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Obama and the Destruction of Freedom World Wide

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Note: This article is not intended to be "absorbed"- in a single sitting.  I would recommend you digest this article in a number of steps.  First read the article itself.  Next access the articles and video links that I have provided within the article.  Finally decide how you are going to get involved in order to avert the destruction of our freedoms being promulgated by the current Obama administration.  Personally I believe that the immediate Re-Legalization of Marijuana and a moratorium on home foreclosures would be the best initial course of action.

I consider myself to be philosophically in line with the freedoms that our Founding Fathers--Washington, Jefferson and Franklin--held to be so very important.  And among those freedoms there are two that I hold not only important, but absolutely sacred: Freedom of speech and Freedom of religion.  And of course Freedom of Religion necessitates an absolute separation between Church and State in order to remain effective.

As a secularist I can assure you that I'm not about to go all "religious"- on you in this article.  But these two freedoms are the very keystones to any free society: for without them a free society will invariably collapse into totalitarianism.  And that is exactly what we see happening throughout the planet as we bare witness to the ascendency of Islamic Sharia Laws in the Middle East and Fascist Corporatism in the United States and Europe.

It is important to understand that these things are not happening by accident, but rather by design.  In a nutshell the various global elites are attempting to impose their unique varieties of "Shock Doctrine"- on the planet's working class because the massive Ponzi scheme of credit debt and derivatives is in the process of collapse. So they, with the tacit support of Obama and other "world leaders,"- are spinning bailout schemes so that when the economic tsunami hits, the elite will be holding all the wealth and the working class will be absolutely penniless.  There is actually a recent colloquialism that describes this phenomenon: the privatization of wealth and the socialization of debt. In other words the elite gets to horde wealth while the working class becomes homeless and burdened with unbearable debt.

In order to make the "working class"- accept this medicine they know that they must first build an infrastructure to impose totalitarian martial law.  And of course part of that infrastructure includes the corporate control of mainstream media in order to "dumb down"- the citizenry and effectively manage the manufacture of consent. Because without such infrastructure these scoundrels could be faced with a nightmare that would make the Bastille look like a Sunday picnic.  I should make abundantly clear that I am not advocating violent revolution, rather merely noting that such revolutions become inevitable when the majority has little else to loose.

So to protect themselves from an increasingly disposed people, our government corpocracy have already built 800 prison camps, assembled thousands of plastic coffins and for the first time in US history and are deploying tens of thousands of US Military to quell civil unrest when the economic tsunami finally hits.  Of course to get away with all of this they know they will have to eviscerate our freedoms.  And that is exactly what I fear is happening right now.

The other day I was emailed an 8-page document from an extension of the Department of Homeland Security, known as MIAC.  If you believe in freedom then owe it to yourself to read through the entire document which can be accessed through the following link:

Is Martial Law Coming to the United States
click here />
The document was leaked by some very patriotic members of law enforcement that were presented with the documents at a seminar put on by this "branch of homeland security"- known as MIAC.  What is most disturbing about the 8-page document is that it profiles Americans that they believe could become "terrorists"- and, inexplicably, they are not Islamic extremists but rather Americans that are smart enough to understand that something awful is in the works.  And here are some of the profile characteristics of the "terrorists"- that they would like to track and add to their "terrorist"- database:

* Bumper stickers for third-party candidates like Ron Paul
* Talk against granting Amnesty to 12-20 Million Illegal Aliens
* Talk about putting a stop to Legal or Illegal Immigration
* Talk of "New World Order"- conspiracy theories
* Opposition to the Federal Reserve and support of the gold standard
* Opposition to US Army takeover of Homeland Security
* Opposition to the North American Union
* Opposition to universal military service
* Tax resistance
* Possession of subversive literature: "pictures, cartoons, bumper stickers that contain anti-government rhetoric. Most of this material will depict the FRS, IRS, FBI, ATF, CIA, UN, Law Enforcement, and "-New World Order' in a derogatory manner."-
click here />
Since these are all things the Obama opposes we must assume that he supports this MIAC program that is already busy developing these "terrorists"- lists.  And it does not take much imagination to understand that Obama will use these lists to round up these "terrorists"- (e.g., American Citizens) when the tsunami finally hits.

Now lets take a little trip to Pakistan where Pakistani journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy reports on how Obama has allowed the people of the Swat Valley to be sacrificed to the whims of Islamic Fundamentalists.  I highly recommend that you go to the following link so you can fully understand how Obama is allowing these good people to be forced into a state of Islamic totalitarianism:

Taliban Children
click here />
And if that doesn't make your stomach turn then you might want to consider that Obama is considering doing the same thing throughout Afghanistan.  Consider the following excerpt from a article published on February 21st, 2009:

Swat pact exposes chinks in Obama administration

Islamabad: Can a pact between the Pakistani government and the Taliban, aimed at restoring peace in the nation's troubled Swat valley, be the forerunner of a similar deal in Afghanistan? It would seem so from the remarks of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

At the same time, the Swat pact has exposed the sharp differences in the Barack Obama administration, with the president's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke bitterly opposed to the peace deal.

Asked whether the US would accept a similar deal in Afghanistan if the Swat pact succeeded, Gates said Friday: "If there is a reconciliation, if insurgents are willing to put down their arms, if the reconciliation is essentially on the terms being offered by the government, then I think we would be very open to that.
click here />
Taliban support in Pakistan's Swat Valley - 11 Nov 07
Taliban in control of Pakistan's Swat Valley - 02 Feb 09

Once again I encourage you to access these links in order to read the full article and accompanying video.  As an American it is imperative that you begin to understand the difference between what Obama says and what he is actually doing.  Because what he is doing is setting the stage for totalitarianism world wide.  You might also want to watch this 2 hour film by Alex Jones, to fully grasp the dimensions of Obama's grand betrayal:

The Obama Deception
click here />
I first became suspicious of Obama's intentions in the Fall of 2008 before his vast war chest of corporate money assured his ascendency to the Presidency in November 2008:

Curious Obama, Globalist Traitor?
click here />
At that time I still wanted to believe that Obama would transcend his attachment to the global elite.  But unless you are as blind as a glass eye in a dogs ass, there is but one conclusion: Obama has sided with the global elite.

We now find ourselves in the same position the German's found themselves when Hitler began to rise to power.  But we must not make the same mistake and merely wait for the inevitable.  We must act.  And we must begin right now.

To this end we must have an alternative solution.  I have tried to outline part of that solution in my 10-plank "New Agenda for America."-  You can read about it and watch videos relating to it at the following link:

The New Agenda for America
I would also begin to consider the ideas of others that have alternatives to Obama's "Totalitarian Solution."-  Some of the most thoughtful solutions include a "basic income guarantee"- (BIG) as proposed to Richard Cook; a national pension as proposed by William Grieder, debt forgiveness as proposed by economist Michael Hudson and finally, the Zeitgeist Project.  Here are a few links to help you further explore these programs:

Bailout for the People: "The Cook Plan"- by Richard C. Cook
by Richard C. Cook
click here />
Riding into the Sunset
By William Grieder
click here />
Rescue for the Few, Debt Slavery for the Many
Michael Hudson, Counterpunch Monday, Oct 13, 2008
click here />
Six Minutes with the Renegade Economist - Michael Hudson
Zeitgeist - The Movie

I want to make it clear that I don't necessarily support everything that these sources suggest.  But what I share with these sources (above) is a belief that the current socio-economic model of laissez faire capitalism is no longer sustainable.  And if we are to avoid a descent into totalitarianism we must come up with sustainable alternatives, right now, that fully recognize the theft and deceit of President Obama and the Global Elite that he appears to represent.  And currently Obama is playing a major role in that very deceit.

And while we ponder the long term alternatives, I think that we must force Obama, through massive public pressure, to institute the following steps immediately.  And by immediately I mean in the next month:

(1) Impose an immediate 10-year moratorium on any further foreclosures and evictions of Legal American Citizens.
(2) Immediately Re-Legalize Marijuana, under the MERP Model, in order to crush the Mexican Drug Cartels without the dispensation of any further blood or treasure.

You can learn much more about MERP at the following link:

MERP Headquarters
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)

And as soon as these measures are implemented the following measures need to follow within the next 6 months:

(1) Consider a massive bailout for Legal American Citizens that will absolve them of their outstanding debt.  I'm thinking in terms of $150,000 for each Legal American Citizen.
(2) An immediate moratorium on all further Legal and Illegal Immigration into the United States.
(3) Universal application of E-Verify, to every job holder in the US, in order to send all Illegal Immigrants and Visa overstays back home.  This should immediately create between 12 and 20 million jobs for Legal American Citizens.  Obama has only promised the creation of 3 million jobs over the next 2 years despite the fact we are hemorrhaging nearly 600,00 jobs each month.
(4) Forbid the ownership of any American homes by non-citizens and force all such properties to be immediately put back on the market.
(7) Institute Richard Cooks "Basic Income Guarantee."-
(8) Replace the Federal Reserve with a Peoples reserve so the globalists no longer benefit from putting Americans in a perpetual state of debt.
(9) Full implementation of all remaining planks of the "New Agenda for America.
(10) A constitutional rebuke to all corporations that have led patents to any DNA-based product.  Patents on all DNA-based structures and life forms must ultimately be ruled as unconstitutional.
(11) An immediate phasing out of all Genetically Modified crops and a restoration to the practice of seed gathering and time honored practices of sustainable farming practices.

The Future of Food--Introduction
click here />
 And finally I think we should begin to consider William Grieder's idea for a "universal pension"- as the current system of pensions covers increasingly fewer Americans and is doomed to failure as the derivatives tsunami finally hits in the next year.

To understand the dimensions of this ultimate "bubble"- I suggest reading the following article:

The Size of Derivatives Bubble = $190K Per Person on Planet
By Tom Foremski - October 16, 2008

As far as I'm concerned this "Peaceful 2nd American Revolution"- needs to begin right now.  I am hopeful that Obama can be persuaded to accept this challenge.  But what I will not accept is his current agenda which will most definitely leave most Americans without either freedom, or property.  That is simply not acceptable.


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