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John Lennon's Assassin Still Roams Free

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Message Kathleen Murphy

John Lennon 1969
John Lennon 1969
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John Lennon's Real Assassin Still Roams Free

He wasn't even a fan. . . There must be a reason for the tiny little lies they tell us over and over, like the one about the "deranged fan" who shot John Lennon (even though he was not actually a fan of John Lennon's music or the Beatles), and other omissions -facts they deliberately leave out. For example, in another famous death case from 1994, they still refuse to mention that someone had repeatedly attempted to use the victim's credit card while his body laid dead for 3 to 5 days, and the last attempt occurred at an ATM just minutes before his body was finally discovered on the 8th of April 1994. Or that the level of heroin in his body was 75 times the lethal dose (a lethal dose for a hard-core addict is 25 times the lethal dose for a first-time heroin user, and he was three times past that!) and yet, somehow, despite all that heroin in his body, he somehow managed to put the needle away, neatly, and then to shoot himself in the head with a long shot-gun twisted upside-down while maintaining a v-sit position. Not to mention that all four tires of his car were slashed. No foul play here. And, still to this day, anybody who dares to question the official suicide verdict is name-called a "conspiracy theorist" which is the most dreaded social outcast label of our times.

But in John Lennon's case, he was shot four times with a Charter Undercover .38 Special at point blank range (twenty feet) with hollow-point bullets that fragment on impact. When the cops first arrived at the scene, John Lennon was barely semi-conscious and was losing so much blood so fast, they immediately carried him to the back of the cop car to rush him to the hospital. John Lennon's last word was a barely audible, half-moaned "Yes," as the cop driving him to the hospital asked him "Are you John Lennon?" But by the time they arrived at the hospital he was dead.

While famous people are generally famous for being famous, every once in a while a famous person is genuinely loved for something other than their fame -namely, their humanity, which takes the concept of fame to a whole different level. Where it really mattered the most, John Lennon never wasted his fame on himself. He would always speak out and say what needed to be said when everyone else was silent. "What is the point of all the fame, if I cannot do something useful with it?" he said. Even on his honeymoon with his second wife, knowing full well that reporters would follow him everywhere and hang on to his every word no matter what, he decided to stage a week-long peace commercial during what was supposed to be their honeymoon. "They are all the time advertising for their products and their wars. We must do the same," he said.

A good laugh can save your life. When I was 15 and in total despair, I stumbled across the best book ever written about John Lennon in 1983 by Pete Shotton, who passed away in 2017. The criticism most commonly directed at him is, 'how could anyone remember all of that?' which makes no sense because the real question is 'how could anyone forget?' Because the entire book made me laugh so hard that I never forgot it, and all I did was read his book. Although I was never a Beatle fan before, since then I have sought everything written about John Lennon (except slander jobs by people who never knew him), every anecdotal story about him I can get my hands on, just to get a good laugh. (I even read both Cynthia Lennon books about him and no, there's not one single report of him ever hitting her.) But there's only so many stories you can find about someone who only lived for forty years.

He deserves better than the re-hash of the usual omissions and lies about his murder made in the 80's. As Fenton Bressler reported in his 1989 book Who Killed John Lennon, the so-called "devout fan" who shot John Lennon was never a fan of the Beatles and those who knew him described him as "having no particular interest in John Lennon." By contrast, he was a fan of Todd Rundgren and listened to and owned all of his music. This was ignored by the media back then and still is now. During the 80's the media was owned by 50 corporations, and today the world's media is owned by 6 corporations. But why would it be necessary back then and now, for the corporate media to maintain such a miniscule little lie like that?

With war being the most profitable business of all time, funded entirely by U.S. taxpayers, naturally the CIA saw John Lennon's anti-war activism as a "danger" and a "threat to national security" and placed him under surveillance, all completely paid for by U.S. tax-dollars, which entailed 24/7 harassment, lasting years, on top of him having to deal with the U.S. Immigration's relentless campaign to deport him back to England

The highest paid actors are in countless Hollywood propaganda movies that glorify the CIA to the American tax-payer public. But it is a well-documented fact that the very first act of the CIA was to rescue and recruit thousands upon thousands of Nazis. And from that point onward, and still continuing today, the CIA has consistently fought to overthrow democratically elected governments throughout the entire world, replacing them with brutal dictatorships that best serve the "financial interests" of corporate America.

Phil Agee is the first CIA agent to defect and expose the CIA's heinous crimes against humanity. He started working for the CIA when he was 22 years old, from 1957 to 1968 before he finally exposed everything he knew about the CIA in a book he published in 1975. He paid dearly for this, losing his US passport, getting chased around the world by the CIA and kicked out of CIA-run countries all over the world, which he describes in another fascinating, hair-raising book On the Run published in 1987. In 1978 he started Covert Action Quarterly which reported exclusively on the CIA's ongoing crimes against humanity throughout the globe, and ran until 2005 (many of its former writers can now be found at He passed away in Cuba in 2008.

The corporate media has dutifully never reported on any of Phil Agee's exposures of the CIA.

With regards to John Lennon's murder, however, one thing Phil Agee exposed about the CIA was its close affiliation and use of the YMCA as a cover for its operations. And as researcher Fenton Bressler reported in his 1989 book, Who Killed John Lennon?, before Mark Chapman went to New York to kill John Lennon, he had worked on and off for the YMCA for six years and even travelled to war-torn Beirut as well as many parts of the world under the YMCA banner (""on 6 July 1978, Mark took off from Honolulu to Tokyo on the first lap of a six-and-a-half week journey that would take him to Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Israel, Geneva, London, Paris, Dublin, Atlanta and then back to Honolulu."), with no less than an official letter of recommendation from YMCA's Geneva office of the World Alliance of YMCA's, which he also proudly displayed as one of his most treasured possessions in his hotel room waiting for the police to discover after he'd shot John Lennon. So, it was a little odd for Bressler when he was told by the YMCA that all records of Mark Chapman's employment there had disappeared. Despite this, Bressler found many former employers at the YMCA who were willing to talk about Mark Chapman's time working there. They, and everyone else Bressler talked to who had known Chapman growing up and in every other capacity, all had very positive things to say about his character, outgoing and caring person, real leadership qualities etc -not in his character to go and kill someone. On the day after the murder, Bressler notes, a long-standing YMCA friend of Chapman's had said to reporters "I don't think it was Mark who pulled the trigger -maybe his body but not his mind. To say that Mark, the bright, sensitive young man I knew, did this thing makes me wonder if I could have done it, if anyone could have done it, given similar circumstances. And that is horribly frightening." He wasn't the only one Chapman's friends Bressler found to say something eerie like that.

Bressler also discovered, with verification from two news articles and the confirmation of three witnesses, as well as a copy of the original tickets, that Chapman had actually left Honolulu on Dec 2 to take his grandmother back to Chicago with a return ticket to Honolulu dated Dec 18. The media chooses to omit these three days in Chicago, after which he suddenly went to New York with a renewed interest in the Catcher in the Rye (having thrown his previous copy into the ocean), a book which the media neglects to tell us was written by a retired high-ranking CIA agent, J.D. Salinger, who was also a well-documented serial pedophile of young teenage girls.

What Bressler noticed about the murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon, though, is that none of these murders were brought to trial which would've brought "all the facts into the glare of the courtroom examination." The assumption with all four murders seems to be that the case is solved if there's a "lone gunmen" involved. Our government would never involve itself in assassinating people like John Lennon. And there's no need to investigate the possibility of the CIA exerting so much control over a human being that it could force them go against their own conscious-free-will and kill another human being because, as many people assume, it is not possible for our government to do that, or my other favorite, there's no way the government could get away with doing that. And anyone who disagrees is labeled a "conspiracy theorist" -a label so horrible it can intimidate anyone into silence. But what these self-designated thought police ignore is that the real question here is 'why do we have a CIA?' There are two competing conspiracy theories going on here, and there is no such thing as not being a "conspiracy theorist" when it comes to explaining the justification for the CIA's existence.

All cognitive dissonance aside, the CIA is a top secret government that can do whatever it wants and not have to answer to anyone except its own top secret hierarchy, whatever that is, because everything about the CIA occurs behind closed doors. American tax-payers are constantly reminded of the circular logic that "for reasons of national security" we cannot know what our government, the CIA, is doing because it cannot look out for our best interests and protect our democracy. That is why we pay for it and give our vote of approval to their "right/left" corporate-media-approved public officials who continue to spend more and more of our tax-dollars on the endless war budget and the CIA, so it can continue to protect American interests and keep us safe. In other words, we need a top secret government to take away all our civil liberties in order to keep us safe. And if you believe that, then . . . who are you to call anyone a "conspiracy theorist" when you believe the stupidest conspiracy theory of them all?

The CIA was publicly investigated and reprimanded by Congress in the 70's for practicing trauma mind-control experiments, called MKULTRA. The CIA claimed that all their past mind control experiments had been failures and reassured Congress that they don't do that anymore while simultaneously destroying all records of their mind control experiments so that Congress couldn't investigate them further. Researcher Tom O'Neill discovered quite the opposite during his 20 year investigation into the Manson murders. Before the famous Manson murders occurred, Manson clearly had above-the-law protection as he was constantly breaking parole and being let go. The Manson trial never mentioned the government-run hippie clinic that Manson and his followers would regularly go to which also happened to be conducting LSD experiments on docile mice or rats to see how they could be induced into a murderous frenzy. This clinic was immediately shut down after O'Neill exposed the true nature of its Manson/CIA history.

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