground that we walk upon. (More on that later.) The Pahrump Valley used to be a major cotton-producing area. Would anyone find it hard to believe that Agent Orange was used to defoliate the cotton fields when it was time to harvest the crop(s)? Well, the answer to that question is a resounding YES!:

In Pahrump, Nevada a water analysis was done that found the defoliant Agent Orange in water wells. In the past farms that grew cotton in that area sprayed Agent Orange on the cotton fields to simulate a 'frost' and kill the plants before harvesting the cotton. That was back in the 60?s, so it took over 35 years for the Agent Orange to enter the water table.
Monsanto produces PCBs, as well, and was sued over toxic dumping and payed out 700 Billion, but did not clean up their mess. Even a scientist hired by Monsanto claimed that fish put in the creek, which fed a lake near Anniston, Alabama; lasted 10 seconds before their skin blistered and came off. LINK

Please note that the incidence of multiple myeloma in Pahrump, Nevada, are statistically impossible considering the population here. Look at the figures that are present per 100,000 individuals here in the United States per 100,000 people:

    The number of new cases of myeloma was 6.1 per 100,000 men and women per year. The number of deaths was 3.4 per 100,000 men and women per year. These rates are age-adjusted and based on 2007-2011 cases and 2006-2010 deaths.

The annual incidence of multiple myeloma is 4.3 per 100,000 people (3, 4), but the incidence ranges from 1 per 100,000 for people who are 40 to 49 of age to 49 per 100,000 population for those who are ?80 yr of age (5).

There is a family living close to us that has been almost wiped out by various forms of cancer. I found out that heavy-equipment operators working in the Pahrump area are or were made to wear radiation badges that had to be turned in twice a week. The man I spoke with who has now changed his vocation told us about this deadly phenomena in Pahrump and it literally sent a chill up my spine.

When I mentioned the deal I had made with Brian for the New York Times to investigate this deadly issue that is killing innocent people in the Pahrump area I could tell that she (his editor) was caught off-guard and she attempted to regain her composure and stated that yes, if there was an issue here in Pahrump, the New York Times might be interested in looking into it. At that moment I realized that Brian Alexander had never made any deal about investigating the cancer clusters here in Pahrump, therefore he got his interview from me under false pretenses. Furthermore, please note this statement from Brian's "editor:" "Those materials will be returned to you within the next couple of weeks via The New York Times." Nothing has been returned to me and furthermore, I have not heard a single word from the New York Times nor from Brian Alexander in regard my personal property or the death that is haunting Pahrump, Nevada.

I believe that the cover-up I am speaking about is a dual issue; Pahrump is essentially a Valley of Death in my opinion, and while I believe it is being covered-up by the government, I also believe that rich land owners and the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce, if they have one, and the governing body of this town are attempting to keep the danger here as quiet as possible so that it won't affect property values and keep new families from moving into the area. This is purely my opinion, but the deaths and cancer are real -- and I possess enough evidence for any REAL investigative reporter to get in here and get to the bottom of this matter. This is a matter of life and death to some of the residents of Pahrump, Nevada.

As for Brian Alexander and the New York Times, be advised that I want my property back immediately. Furthermore, if the New York Times does not investigate this issue in a speedy and professional manner, it is clear evidence that my interview with Brian Alexander was given under fraudulent circumstances. That said, if anything I said to Mr. Alexander is used in the New York Times Magazine without his deal being honored and an Investigative Reporter is dispatched to this area ASAP, I will sue the New York Times for fraud that was perpetrated across state lines.

To the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, or any other major newspaper, here or abroad, there is a major story here in Pahrump, Nevada, and whoever gets here first is likely to earn a Pulitzer Prize for uncovering the deception that is endemic in Nye County. One last thought; if you do decide to cover this story I suggest that you bring at least one to two armed bodyguards. The locals that are wealthy do not appreciate outsiders coming into their community and the rumor is that the last reporter that attempted to cover this issue was found dead out in the desert. He supposedly committed suicide. Is that true? It's what the locals say; however, again, it is a fact that I am unable to substantiate. I do have evidence to give to anyone that is a real investigative reporter that is not contained in this article to protect my sources. Please be advised that I have no suicidal tendencies, I do not own a firearm, and I am not out to hurt anyone. I have published this story at the request of people who live in this community, some of whom do not have much longer to live. The stories you will hear here can make a grown man cry as evidenced by me as I'm signing off on this editorial. I know that I will be the pariah of the town to some, but justice and truth will eventually prevail, and while I may not, someone else will eventually have the wherewithal to get to the bottom of this issue.


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