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Nebraska Medicaid Attacks Continue And Now My Life Is On The Line.

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Hello Friends
            After writing the article here at OpedNews about the Nebraska Medicaid Corruption and the horrors that they put me through which will haunt me for the rest of my life.
Nebraska Medicaid decided to come after me again,this time using Dr's and Hospitals for allies.
After I was taken off the illegal lockin I went to see Dr Nafach the Endocrinologist that my wife and I thought we could trust.
Dr Nafach is the Endocrinologist that faught with Dr Jackson after Dr Jackson vetoed all of Dr Nafachs prescriptions after Dr Nafach diagnosed me with Addisons disease,Dr Nafach stopped seeing me because Dr Jackson would not let him treat me and we could do nothing about it because Nebraska Medicaid would not let me find another Dr,we now know that we were allowed by law to find a new Dr even while being on a lockin and that Nebraska Medicaid said we could not find another Dr even after I was bedridden for the most part of a full year Medicaid broke the law,just one of several laws they broke. 
 Dr Nafach came into the patient room and said that I could not have Addisons Disease because the other two tests proved negative,my wife and I looked at each other and then turned to Dr Nafach and I said that he did not give me any other tests and that we had only saw him two times before Dr Jackson had ended any treatment.
Dr Nafach gets up leaves the room and comes back and sits down and then says,Dr Jackson is a good man and we just spoke a few days ago about you and I said....Dr Nafach did you know its against the law to talk to another Dr about a patient that is not under his care because I had switched Dr's weeks before,Dr Nafach got silent again and then said Lets just get this over with and set up an appointment for you to have an insulin test which means if I go into shock I dont have Addisons and if I dont go into shock I do have Addisons Disease,My wife a nurse of 25 years quickly said no,I said yes lets do it now,Dr Nafach looked at me in shock and then said I will set you up an appointment and I said fine,the sooner the better and Dr Nafach wrote me a prescription of 20 mgs of Hydrocortisone in the morning and 20mgs of Hydrocortisone in the evening and Testosterone injections and B 12 injections.
We did not know it but the wheels were in motion against me.
We recieved the files from my nervous breakdown over Nebraska Medicaid and Dr Jackson and we were shocked to say the leased.
The Emergency Room Dr said that I was an abitual Drug Addict,yet there was no drugs in my blood at all,he also stated that I was doing illegal Steroids even though I told him that I was on Hydrocortisone which is a steroid,in his statement the emergency room Dr said that he did not believe that I was on any prescription steroids meaning that I was doing illegal steroids,that would explain why I was to weak to walk without a cain and to weak to barely make it to the bathroom because all of that muscle was weighing me down,It was a complete and utter sham from Bryan West LGH Hospital in Lincoln Nebraska whom works side by side with Nebraska Medicaid.
Yes I was on Hydrocodone but I had not taken any that day,I was having a nervous breakdown and trying to drink myself to death or maybe I wasnt,I had the pills to do it but chose alcohol and I dont even drink except on occasions and thats rare but the Dr in the emergency room also said that I was an alcoholic and a drug addict.
I had been on non narcotic drugs for the disability in my back from being struck by a car 17 years ago crossing the street,the emergency room Dr also wrote that I was on Social Security or Disabled because of Addisons disease,I never ever told him that,I told him I was on Social Security from an automobile accident many years earlier that could have possibly been the reason why I had Addisons disease but we would never truly know why,but the Dr worded it completly out of anything that I said,to make me look like a liar,he also wrote that I said that I was taking 50 mgs of Steroids in the morning and 50 mgs of Steroids at night,A outright and complete lie,the Dr also said that my wife called stating that i was dangerous and chased her with a butcher knife another outright complete and utter lie.I can barely walk and was to weak to chase a turtle.This had Nebraska Medicaid written all over it.
My wife and I demanded that these lies be taken off of my medical records,they refused,UNBELIEVABLE CORRUPTION!
My wife called the Univercity of Nebraska Medicine and told them everything that Dr Jackson did and Nebraska Medicaid and they were shocked and wanted me seen quickly by another Endocrinologist and said to apsolutly not have that insulin test we were set up with an appointment to see Dr Weakley Endocrinologist but when we got there suddenly we were told that we were seeing someone else Dr Baehr.
We explained to her everything that had happened my Testoserone was checked and it was at a surprising level high of 1043 and in the medical records she states that was a massive amount,but heres two reasons why it was that high and it wasnt that high 1 The Hydrocortisone was working,Before taking any Hydrocortisone they could not get my Testosterone up at all,even at 400 mgs of Testosterone it would not go up,proving that my adrenal glands were not working.2 The regular level for Testosterone is 950 meaning that I was only over by 93,thats not a massive amount at all.
Last week I had a Dr's appointment with Dr Gill, I called and asked for a copy of all of my medical records and then we found out that Nebraska Medicaid was not going to stop the attacks on me.
First Dr Gill wrote that I told him that I had been on Steroids for many many years,That is the most incredible,shocking,disturbing frustrated lie I could take,I had only been on Hydrocortisone since June,why would I tell him that knowing he would see all of my medical records?
Also the last week when I saw Dr Gill I requested to be taken off of the hydrocodone and put back on the non narcotic medicine that id been on for years until I was bedridden and my body crashed several times and this was before we saw the medical Records,Dr Gill did not want to take me off of the hydrocodone,I had to apsolutly insist that I be taken off.
I also take oxcotin but at an extreemly low dose 20 mgs in the morning and 20 mgs at night,Im coming of of that next month to.
Also it was my second visit with Dr Gill that month,Dr Baehr had taken me from 20 mgs of Hydrocortisone in the morning and 20 mgs at night down to 15 mgs in the morning and 15 mgs at night and in less than 24 hours I completly crashed,I was in more pain than words can say,every part of my body was in an unimaginable amount of pain,I quickly got feverish,I could not walk,I could not stop coughing,this was far beyond anything I ever expected to happen.
My wife checked and found out that the detox period for Hydrocortison Steroid is 5 days and at the most 12 to 14 days which is extreemly rare,It had been over a month and I was getting worse.
I still however made it to Dr Gills and could not stop coughing,Dr Gill gave me a prescription of antibiotics,They did not work and my cough got so bad that it felt like it was ripping my chest musles and even though I could barely walk we went back to Dr Gills to get the medical records and ask him to take me off the Hydrocodone narcotics,Yes it was at a time that some would say that I needed them the most but you have to understand the pain that I was going through was so bad that the hydrocodone was not working at all,it was the perfect time to come off of them.
We had an appointment a couple days later to see Endocrinologist Dr Baehr,believe it or not we still had not opened the medical records,I was to ill and my wife wanted us to open them together.
When we went in to see Dr Baehr I was walking like I was 95 years old and coughing so hard I thought my chest was going to explode or rip open.
My testosterone had dropped,your body knows it and after being through all that id gone through I knew my body had barely any testosterone,I asked Dr Baehr to please check my Testosterone and she said no,because she knew that it was going to be bad and did not want that in my records,She said that we had no Addisons tests ever done and Dr Nafach faxed over that he had never gave me an Addisons test,Now my wife had seen enough,heard enough and watched me suffer enough and she went off,talking to Dr Baehr in medical terms,asking her why would Dr Nafach give me Hydrocortisone if he never took any tests?Why did my body not have any vitamin D,No vitamin B12,no Testosterone and that why would my Testosterone only go up after I was put on Hydrocortisone,My Vitamin D went back up,My B12 went back up only after receiving hydrocortisone which means my adrenal glands are dead and they could have been saved had Dr Jackson and Nebraska Medicaid let me be treated but instead I had to lay in bed in horrific pain for a year.
Dr Baehr put me back up to 20mgs of Hydrocortisone in the morning and at night and within a few days I was walking again,my cough started letting up and the pain is nothing compared to what it was.
We just opened the records yesterday,Dr jackson refused to send Dr Gill the medical records after several requests.
Dr Nafach did not count on us getting the records,it shows that Dr Nafach did in fact give me the Addisons test at Bryan East Hospital, now Dr Nafach had told my wife and I that it showed possitive for Addisons Disease but he believed it was a hospital error which is what it said in the records except the part about Addisons,Dr Nafach states that he gave me a second check and it came up possitive for addrenal failer and that he believes that I enjected something into myself for that to happen........Enject what? He also stated the third test showed negative.
Heres the problem.
Dr Nafach never gave me a second or third check,He outright lied and added on that he thought that I enjected myself with something.
We knew this was Nebraska Medicaid, Bryan East LGH Hospital says thier are no records of any tests but we have proof that Dr Nafach did have me tested once and we have witnesses that were there when I was being tested,LPN Nurses that are friends whom drove us there.
As we looked farther into the records Bryan East LGH Hospital has me down as going in to the hospital and faking that I was sick just so I could see an Endocrinologist.
Bryan East forgot to mention that my face was purple and my blood pressure was 157 over 147 and that emergency room personal saw them half carrying me and took one look at me and screamed for help to get me into the emergency room where they put several nitro Glicerin under my tung and hooked an I.V to me and started to pump Toprol into me,they were fighting to bring down my blood pressure because Dr Jackson gave me steroids that almost killed me.
But Bryan East doesnt have those records,what then was I faking?Like I said before Bryan East LGH works sise by side with Nebraska Medicaid and they falsifyed the records as well as Bryan West LGH,both are the same hospitals but each for different medical treatments. 
I will never recieve help in Nebraska,Moving here was in fact a death sentence for me.
But I wont go without a fight.
On this Wednesday 2nd 2011 6:30 I am picketing in front of the Medicaid Building at 6:30am and I will be alone with my signs one calling NE Medicaid Corrupt and Criminal and the other stating that Yes I Might Stand Alone But Im Standing For Whats Right.
I will stand until my body colapses after I heal Im going back and standing until I colapse and so on etc.
Im an innocent man whom was only running for City Council before my world came crashing down and all of my Constitutional Rights were stripped from me and they tortured me and even if it kills me im not going to walk away from this.
Im Fighting Back Whatever The Cost To My Life.I Want Justice,I Want My Good Name Back And By God I Will Not Give Up Or Go Away.
I am an American and to many men and woman have died to protect our Constitution,I will not let them die in vain.
Tuesday I will stand alone and maybe die alone,But its for the Right Reasons.God Bless America and all of those whom died so that we could have these Constitutional Rights that were and are being stripped from me,If they have done it to me then they have done it to others.


Dr Nafach did indeed fax over the document and it did say that I had been given the Cortisone test,Dr Baehr outright lied and crashed my body knowing I had already had the Cortisone test,We now know she is working for Nebraska Medicaid,They wanted to silence me so they crashed me,But this time my body didnt come out of it as well as I originaly thought,My cough is back and my chest is hurting terribly and we also found an old document packed away and it states that Dr Jackson gave me a Cortisone test on June 2nd 2011 and the results came back Level 3,I was near death.NE Medicaid knew this and Dr Jackson did not tell us the results but instead prescribed me 3 steroids that came within 5 minutes of killing me,Yet Bryan East Has no record of that and ether does NE Medicaid.Now I know what Doctor Jackson ment when he said that id better never bring up the illegal lockin again or id be murdered!

I cant trust going into any hospital in Nebraska,I need help or im going to die.

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We are damanding charges be brought up against all Nebraska Medicaid for attempted murder and against Dr Jackson as well,My Adrenal Glands could have been saved yet Dr Jackson vetoed all the prescriptions from the Endocrinologist Dr Nafach and left me bedridden screaming in pain for 5 more month and after the Cortisone was tested again and now it was at level 3,It was to late to save them and now im lied to and they make my body crash again!

Hear me and Hear me Loud NE Medicaid you will never ever get the chance to try to kill me again.Your days are numbered and I promise that you will see the inside of a prison. 
                                                          Ronald Lee Grim     


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