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Humanity in general, and America in particular, have become contemptuous of wisdom

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It's not knowledge, which is basically going from the unknown to the known.  Wisdom transcends that.  It’s better described as going from the unacknowledged to the acknowledged.


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Wisdom is concerned with the bedrock of human existence; not greed, politics, or even science.  Indifference to wisdom is the certain death of any civilization.  In fact, the same is surely true of any "advanced species". 


Naturally many definitions of wisdom could be put forth, but probably the best one is "transcending delusion".  Now this is oblique, because wisdom is less realizing "what is the case", than realizing "what is NOT the case".

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The cloud image says it excellently.  Wisdom is removing the "clouds" which stand between us of the sun of truth (which shines with its own light -- it certainly doesn't need us!).


And these clouds are what?  Basically, they are the clouds of the collective human mind set.  This is "consensus reality", or to borrow a classic image from the orient, the clouds are "Maya" (the world illusion).


Delusion is equating "reality" (let's use that word) with "how we think about it".  It's escalating our "thinking about point of view" (which is the essence of ego/personality) to reality itself. 

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But such an escalation is tragic!  Thought is basically internalized language.  It's talking to ourselves inside our heads and the long arm of past conditioning.  Indeed, it's what keeps the social conditioning game going, and we should never forget that thought is not a dualistic perspective “on” the universe, but a spontaneous activity “of” the universe. 


In this sense, wisdom is identical with liberation because liberation is the transcendence of thought and/or conditioning and/or language.  It's transcending the box of social conditioning and becoming "alone with the beating of my heart". 


Hence, wisdom/liberation is the REAL birth of a child of the universe.  Our physical birth may be the seed inside the nut, but wisdom is what grows the seed into transcendence.


But transcendence of what?  Well, actually several things, but supremely transcendence of the pseudo "separate self" which is an alleged duality away from the famous "external world" (both meaningless abstractions).  It’s easy to forget that the “outline” of a silhouetted tree is simultaneously the “inline” of the background, and the same is true for the self/world transaction.  There is no visible world out there waiting to be looked at, since the visible world is a transaction between specific intervals of the electromagnetic spectrum and complementary optical nervous systems which mutually evoke the visible world. In short the view is the view and the separate self vs. external world duality is a game of the mind.


Also, the ego/personality, separate self is “the thinking about point of view” which presumes to put reality into perspective.  Clearly this identity is meaningless since one wonders what from what perspective we “one up” reality (quite a trick!).


All of the above is a whiff, a thumbnail sketch of intuitions which stretch to infinity. 


Notice wisdom needs neither religion nor science (which it doesn't discount, but from which it is completly independent).  Wisdom existed long before the periodic table and institutional religions -- which are really closet businesses.


That's why is has to do with the unacknowledged and not the unknown, since ultimate realness is where we ALREADY ARE and this means our lives are grounded in that which we may "repress" (collectively or otherwise); however, please note that when you repress something, say death, you have to know what to repress in order to repress it.  So it's not just that you are pretending not to know certain things, you have to pretend that you're not pretending.  Yes, it's convoluted, but it's all the cloud of delusion.  To think otherwise about death for example, is to think that "repressing" death somehow "eliminates" death.  In your dreams.  Literally.


People have contemplated such things for millennia.  At night, many of them looked at the thought-transcending stars (which they saw brilliantly since there was no artificial light) and contemplated the inevitability of death.  In short, they "got real" and from this came wisdom.


Again, all this is merely few sparks of a transcendental bonfire.


But, back to the 21st Century and the human race which PRACTICALLY NEVER thinks about such things.  For all our technological toys (and weapons of death) we're probably the most mystically illiterate generation in human history.


Surely it is self evident that something infinitely important and transcendent is missing from contemporary human existence,  It may be subtle and seeable only out of the corners of our eye, but it's just not there.


This piece is one of THOUSANDS of communications in our electronic town hall meetings that never talk about things like wisdom and liberation. 


Notice, not a word about Obama, the elites, the fascist Republicans, The Beast (i.e., mentally ill religious fanatics, the lunatic right wing fringe of every country on the Earth, and parasitical, vampire elites).  Nor some comatose pontificating of the Catholic Church, etc. -- or even the quantum soup.


Just wisdom talk.


Alas, for much (most?) of the human race, such intuitions are, to say it plainly, totally meaningless.  Just words.  Intellectualizing.  "What is the HELL is he talking about?" 


Well, my brother and sister human Earthlings, what's being talked about is the soul of everything.  How about that?  And NOT to be talking about such things basically defines who we are as humans.  Just as NOT to be talking about such things is why human existence is accelerating toward extinction.


Is there still hope? Of course, there’s always hope, but only to the degree we realize wisdom is the self experiencing of the real.


The less a country or civilization takes wisdom seriously, is the more it will inevitably degenerate into the chaos and misery of contemporary “civilization”.  Conversely, the more wisdom IS taken seriously, is the more we will stop picking our nose about symptoms (e.g., “politics”) and catalyze that salvation energy and intelligence that comes ONLY from dealing with ultimate causes.


May we conclude with an example of how wisdom turns consensus reality on its head?  “Awakening” (that exquisite Hindu/Buddhist image) isn’t that the dreamer (i.e., all those personal pronouns of “you’s”, “I’s”, “me’s”, etc.) doesn’t finally wake up from the dream.  Rather, awakening is that something MORE REAL than the dreamer wakes up from the dreamer . . .



W. Christopher Epler (Bill)



Ps.  If you care to read it, here’s a short piece called the “Everything Game” which embellishes the above:


The Everything Game



What would you do if you began to realize you were playing a vast social/political/worldly game whose number one game rule was that the game wasn't really a game at all?


The problem is how would you communicate this to the other game players?  After all, wouldn't they be mystified or offended or even threatened if you suggested they were "lost in a game"?


Let's think of this as the "Everything Game", because it would be a game, so to speak, without boundaries.  So long as you played the game, you would be defined by the game and you could never, never find any secret, hidden place within the game in which the game wasn't king. 


Even if you tried to stop playing the game, that would just be a new variation of the game.


You could take drugs; go to Tibet, pray, meditate, be a scientist, whatever, whatever, but the Everything Game would always have the last laugh. Paying bills, getting into arguments, going to funerals, watching movies, fantasizing about the future, regretting the past, etc., etc., etc.  All Everything Game.  


Now let's imagine that you woke up from this game, like waking up from a nightmare or a waking dream.  You just "snapped out of it" and were living and breathing in a non game place or dimension. 

In fact, what if the social/political/worldly game turned out to be "you"? 


Then what?


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)


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A liberal American, PhD mathematician, bipedal Earthling.

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