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Nature Versus Nature

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I like to use analogies to explain things.  It's an artistic way of making a point come across easier to the listener.  You paint a picture, this way the listener can extract the meaning through the garbage.  It's a filter of sorts.  I also like to use the double entendre.  That's where one word can mean two different things.  Or, according to the Webster Dictionary site, " ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation."  Hella, as they say here in the East Bay.

I will be going for analogies on two fronts: one will be a comparison to how Great White Sharks react, naturally, to a given situation, versus how human beings handle it, normally, of course.  There are exceptions to every rule, as I currently exist and understand.  But for the sake of this analogy, let's forget about all that.  The second comparison will be with a herd of antelope, and how much different the end scenario could be when confusing that predator with balls, instead of fear.

The video above shows a man swimming with a Great White Shark.  What the video shows is that, when human beings interact with a natural being, like this Great White Shark, and don't panic, there is a strong chance the shark will not attack you.  Unless extremely hungry, the shark will investigate and move on.  They want to eat, sure, but they don't want to eat something that isn't on their menu.  They're selective, in other words.  Not blood-thirsty and bent-on-revenge, as Spielberg exploited with the film classic "Jaws." 

I once watched a television program where a guy swam with these great beasts, every month or so, for over twenty years, and said that as long as you kept them in your sights, as long as you did not panic, you were fine around them.  The problem is, however, people panic.  When people get stranded in open ocean, they often have time for their minds to panic... every sound is amplified, a thousand times over.  Every bump is a potential meeting with your maker... so when a shark does come cruising past some lost, stranded soul, those folks tend to panic.  They begin swinging their arms and legs, attempting to swat away this 2,000-pound nightmare, as though it was a common house fly.  No wonder the shark attacks.

 This is how I see things in this nation, the United States of America, currently.  The Great White Shark is "Terrorism."  That's our new-old Bogey Man.  We seemed to have repackaged a new-old enemy with different clothing and ideologies and firepower.  But it's always the same enemy we ignore who gets away with it.  It's the Corporate War Profit Machine who wins.  Military Industrial Complex and Corporate America, combined... we've seen films, people.  We like to call 'em "Science-Fiction," but... I like calling them "Science-Fact-To-Be-Realized."

Besides, what use is there in panicking to a point where all of us end up hurting one another, instead of focusing on who the "real killers" are.  We always lose focus of that point.  We end up fighting one another, instead, while they are out back, throwing bags of cash into that now-running plane, headed for "whereabouts unknown."  This while we are left holding an empty bag of Empty Promises and Lies Galore; Lies we gladly bought into, for stuffWe're not without fault.  It's "We The People," the last time I checked.  We "get the government" we "deserve," or so I've read.

My second analogy comes from a herd of antelope and how they react to a charging lion.  Usually, the herd will scatter, leaving the old, weak and young to fend for themselves.  It's every antelope for itself at that point, and that's sad.  You've seen it before.  The youngest or oldest is getting eaten, alive.  It's horrible to watch such carnage, although it is natural and necessary... as long as you don't do it for profit and to large number of people.  But I digress.  On the contrary, however, there has been cases reported where an entire herd of antelope stood strong, never wavering... and that scared the crap out of the lion.  The lion ended up turning tail, running away, confused... not understanding what just happened.

I tried finding video evidence of this event but failed, so you can be skeptical of this account ever actually happening.  I would.  But let's say it did happen, for the sake of this article, even if you believe otherwise.  What I would take from that is, never let them divide and conquer us.  Never let them scatter us, as we are supposedly one nation, thereby one people.  That, when you do allow them to scatter us all, it's easier for them to pick us off, one at a time... but if we stand strong, they run away, confused... it screws with their heads.  They can't figure out why you aren't frightened.  And, I believe, if you allow the scatter to occur, you're guilty of something awful.  Leaving your weak and old to fend for themselves should be punishable by death.

Fear, again, is the culprit, people.  And nature versus nature occurs here.  It's human nature to freak out in the water when human beings see a large fish like a shark swim past them, especially after sitting in that position a while, as your mind twists and turns with every horrific moment gone past... and it's also the nature of the shark to attack those vibrations, as they also believe it's a wounded seal, something they like to eat.

I know that's a lot to digest, sorry.  But that's how I see things.  I think we can fix or manage this "problem" they systematically created, but we have to stay firmly planted on the ground.  There's a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world and domestically right now, but there always has been crazy stuff going on in the world, and if you didn't see it, you didn't want to see it, or you didn't live in a place where it needed attention... because this planet has always been this way.  The only difference now is, it's hitting American Shores... yeah, it really is that simple.

This entire transformation in thinking comes from watching way too much television and buying into what they're selling.  And it really is that simple.  I've cut the television consumption off, mostly.  I only watch it during a big event, like the Super Bowl, or when something big happens, like the bombing in Boston, and that's only briefly, because I can't stand what I am hearing and how it's being reported. 

More of the same Bogey Man around every corner stuff.  It's sad when people are killed for political reasons, whatever those reasons are and whoever holds those ideologies, but more people starved to death on that same day, more people were accidentally killed by "errant U.S. bombs" in Afghanistan, more people died on Los Angeles freeways on that day.  Me stating this is not to diminish what occurred, it's to contextualize it.  There was a clown on FOX "NEWS" spouting we should "kill all Muslims" in the aftermath of this latest round of world bombings. 

Again, your chances of dying in this nation by the hands of a "terrorist" is 20,000,000,000:1.  That's right, it's a twenty-million-to-one shot.  For those unfortunate three folks the other day, their number was up, just as ours will be when that time comes.  We can treat ourselves with respect, or we can view each other as suspects and potential "terrorists," and all the carnage that apparently brings with it.  We are all going to "die," everyone.  Those are cold-hard facts.  Knowing this should bring a sense of freedom to everyone.  That means you can stand up to the Lies and Demands that are coming.

Use Nature to fight the Un natural... it seems to work, I think.

-James Richard Armstrong II
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I'm a homeless student, writer, and activist... currently panhandling my way through school (and life.).
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