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Hubris -- Obama as Emperor Jones ala Eugene O'Neill

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Obama, Emanuel, Summers, Axelrod, Rubin, the Clinton Gang and Dear Nancy P -- All Obama Has Left is Michelle and His Kids

When the Obama ship was sinking, the rats began to desert -- Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Robert Gates -- and more. This reminds me of the Eugene O'Neill play, "Emperor Jones." Jones was a black man, an outsider who, through cunning, was able to become the "emperor of the island," but he came to power through the help of an evil white man. Once Jones became emperor, he listened to no one; he was the power of all power. But his hubris was such that the people turned against him. Thus, when things went awry, he was shunned; hunted by even those who had supported him. He helped destroy himself and his short-lived reign as emperor.

It's hard to tell for sure, but it was clear from the beginning of his administration that the Clinton Gang took over the presidency, not Barack Obama. It was they, along with their man, Rahm Emanuel, who helped Obama get the nomination for the presidency and, once he got it, he was beholden to them.

It all started the night after Obama defeated Hillary in the debates. Hillary, Bill, Obama, and Diane Feinstein met at Feinstein's house; from that night on, Obama went back on all his campaign promises from the debates and took on the old and hackneyed Clinton lines, that not only followed, but actually preceded GW Bush into the White House -- lie like hell; bomb who you want, for example, a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory that was selling pharmaceuticals at below the cost of our gouging American big pharma companies, and say it was a "bomb factory." Use cluster bombs against Belgrade and other parts of Serbia to terrorize the people, then deny using them. Lie about the "budget surplus" -- caused because the budget was so inflated they couldn't spend all the money, so they had a surplus, and went on without paying down the national debt.

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Bush, of course, made it worse with his opening the Pandora's War Box. As I wrote early in the stupid attack on Iraq (see my articles on and and, I forecast that the tiger was coming out and that it was going to devour us, and it has. The whole Muslim world is inflamed, and is indeed a tiger with an unending appetite, one so ravenous that no amount of "homeland security" can protect us against what the Muslims see as our "sins beyond redemption." Obama, like a fool, listened to Gates, and Generals David Petraus and Stanley McChrystal, all failed military men, and expanded the wars that Bush started, thus making things even worse. This after spending years condemning Bush's evil and pernicious wars. Then, as president, Obama had a chance to make peace with the Muslim world, but instead he added fuel to the fire by expanding his wars against Muslim countries. Thus, no matter what he says now, no Muslim man in the street will trust either him or America.

I'm not sure why Obama gave in when he had the presidency in his hand, unless this was another setup like the Gore/Lieberman fiasco or the Kerry/Edwards fiasco. In the case of Gore, he knew that there was an anti-Jewish bias in the south; thus, he and Clinton couldn't even carry Gore's own state of Tennessee, nor Clinton's Arkansas for Gore -- all because of Joe Lieberman. They also lost Michigan because the Arabs, Christians and Muslims in Detroit and elsewhere said, "If Gore wins, then Israel is only one bullet away from the White House (clearly referring to Lieberman and his strong Zionist allegiance to Israel, as well as Gore's possible assassination if Lieberman was so close to becoming president that a single bullet would do it). Kerry took two weeks before answering the "swift boat" liars! What was that all about except to throw the election; almost as clearly as Gore choosing Lieberman (a slimy character at best, known for his slime among his colleagues in the Senate but beloved of the Zionist media in America, as a "good guy").

Obama also had as his gatekeeper none other than Rahm Emanuel, a Zionist and a big lover of Clinton. The way things played out, it was almost as if Rahm owned Obama, and Rahm was, and is, more beholden to the Clintons than to Obama. Thus, no one could get through Rahm to Obama except the "select." It was as if Rahm was the messenger for the Clintons, to give the orders to Obama as to who to hire and what to do.

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Add to that the utter stupidity of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid announcing in their first week of power that "impeachment of Bush is off the table." They had four aces in their hands and they threw them all away the first week. The first rule in politics is to keep your opponent off balance; but Obama and the Dumbrats didn't seem to know that. I bet Richad Daley Sr. and Senator Dirksen, both men I worked with, could have told them that.

People had put the Dumbrats in office to get after the Bush team and their spendthrift and war-making ways. How come the Dumbrats didn't get it? I don't think Obama was that dumb, but he may have been such a foot kisser to some that he stood by and let everything go to hell and then stole the people's money and gave it all to the banks, to AIG, and to the rest of Wall Street. How dumb was that? Not a road, bridge, subway, railroad track, or anything was built or repaired with all those trillions of dollars -- it just went to, and is sitting, in the banks, and they are laughing at the public for allowing this jackassedness to continue. And Obama had the nerve to say he was for the people, and that he "cared"! Like hell he cares, or if he does, he doesn't manifest it.

Obama forgot about those steel workers in Chicago, Gary, Youngstown, and Cleveland, Ohio, and the auto workers in Detroit, Pontiac, and Flint, Michigan. And, in other parts of America, he went along with the Clinton plan to allow outsourcing until it killed American labor -- the middle and lower middle classes -- from Scranton, Pennsylvania, all the way through Illinois and down south as well. Instead of listening to his own voice, he should have gone out and really listened to the people who put him in office rather than listening to the pro-bank group and the FED about how to get past the recession and mess that Clinton and Bush created with easy money and easy big war budgets, etc. Obama needed to learn to listen, but he was so arrogant and so full of himself that he became the co*k of the walk, an idiot, a king with no clothes, as the Tea Party and the American people showed in this recent election.

It is also interesting that the bankers, who are part and parcel of the Chamber of Commerce, who got all the trillions from Obama, also went against him because they wanted to keep their free reign of banditry without control by the government, while using the Fed as their milk source. Although the Fed produced nothing, it controlled where the milk went after it came from the people, who were the cows in this transaction and their taxes, the milk. Sadly, those of us who pay the taxes have no say in the way our money is spent when it goes to our governments, whether local, regional, state or federal.

In the case of Obama, he put the people in charge, and on the good advice of Summers, Robert Rubin, Neal Wolin and Emanuel, along with Bill Clinton, gave our trillions of hard-earned money to the banks who are now sitting on it -- not lending -- trading in currencies, investing our money as they wish, and doling out huge bonuses to their inside boys. Thus, since Obama was allegedly the "boss," the buck stops with him and, in this case, it hits him squarely between the eyes and in his political legacy and future.

But, like Emperor Jones, the rats knew the ship was sinking; they put the holes in the hull, after which they ran off like rats so when the time came for the ship to sink they would be on dry land with their huge new positions. In the case of Summers, he went back to Harvard with an astronomical salary (even though he had been booted out of the presidency of Harvard for his misbehavior); Rahm went to run for mayor of Chicago, which is a race I hope he loses; and Axelrod already has lined up consulting and other contracts, as have the others. I'm sure Ben Bernanke, when all is said and done, will go back to university life and will be on several well-paying corporate boards.

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As for Emperor Obama, he's already been hung out to dry, and the co*k of the walk now is pleading, his face drawn, his wife disappointed in him, and his party looking at him as the failure he is.

In truth, all he had to do was to stand up for the promises he made in his campaign and he could have been one of the best and most powerful presidents of our time. Instead, he kissed the feet of the Clinton Gang, compromised consistently with the very right-wing Repugnants, lost the respect of all in Washington, DC, and became a laughing stock in the world because he'd consistently say one thing, then do another. He compromised his health-care bill to death; he pulled troops out of Iraq and sent them to Afghanistan; he said he had a deadline for pulling out of Afghanistan, then allowed Gates, McChrystal, Jones and Petraus to contradict him.

He said he'd help "the people," but instead helped the banks and the "bankers" and corporations, not even leaving crumbs for the poor or the middle class. He told the Muslim world he understood them and wanted to work with them, then attacked one Muslim country after another; tripled drone attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, then went into Yemen as well, making clear that Bush's war on Islam was in full force, just that the rhetoric was changed. He said he'd create jobs, yet few jobs were created, in fact, more jobs were lost than at any other time in history of the U.S. I could go on, but this enough to have you see my point.

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Sam Hamod, Ph.D. is a graduate professor; he has taught courses in creative writing, politics, religion, mass media and intercultural relations. He has one of the very few PhDs awarded by The Writers Workshop of The Univ. of Iowa, has published 12 (more...)

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