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How many of us have awakened from political/social phantasmagoria and seen The Beast?

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The philosopher Plato was a dualist.  He said life had two radically different parts.  One was the trivial world of our senses and the other was the transcendental, abstract world of forms and ideas.


The consensus mind set of our species is contaminated with similar dualities.  For example, the gulf between the so-called "separate self" and the so-called "external world" (i.e., that from which the separate self is separate).


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This belief is still nearly universal in the human mind set, even though it is beyond absurd.  For example, there’s the philosophical toy of when a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, is there any sound?


Well, in the first place this isn't a "toy" question and it isn't even a paradox, because when asked with sophistication, is it self evident that the answer is categorically no.

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Think of it like this.  When a tree falls in the forest and there isn't any life form (it certainly doesn't have to be human) with an auditory nervous system which transacts with vibrating air, there is no sound.  Indeed, "sound" and "hearing" are two different aspects of the same phenomenon.  No one "hears" sound, since hearing/sound is a unity. 


More radically, the same is true for the visible world which never exists unless a life form with an optical nervous system is keyed into some interval of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Succinctly put, your don't view the view, since the view IS the view. 


Again, it must be emphasized that the above is not toy talk, hopeless paradoxes, or empty intellectualizing. It is (or should be) the self evident truth of things.  The larger moral is that it proves the alleged duality between humans and nature is utter nonsense.  The empirical world we live in (a bad way to say it) is the world our species "evokes", and this in turn is a beautiful reminder that the Universe is our home.  We are necessary "participants" -- not "visitors".

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OK, enough philosophy/science. 


All of the above was intended to be a thoughtful (and hopefully interesting) way to introduce a very different duality.  We can say this several ways.  We can borrow the appearance/reality distinction of Plato or use an ancient image from the Orient and talk about the Veil of Maya which "covers" (at least mentally) the ultimate truth of things.


In any event, the human condition is PROFOUNDLY divided into two unimaginably different worlds.


The first world is the one probably 98% of the human race is semi-consciously "living" in.  Note, living was in quotes, because this first world is what the Buddha called Dukha (anguish) and it is an endless vale of tears.  The supreme lie of our species is that the world practically all of us are living in isn't a world of broken hearts, bodies, and minds.


But is this being exaggeratedly "negative"?  Thinking precisely that it is what keeps the game going, because the only way billions of life forms would submit to chronic abuse and even genocide is to become a species of "enablers" who never see the elephant in the living room (that wonderful image from family systems theory).


However, the Buddhist take on life is not the issue here for all its sublime wisdom.


No, the issue is The Beast.


And the Beast is what?  To begin with, The Beast is the second world.  It is the TRUE REALITY behind the systematically suicidal "first world", i.e., the world of politics, TV sitcoms, three jobs, lost health insurance, a raped and murdered Mother Nature, broken health, and world wide genocide of the working class.


The infinite tragedy is that nearly every human being alive thinks the first world is the ONLY world.  This is as good as it gets, and nirvana is keeping up with your credit cards (even as the interest keeps rising and rising). Hey, this is it; this is life; this is reality.  End of conversation.


Ah, but what about the "second world"?  What about The Beast, because if extraterrestrials are monitoring us, they know with absolute certainty that the Earth is the Kingdom of The Beast.  They probably don't even acknowledge all of rest of us (even though they may pity us), because they know what's on "this" side of the veil is us, i.e., around 6 billion infinitely brainwashed human cattle and creatures so far beyond being "suckers" we don't even have a word for it.


So, back to The Beast, back to Reality.  And The Beast is what?  That question is easy.  The Beast is a hellish stew of mentally ill religious fanatics, the lunatic right wing fringe of every county on the Earth, and parasitical, vampire elites (Paris Hilton comes to mind and, of course, the Bush Royal Family which is all of a piece with the Saudi Royal Family, etc.).


However, the "quantitative" thing about The Beast is that it is made up of very few humans, since relatively few of us can be multimillionaires and multimillionaires.  Hence, this is a very, very select "club".


And The Beast relates to human cattle how?  Well, for openers there is now abundant evidence (do a search) that The Beast is committing systematic genocide all over the planet since they want to wean out about two billion human cattle.  Think of Africa and the "induced" epidemic of aids by white Europeans. 


What else?  Well, The Beast may be roughly 1% of the human race, but they have 95% (or more) of the wealth of the planet.  In other words, The Beast is made up of literal Greek Gods of wealth and power -- Kings and Queens, really, even though they try not to use those words anymore.


So two worlds.  One subjugated, systematically murdered, and turned into walking blood banks for the vampire elites. The other, a world of ASTRONOMICAL WEALTH beyond the dreams of Midas. 


However, The Beast isn't only living in a world of God-like wealth; it is also seething with putrescent religious fanatics.  And that horrific combination is probably nowhere so much in evidence on the planet as the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel.  Hey, how much longer are we going to keep our lips sewed together about these infinitely righteous, billionaire psychopaths?  Of course, it also should be added that these monsters do not now and never have spoken for the entire State of Israel.


The most loathsome thing about religious fanaticism (for ALL religions -- no exceptions) is that they so comfortably turn all the rest of the human race into expendable slugs.


We saw this over and over again during the anti-Christ Bush years, when the "religious right" made it tragically clear they believed Muslims to be subhuman filth.  The surest symptom of psychotic religious fanatics (and we should keep in mind that these people are certifiably psychotic), is their joyful murder in the name of God. 


The “religion” word usually has two meanings.  Institutional religions are strictly businesses and religious fanatics are out patients from hell.  Proof?  People who actively massacre hundreds of thousands of other people “in the name of God” are evil incarnate.


The point that's being groped for here is almost impossible to get our minds around because it is the TRUE REALITY of the Earth and this true reality is a reality of virtually cosmic evil.


EVIL is the God of this planet; it is the "second world" which we (the first world) cope with only with pitiful denial and stupidity.


Well, that may be, but what options does the "other" 98% of the human race have? 


That question is a measure of our pathetic and MASSIVE conditioning.  How can we even ask such an insect-like question?  The truth of things is screaming in our face 24/7.  It's not that most of the human race, at least on some level of consciousness (however dim), doesn't have an almost ESP sense of The Beast.  That's not the issue, even though the denial is so dense you have to cut it with a knife.


No, the "issue" is what the bloody hell do we DO about it?


Well, that question may have literally hundreds of answers, but ONE ANSWER utterly dominates them all.  And it’s so simple even barnyard animals know the answer.


Put it like this.  The mythologist Joseph Campbell used to talk about following your bliss.  A beautiful man with beautiful intuitions, but for what we're talking about now, Joe is irrelevant.


However, to rephrase his saying, the answer is FOLLOW YOUR RAGE, because if several billion human beings "follow their rage" about these tiny enclaves of Greek Gods, the outcome will be inevitable.  And this tsunami of rage will totally transcend politics (a game invented by and for the elites).


The point is not to feel bound by someone else's "game rules".  In THIS game the only rules are OUR rules.  We don't have to "answer to" the abstract structures (financial, political, religious, etc.) which have for millennia protected The Beast.


To HELL with politics.  To HELL with religion.  To hell with ANYTHING that gets in our way.  We must unleash a hurricane of rage that will literally annihilate (whatever that means!) The Beast.


The alternative is to continue our Duh, submissive, sitcom, blood bank existence. 


One last shot.  The subtle point is we must TRANSCEND the social game rules which enslave the human race, and the only thing that can and will do that is to FOLLOW OUR RAGE. 


And don't forget, The Beast (remember Africa, remember Israel/Palestine, remember New Orleans, etc.) is already killing us off by the millions.


And oh yes, it helps to remember 9/11 -- the ultimate and treasonous desecration of The Beast.


We didn't start this "war", but we absolutely have to FINISH it. The mathematically exact bottom line is will The Beast destroy the human species (and of course, itself as well), or will the human species destroy The Beast?   


We aren't slugs, we aren't cattle, and we aren't blood banks.  We are children of the universe and it's time to once and for all claim our birthright -- WHATEVER THE COST!    


Viva the human race.




W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps  A good bumper sticker would be:  SPECIES RAGE or SPECIES EXTINCTION.



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A liberal American, PhD mathematician, bipedal Earthling.

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