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General News    H3'ed 2/13/09

Monsanto and your health? Check inside the Obama stimulus package

Message Linn Cohen-Cole

This is the year we are being set up for major corporate control over our food supply and health.

We have two food systems, one corporate and industrial, dependent on synthetic chemicals, drugs, and GMOs, and producing contaminated food and illness - Big Pharm - and the one we are all hoping for - one that is human and natural, dependent on pure soil, grass, sunlight, normal plants and healthy animals, and producing pure food that is health giving.   

We also have two health systems, one that is corporate and industrial, dependent on synthetic chemicals, genetically engineered drugs, and with treatments often controlled by the Pharmaceutical and insurance industry and a multi-billion dollar business dependent on illness - Big Pharma - and the one that many of us are already involved with, that is natural and gentle, using support for body's immune system to cure diseases, teaching that pure food can itself be healing.

In both cases, corporations have been working aggressively to get rid of the competition - raiding raw milk dairy farmers who produce pure and healthier milk and organic coops on one side and health care practitioners  who offer natural treatments that heal, on the other.  

They are also working to control the treatments we get, the doctors' freedom to decide on their own, the hospitals' ability to be flexible on anything, and all medical information about us.  Why?  Because we are becoming a trapped "resource" for their profits - our illnesses are big money.  Control over every aspect of that is being taken over.  

The less health we can maintain on our own, the more illness we develop and can still pay for, the less services they have to deliver to us, the less reimbursement we get, all adds up to more profit.  

We are like cows which produce milk and get milked.  We produce illnesses which get milked.  They pump cows with rBGH to produce more milk and kill them off when they "burn out" many years early.  

They keep us on a diet of Monsanto Bt-corn that is linked to diabetes, a disease that has increased 90% (look at that again - 90%) in only 10 years and brought in a 60% increase in costs (profits to the medical industry), and Monsanto Bt-soy linked to allergies and asthma, and push rBGH on us (by pushing milk but keeping rBGH unlabeled), linked to cancers.  Monsanto even has one of its own heading the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation .  

The industrial medical system works just like with industrial food - cheapest possible inputs (synthetic and lowest quality and least inspection), maximum regimentation of resources (us), digitizing of information as a means of control and lowering costs to them at every possible point, cost cutting around service, and with a monopoly ("captive market"), able to charge what they wish at will.  

On the industrial side, everything is based on controlling images.  Ads for food, ads for drugs - a bright and shining world it seems.  But on the natural health side, the FDA threatened cherry growers that they couldn't even provide a link to a peer reviewed study showing cherries are potentially ten times stronger at controlling pain than NSAIDs - aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. though NSAIDs kill thousands each year (without even including OTC drugs) and cause the hospitalizations of well over a hundred thousand each year.  

There is no internet record of a single death by cherry ... or even cherry pit.

We pay the FDA to protect our health.  But our politicians are paid by Monsanto and others to protect their profits.  Just in purchasing NSAIDs alone, we are worth billions.  The studies are clear that NSAIDs are dangerous.  Farmers can't even let people know the truth, while Aleve (is it Aleve or a different drug?) is allowed on TV ads to offer free samples and to encourage people to share it with friends.

Obama's stimulus package has an image as well.  hides Big Pharma control over you and over your choice in seeking health in the way you wish, including even through your own doctor and their ability to provide for you as they might consider fits you and not a industrial and insurance standard.

The regulations making normal farming impossible, digitizing life down to minutia, mandating controls that remove truly basic freedoms, is being pushed by Monsanto.  Monsanto is one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the US.  It has controlled the FDA before.  It is logical to assume that what is hidden within the Obama bailout was written by Monsanto or pleasing to it.

So, welcome to what Monsanto is now doing to your health - not just your food.  

Who loses freedom through the Obama bailout? You. Qui bono? Big Pharma. 

Here are organizations working to protect your freedom and a website informing people of news about natural health and problems with the industrial system.


From the Natural Solutions Foundation:



"Speaking Truth to the President" 

It's really simple, you know. If enough people demand it, the government will behave itself. We saw that a couple years ago when 598,000 of us sought to tell the FDA to leave our naturalremedies alone... and the infamous anti-CAM guidance remains in limbo to this day. It comes down to taking simple actions to make sure the agencies, Congress, the President and other decision makers get your message loud and clear. Now that Health Freedom made it among the Top Ten social issues on and, we are ready to push even harder. That's where these Health Freedom Action eAlerts make a difference. Please take these actions:

Tell the President about Change ~ Health Freedom is Our First Freedom Please read Dr. Rima's discussion below regarding the very serious threat to Health Care Freedom of Choice hidden in the most recent bailout (the so-called "stimulus" bill). Then get ready to tell President Obama that we want real change -- which means more freedom and choice in our lives, not more control over needed medical treatments by yet another overblown, impossible to approach Federal bureaucracy!

Speak up here. 

From The Health Ranger at Natural News

Mike Adams


The Economic Stimulus bill about to be passed by the U.S. Senate is about much more than simply stimulating the economy: It contains sweeping health care changes buried deep in 800 pages of practically unreadable text. Some of the more frightening items include:

* A requirement that the full health care records of all Americans be tracked in government databases by 2014.

* $954,000,000 in new spending on vaccines. (Almost a billion dollars in vaccinations!)

Over half a billion dollars of spending to "carry out chronic disease" and run "genomics programs".

* Big Government control over the actions of doctors, who will be required to "harmonize" their medical care to meet new government guidelines.

What does any of this have to do with an "economic stimulus?" It sounds more like a Big Pharma stimulus...

This isn't about right vs. left, Republican vs. Democrat or Big Government vs. small government. This is about the insanity of suddenly unleashing a whole new layer of government bureaucracy regarding health care without any public debate! Such huge changes to any nation should never be passed under the guise of an emergency economic stimulus bill when, in reality, it's hiding 140+ pages of sweeping health care changes that nobody has yet had time to even read (much less actually debate...)

Read my article on this frightening assault to Democracy.
Byron Richards explains yet more about the insanity of this bill as currently written .
By the way, the FDA has effectively banned a form of Vitamin B6. And as promised, here's the true story of this bewildering development.


The world gets stranger by the day, huh?

I just want to point out, by the way, that I am on the record being against BOTH the Bush bailout bill and the Obama bailout bill. My position has remained consistent: The creation of trillions of dollars in new money will ultimately rob Americans of the value of their hard-earned dollars, causing far more economic harm than help.  And yet I've noticed a lot of people are strangely inconsistent on these bailouts. They were against the Bush bailout, but not they're suddenly in favor of the Obama bailout (or vice-versa). Folks, these two bailouts are essentially the same con packaged behind two different faces (and political parties). This isn't about Republicans vs. Democrats, people, it's about the rich vs. the working class. Both of these bailout bills are essentially about rich people being bailed out by poor people, just so they can keep their million-dollar bonuses.

Don't believe me? Check this out: Last year, as Merrill Lynch was losing $27 billion to be covered by taxpayers, it paid out an astonishing 700 million-dollar bonuses to its executives. Read it at the New York Times.  Or search Google News and see all the other stories about this.

This is the truth about what's happening in America today, friends: The rich are getting richer on the backs of the working poor.  Presidents may change, but class warfare always is always the same: It's about stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.


Now, it is up to YOU to help stop this economic stimulus bill until 

we can all get our heads on straight and take a closer look at what 

it really says. America deserves a reasonable debate on this, after 

all. What kind of bill is so bad that it has to be passed on a fly-by-night basis anyway?
If you live in the U.S., call your U.S. Senator and urge them to stop 

the economic stimulus bill as currently written, or to at least amend it 

and remove the massive health care provisions that have barely been 

read by anyone (including the Senators voting on the bill):

Capital Switchboard – (202) 224-3121
Or go to to get your Senator's contact information.

More stories below...

Breaking News 

• Theory Behind Vaccines is Fatally Flawed: Health Ranger Exposes "Medical Fanaticism" Behind Vaccinations


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