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  'Something is happening here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?' -Dylan   'Depopulation should be the highest priority of US Foreign Policy towards the Third World' -Kissinger   

                  America is the ultimate consumer society, in which the vital raison d'etre is to devour as much as possible. Given the rapacious consumerism that is as much a religion as an economic arrangement, it is not a wonder that the same attitude applies to reality itself. In America 'reality' is a commodity to be bought or not, to be chosen or ignored  for maximum convenience. One believes what is most expedient to believe in support of a comfortable world-view. Reality is relative. Negotiable. Changeable. Realité du jour.

             In such a world, one can watch John F. Kennedy's head explode (1)  from an angle rendering it absolutely impossible that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter, and still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole shooter. After all, J. Edgar Hoover (2) said so, almost from the second the first shot rang out (if not sooner). So did Time magazine. And Walter Cronkite. So it must be true. Deny your own lying eyes. Told enough times that something is so, it becomes virtually so, and the 'consumer' becomes even less attuned to non-bizarro reality, and more confused (and angry) if challenged. In veritas vertigo. 

            There are distinct parallels between the Kennedy assassination and the events of 9/11. It might be convincingly argued that had the Kennedy murder been properly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice, then 9/11 would never have occurred, as it would have been considered impossible to get away with it. Lessons were learned in the successful JFK plot that aided the emboldened sinister planners of 9/11.


            And the Warren Commission (3) was established not to seek the truth, but to entrench a major falsehood and sow confusion. Just like the 9/11 inquiry (4),  for which Henry Kissinger was the Bush Administration's first choice as Commissioner.


            The lone gunman 'theorists' used a tame and compromised media to repeat their message tens of millions of times. They employed ridicule and insults to silence any critics (in the case of 9/11 skeptics, questioning their patriotism would be added). The crucial Zapruder film was bought by Time-Life and not shown publicly until 1969. The FBI tampered with it to better support the official story (5). Secrecy was the order. Oswald was but the first 'person of interest' to die violently.


            In a Presidential motorcade in the sixties, it was standard practice that two police motorcycles would run parallel to the limousine on either side. On November 22 1963 these are notably absent, having been ordered to take up positions following the Presidential car.


Similarly, Secret Service Agents would always walk alongside the Presidential limousine on either side, and also ride on special platforms set at the rear of the car. On that fateful day, all agents had been ordered to stay well behind the President's car. One agent at the side of the car can be seen receiving an order in his earpiece. He reacts with astonishment and disbelief, and throws up his hands three times in frustration before following orders and abandoning his post. (6) Moments later the President is clutching his throat, and then his head explodes.

             In spite of denials, George H. W. Bush was in Dallas on that day. And despite other vehement denials, he was also an important CIA agent in the early sixties, beginning in 1960. (7) (His father had ties to CIA's predecessor OSS as did other Skull and Bones associates to the CIA). As such, he was involved in the Bay of Pigs planning under Richard Nixon (the latter as Vice-President), using his oil company, Zapata Offshore as cover. Zapata Offshore operated in the Florida Strait, not far from Cuba. (An ex-navy supply ship used to equip the invaders was named the 'Barbara', likely after Mrs. Bush). The code name for the Bay of Pigs was 'Operation Zapata'. The CIA had enlisted the help of the Mafia in its efforts to oust Castro, a Mafia otherwise under relentless attack by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. (8)             Someone else in Dallas that day was E. Howard Hunt (9), also a CIA agent, also involved in the Bay of Pigs planning and close associate of GHW Bush. Hunt had been involved in the overthrow of the Arbenz Government in Guatemala in 1954. Later he would become infamous for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. Hunt is thought to be one of the 'hobos' briefly detained just behind the grassy knoll on the day of the assassination. In 1985 Hunt launched a lawsuit against Liberty Magazine (10) after the publication not only claimed that Hunt was in Dallas on November 22 1963 (something he denied), but that he was the 'on the ground planner' of the assassination. Hunt lost the suit. After Watergate FBI Director Patrick Gray illegally destroyed evidence (11) from Hunt's safe. Nixon can be heard on one of the Watergate tapes expressing fears that the 'whole Bay of Pigs thing' might get out. Many Nixon scholars have taken this to actually refer to the truth behind the assassination. Hunt from his jail cell was demanding a million dollars or he'd talk. He got it. (12)             If E. Howard Hunt was the ringmaster, mafia don Carlos Marcello (New Orleans and Dallas) likely owned the circus. Enraged by his life-threatening deportation by RFK to the jungles of Guatemala, he swore revenge. (13) 

            Furious that the Bay of Pigs invasion went ahead against his express orders, Kennedy had fired CIA head Allen Dulles and planned to disband the entire organization and build a new one. Members of the CIA were not amused, nor at the perceived betrayal of the Bay of Pigs operation by Kennedy. Also involved was a cabal of Cuban thugs, some of whom would also later be implicated in Watergate. (14) Dulles was later named to the Warren Commission, a supreme if not sinister irony. The Warren Commission's own Kissinger, one could say.


            In the lone gunman myth, three shots were fired from Oswald's awkward Mannlicher-Carcano with its misaligned scope. The second 'magic' bullet would have had to defy the laws of physics to pass through two bodies, to break bones, and then be discovered in pristine condition on a hospital gurney on which neither assassination victim (the other being Texas Governor Connally) had lain.


            Just as with the Secret Service stand-down on 11/22 a similar lapse occurred on 9/11, allowing planes to approach their targets unimpeded. Indeed, then Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, present with VP Dick Cheney at a Pentagon bunker, stated that Cheney, aware that something was approaching from the air and asked '...if the orders (to not interfere) stand', replied gruffly in the affirmative. The Pentagon's automatic missile defense system was immobilized, something which would never happen by accident. If a plane (and not a missile) struck the Pentagon, then it also defied the laws of physics by completely disintegrating (no wreckage, no luggage, no bodies) after causing a structural hole with the circumference of that of a missile. (15) Within minutes debris was collected, and some of it hidden under a blue tarp by an assembly of well-dressed 'workers'. Despite an estimated 85 cameras trained on the scene, no photograph of a plane has ever been released. Some witnesses were allegedly threatened and told to keep quiet. Some survivors were approached in their hospital beds and told what to say. And what not to say, presumably.

             Newton's laws of motion were also abrogated when the Twin Towers and Building Seven came down at virtual free-fall speed. There is evidence that Building Seven (the demise of which the purposely flawed Commission didn't even attempt to explain) actually collapsed at slightly faster than free-fall speed, which is explainable only by a partial vacuum in the basement, one caused by an explosion. (16) 

            (By coincidence, George H. W. Bush was in New York at a meeting of the notorious Carlyle Group, which also boasts at least one bin Laden on its Board, and ties to Kissinger Associates.)


            Explosions were heard in the basements of the Twin Towers by many credible witnesses, and seen on many floors throughout the duration of the collapses. Steel debris weighing tons was ejected laterally at great distances, a phenomenon impossible absent the type of energy generated by powerful explosions. Pools of molten metal were discovered underneath the rubble weeks after the collapses, still maintaining temperatures impossible to attain without the use of explosives such as Thermate, and entirely consistent with its application. (17) Of course, if controlled demolition occurred, then the terrorism of 9/11 would have had an entirely different source. (18) And then there was the Bush/Cheney refusal to testify except together, unsworn, with no records kept.


            The argument that rogue American power elements would never stoop to harming Americans is specious if one considers, as an example, 'Operation Northwoods'(19), a 1961 military plot to kill and injure Americans and use the attack(s) as a pretext for invading Cuba. (18) Also remember the Maine. And recall that in conducting their illegal invasions in Indochina (thus arguably rendering American deaths murder, just as Prosecutor Bugliosi argues of Bush regarding Iraq) (19), Nixon and Kissinger also deliberately prolonged the fighting for the basest of political reasons (Kissinger: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." So much for 'supporting the troops'.) They wanted the war to continue through the 1964 election, so that they could take credit for ending it later. Was that not homicide? (Not everyone could get five draft deferments like Cheney or desert with impunity like Bush.)

             So to the almost four thousand Americans who were murdered on 9/11, one could add the almost sixty thousand needless American deaths in Vietnam and forty-two hundred wiped out in Iraq and Afghanistan. All arguably derived by the Kennedy assassination and the irresponsible American proclivity to hedge reality. 

            In terms of the Kennedy assassination at the time a conspiracy already existed among disaffected Cubans, vengeful Mafia members, and furious agents of the CIA whose organization was seriously threatened. The three factions all shared a common hatred for John F. Kennedy, and for his brother Robert (especially in the case of the Mafia). To suggest that they arranged for action that they would have seen as mutually beneficial is hardly farfetched. Marcello is reported as stating of the Kennedys that in order to stop a rabid dog, one doesn't cut of the tail (i.e. Robert), but the head.


            Seekers of truth regarding 9/11 have also been dismissed as 'conspiracy nuts', as if 9/11 weren't by definition just that. The question is whether the plans were cooked up in a cave, or somewhat closer to home. Immediately after the events Osama bin Laden disavowed any involvement, and no credible evidence has come to light suggesting otherwise. The FBI admitted as much.


            But in order to further its ambitions of 'Full Spectrum Domination' PNAC (Project for a New American Century) with its very powerful members does mention that a 'new Pearl Harbor Event' would be a useful catalyst in galvanizing the American people into allowing what is now commonly recognized as the Bush disaster which is far from ended. In both criminal tragedies one cannot fail to ask: qui bono?

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I'm a Vancouver writer and film-maker. I have written extensively on political issues, mostly involving American foreign and domestic policy, and also issues in common with Canada such as the ongoing Omar Khadr case. My favorite outlets are OpEd (more...)
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