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Heiress Lives In A Tent: Politics, Religion, Family and Sociopaths

Message Deborah Breuner
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March 25, 2012
My mother use to say, " If you don't learn from history Sweetie; you're bound to repeat it. " My father always spouted, "Family is our greatest asset Debbie dear; family always comes first. He also said, "If you need something done, go to the top."
Without one conscious decision I brought what I was taught into my soul and lived it everyday of my life; I still do. But, my life experiences and education working together have caused me to dissect these clichàs and their deep meaning as they pertain to life in general; my family; families of others, and those who run our country.
I believe, "What goes around comes around." Not sure where I secured this first? Probably from all the metaphysical training I've received over the years, in it's simplicity; originally from the Bible.
And, this I believe is most important, as I've come to realize "Example Deborah." Just another little something Mother would say to me when I wasn't acting like the refined young lady she insisted upon.
Within this one word, "Example" I conjured up an expectation that those highly educated, holding prestigious positions in society, need to be the examples for the rest of us.
As I grew up I was constantly disappointed to find from a very young age, that though this should be true it wasn't. 
It was true concerning my exquisite mother; she was always a fine example. 
What my father said in clichà was true, but he I would eventually (way too late) find out was a bit of a sociopath. He did not live what he spouted.
But this is how sociopath's are; they fool you with their expertise at lying. They profess, act and perform. Once they reach their goal they attack. But, it's never outwardly; it's manipulatively, while they've learned exactly what will please you"make you smile. Keeping this in mind they give it to you until they have your trust.

Obama Sneer by

There should actually be an award of some type for these skills. After which, these sociopaths should be thrown in prison with their engraved plaques of excellence.
I've seen this within my family. I guess God wanted me to have practice for the big time. He did well I must say.
Here's the big metaphor. As I grew up I watched my prestigious father destroy my beautiful mother with manipulation and lies, as my sisters and I were to believe him. And, we did for a very long time"because he was a sociopath with an agenda" it's simply called greed.
My poor sisters still believe him. I thank God everyday I stopped.
But, then again as a child I was at least suspicious of the scenario my father spun; made a promise to myself that someday I'd rectify my precious mother's life, though I had no idea what I would uncover; how the same issue would destroy mine, and once destroyed my great Auntie Win's life too. 
Or, how all this would play into what is going on in the United States of America.
It was huge when I first discovered that what occurred in my family was a metaphor to what is going on in this country today. 
What happens within our government trickles down through our authorities, courts, the legal world, places of worship and finally shows up in our families.
Starting with our corrupt government and as my mother said, "If you don't learn from history, Sweetie; you're bound to repeat it."
As my father spouted, "If you need something done; go to the top." Wow, this could be considered a double entendre, could it not?
In my family, so could "Family is our greatest asset; family always comes first," to steal from that is.
I took this to mean love, honor, and respect family as my precious mother emulated.
Well our government today is in the process of repeating the holocaust, and from what I've experienced they already have and more seriously.  The public is dying in the streets, by the manipulation of our government, and those who haven't been attacked by financial mafia don't realize where they're headed.
I trust the gas chambers were more humane than slowly dying in the streets. Our government is counting on secrecy to this entire scenario, so the next victim won't have a clue. And, once it does occur, there will be no one at the top to address the outrageous federal crimes.
How does society fair under this kind of corrupt control; how does one go to the top when the top is a sick example of the human race and there's no one above them but God, while they don't believe in God? They have already taken Him out of our schools, and trying to take Him out of our courtrooms. Or has this been accomplished already?
This is so huge God sent me an angel, my sweet Larry to help me fight my battle"now ours.
Another little something I believe, after the life I've lead, "Everything happens for a reason." Like my parents I too love quotes and clichà s; as my mother did I choose to only recite those I believe and live by.
With our government corruption at the top of society, why in the world would our children turn out with one ounce of honesty, integrity or have moral character? I guess you could say it's not their fault. 
"We are what we're surrounded with." 
Only the very deep in their faith in God (however we perceive Him to be) can overcome the corruption in our leadership by exposing their own experiences; other's who know God, but not yet destroyed by these federal crimes, need to listen.
 He's trying to warn you through the metaphors all around.
I am your metaphor. To the extent of my loss is how rampant this is in society today affecting the whole of humanity and your bank accounts. 
The responsibility to lead with integrity and morals belongs to our leaders; it belongs to us that they be ousted from control, if they are sociopaths.
Our children will learn the qualities they see their parent's demand. If we as parents instead allow this corruption to continue, why shouldn't our children learn this too? And, while they're at it grow up to be corrupt them selves?
Right now, corruption is winning. This means the Devil is in control. We the people of the United States of America are the only ones who can fix this government corruption and it takes work and time out of your lives. Is it worth it?
These quotes below are another example of what I believe.
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.
                                                             ~Luciano de Crescenzo --
"Come to the edge, He said. They said, "We are afraid.' Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew."

                                                                                  Apollinaire, Guillaume
I guess some of these grown up children, from the fifties and sixties, who saw bad examples as they observed parental apathy towards outrageous crime in our government are today running our houses of God.
Many are actually sociopaths or even psychopaths as they stand at their pulpit shouting God's word; passing the plate down through the pews for the congregation to tithe; give to the poor; increase their own blessings! 
But when the destitute knock on the door, of their own parish, they are ignored?
Frankly I'm sick of the remarks I receive when I share my continuing saga, "I'm not surprised, that's just the way our powerful leaders are." They then go about their lives grateful that it won't happen to them.
Without revolt against this in numbers, I assure you it will. We need to all do our part, which has nothing to do with writing our government officials because they're all corrupt and purposely not listening from behind closed doors of secrecy; now deleting your e-mails"thanks to the computer.
Hey, but we have "Twitter" and sites like this one. It's a good start.
While we decide what we are going to do as Americans, to stop this corruption, there are tons of organizations today taking advantage of those of us whom have been stricken by horrible financial federal crimes. They use the horrible economy and stories about millions of people who have been ruined to gather donations from you. They walk the streets dolling out free foot washings, once a month; kneel by the victim's side and say a prayer. They then scamper off to the Caribbean for vacation with the rest of the donation money.
But, one doesn't find this out until they call for help.  And the government authorities do not investigate these crimes against you, for your donations, or the poor who never see them.
The lame stream media bleeds all over the press, commenting on the so-called pathetic homeless and how disgusting they are; blame these victims like a sociopath does for their woes; they announce how the government is helping. The news bleep issued by our corrupt government; broadcasted by the corrupt media, while the national financial institutions are committing financial federal crimes amounting to millions of dollars (embezzling) against their own customers and the government authorities are purposely ignoring these crimes. 
Then they bail out the banks!
Please don't assume I don't recognize the many other crimes our government commits against the American people, I do.
Such as the way our soldiers are treated, after they return from battle. It's an atrocity. But as long as the financial institutions can continue to commit federal crimes against the public and the authorities remain in office with their corruption"nothing will improve. The American public won't have a life to improve upon if their funds are being stolen with no recourse. ..and while I'm at it.
I do not claim to be Democrat, Republican or Independent. I hate politics because today this is where crime lives. I would consider myself a conservative and there's something seriously wrong with a president of the United States of America who can get his weenie sucked in the Oval Office and still be respected as a leader. Herein lies the problem in our country. Morals and ethics mean nothing anymore. 
No wonder the US Costitution is being question? It protects the public and "The Fort" doesn't like that.
By: Deborah Breuner
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I am a Fashion Designer, Writer and Heiress. I have had all of my millions stolen and now live in a tent. The authorities WILL NOT INVESTIGATE.
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