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GOOD MORNING, DEPRESSION - Thank You, Rush Limbaugh

By   Follow Me on Twitter     Message Gerald Lower       (Page 1 of 1 pages)     Permalink    (# of views)   7 comments

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Author 19872
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Have You Considered Lithium Sulfate to Complement Your Oxycontin?

I can't remember the last time that I woke up in the morning depressed. I think that it was some 20 years ago when my dear friend, Lonzo, a beautiful nascent Christian thinker, son of a Lutheran minister, hung himself from his own back porch in La Crosse.

I think Lonzo had simply given up trying to fight the inherent psychosis of Roman religion. He was worth more to the People than is the entire political right wing with their blind faith in their Roman "god". What a pathetic shame. This nation really needed guys like Lonzo. It still does.

But, I woke up this morning in a state of mild fear and panic for myself, my children, and my country. We are so entirely brain dead in this nation, we do not even know which direction is up and which direction is down under right wing political dominion ... and we are overtly determined to go down, thanks to the political right wing.

I woke up in the world of Rush Limbaugh, a world where white calls black black and black calls white black. And the people are not helped at all but torn apart, weakened and confused with fear-mongering, demagoguery and misinformation, all in the name of the Republican Party (1).

Thanks to an entirely dysfunctional mainstream press, we are unable to resolve a single issue in this sorry nation. Firstly, we must keep both sides of all arguments alive because there is so much advertising money to be made selling to both sides of the debate.

This is precisely how capitalism will kill itself, by being concerned only with itself, screw the people, screw the human truth, screw human rights and screw democracy. Since the press has chosen not to be the "friend of the People," it commits tactical sin by now underestimating its newly emergent enemy in the People. We must remember, when this is over, just who did this to us, and never allow those with the right wing mindset to get even close to elected or appointed office.

The de facto defining agent of the Republican Party is Rush Limbaugh, a case of bipolar disorder gone manic if there ever was one, if there even is such a thing. Here is this psychotic loaf of stale bread telling the people that Obama is a "fascist" (2). Can you believe it?

Sweet Jesus, Rush does not even know what the word means. He does not need to know what the word means. He just knows that the word scares all hell out of conservatives, who likewise do not know what the word means, certainly not with Rush as their teacher and source of "knowledge".

The U.S. is owned and controlled by corporate America (fascism by definition, Rush) and it will necessarily have to keep capitalism going until there is nowhere to go but down, you can count on it, that decline and fall being based on empirical necessity. Somehow we apparently need to damage ourselves to the extent that we will never ever even consider abiding this latter day (post-WWII) capitalistic "experiment" in human and earthly exploitation.

Fascism is a noun, you ignoramus (almost rhyming with hippopotamus). It means "an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization" with all political power in the hands of corporations. In general, it refers to "extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices" (New Oxford American Dictionary).

That would pretty well define the conservative, right-wing Republican Party, not so? Rush is the kettle calling the pot black, he is the essential "wolf in sheep's clothing" we were all warned about, he is psychosis defined. Rush is a lying sack of it, especially in view of the immense control he thinks that he ought have over other people.

The desire for control and revenge (3) are characteristic of bipolar disorder, the result of repressed inner anger of which Rush has plenty to go around. Eugene Robinson asks, in response to Limbaugh's attacks on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, "Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so" (4)? Again, "love-hate" relationships are characteristic of bipolar disorder, as is the inner "rage" (5). The tide can turn instantly, without explanation.

Even worse, it would be impossible to know less about Jesus than does "holier-than-thou" Rush Limbaugh. He just likes to parade and push people around in the name of Jesus, as does his chosen homeland, i.e., Imperial Rome.

The mainstream press, by the way, is entirely useless and, therefore, worthless to the people in this nation. In order to keep capitalism's game going, the press is entirely willing to provide voice and credibility to established criminals ... to bring criminality unto itself. Certainly, someone in our news media knows the proper meaning of the word "fascism" better than Rush Limbaugh, whom they allow to get away with ideological lunacy.

With so much criminality around, there is simply nothing that we can do to stop the inevitable. Obama is still playing the neocon Republican game that he campaigned against, because it is all that we have known for three decades or more. With an income this past year of nearly $3 million, Obama has entered the ranks of the rich and powerful to become one of the enemy. He provides us no reason to ever vote again for a "black man" - in spite of the novelty of it all.

One has to admit that Rush Limbaugh is thoroughly "American." He is ill-educated (doesn't even know the meaning of "fascism"), he is very well fed and hugely obese, and he is addicted to Oxycontin ("Hillbilly Heroin")-based narcotics (6), which readily alter one's response to sensation, one's mood and one's awareness (7). How much of what Rush says comes from his drug-induced "insights?"

Are right wing "americans" so ignorant as to continue to support this mindless psychotic? Yes, they most certainly are, not only adequately ignorant, but blindly ignorant as well, to the point of regularly voting in their own worst interests. They know nothing else, thanks to fear-mongers like Rush.

But what if "bipolar disorder" does not even exist? Is Rush "bipolar" and needing his lithium sulfate or is he just a "bratty 13 year old" (1), spoiled rotten by his mommy or his nanny? What portion of those claiming to suffer from "bipolar disorder" were spoiled rotten as children and adults? What portion of those claiming to suffer from "bipolar disorder" are merely responding to western dualistic culture in a manner that constitutes something of a defense mechanism?

After all, Rush has gloated over his bringing Glenn Beck into the world (8) and he dreams of owning his own major league football team, the St. Louis Rams, a tad vainglorious. Who paid this idiot that kind of money? Unfortunately, Rush's history of practicing racism may well come back to haunt him (9), spoiling his chances to be an NFL owner. Rush could use this situation as proof that there is a Roman "god". Like everything else, Rush would ruin the St. Louis Rams and the NFL (10).

The man is deserving of nothing for his dissemination of overt ignorance and lies to Americans who ought know better. Indeed, this is the kind of ignorance which is clearly harmful to the people by virtue of keeping them as ignorant as is Rush himself.

Is there any more humiliating way to be brought down than at the hands of a lying spoiled brat or a bipolar "victim" on a manic binge? Is there even a difference? I think not.

Bipolarism is a culture-induced disorder most common right here in the U.S., as right wing as we have become. Indeed, we can even brag about being the only nation on earth in which we diagnose bipolar disorder in our children. We start them out on Roman "good-evil" dualism at an early age in the U.S.

Eventually, one has no choice but to remove the bipolar "victim" (or "abuser") from one's life. In Rush Limbaugh's case, we could not do this too soon. The man is a pathetic excuse for being human, which he tries to hide beneath all of his self-righteous "blow".

Perhaps my depression had nothing to do with thinking about my old friend, Lonzo. Lonzo drove a cleanly restored 1955 Chevy which at the time only cost him about $2500. One evening, at "Danceland," a local rural bar, Lonzo met a guy without a job and without a car. He gave that man his '55 Chevy. Lonzo was employed and he knew that he could always work for another car. Is that Christian enough for you, Rush, you Roman clod?

Perhaps my depression had as much to do with Dr. Jeff, the physician who taught me the German language, when he cocained himself to death in the parking lot of St. Francis Hospital in La Crosse.

Or perhaps my depression had as much to do with Dr. Fred, the most knowledgeable anesthesiologist at Gundersen Clinic in La Crosse, when he killed himself at home, unable to face another day on the job that demanded devotion to full blown ignorance in order to survive all of the corporate capitalism.

While these physicians may well have had other issues in their lives, there is little doubt in my mind that capitalism played a determining role in the deaths of these accomplished doctors. Indeed, the two brightest physicians that I met at Gundersen Medical Foundation were both born and raised in Iran, the place that Rush Limbaugh would love to bomb.

And, of course, these capitalism-related physician suicides received minor coverage in the local newspapers, no discussion of causation at all. The U.S. loses 400 physicians a year to suicide, the "equivalent of at least one entire medical school class each year" (11). News reports always leave the reader to assume that these men must have been "weak" - when, in fact, just the opposite was true. They were strong enough to speak their minds, which put them ahead of most in America.

As I have said, there is nothing on Earth that Roman religion cannot destroy, including even itself, as is currently the prophetic case. The world is not coming to an end, my friends, just Roman religion and its socioeconomic system, i.e., devoutly mindless, greed-driven capitalism.

The next evolutionary cultural era will be termed the "Beginning of Human" - when we honor human rights and we, the People, take control of our world ourselves. Jefferson, you know, located God, the real God, right between our ears, in "the will of the People." Close enough.

Nowhere did Jesus ever say to "pray to me" or "worship me". Mostly, he just advised us to "Think for yourself", be honestly human, and emulate the Man in thought and action. Jefferson took that advice seriously. The Orthodox Church knows at least that much, even if the Roman (Catholic) church does not. Now, tell me that you have never heard of the "Great Schism" between the Catholic and Orthodox branches, brought on mostly by Roman belligerence in the name of the Roman "god".

Screw Rome, why would Jesus cater to Rome and the people who played a hand in his public crucifixion, as if he were some sort of common criminal? You must think Jesus to be as stupid as those of you who love worshipping Rome, you know, people like Rush Limbaugh.

If you want Jesus to come back to Earth, you are going to have to do some growing up, get all Roman supernatural bull out of your mind. The Man can only return to earth in you and your friends.

Jesus always spoke from a base in Reason, never from any base in any "religion". Men of reason know better than to get into religion. Human rights and human values are born of the knowledgeable human mind, as are the values of science and democracy.

Jesus was entirely human, always has been, wouldn't you know? Jefferson knew that much in beginning his efforts to clarify nascent Christian theology. You need not believe in some fictitious "heaven" because you will not be needing to go to that imaginary place. You will only go to where we all go when we die.

If you follow the lead of Jesus, the "Father of Human Rights," you will experience Deity and Heaven right here on Earth. And, it remains as true today as in his day, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to gain access to the heaven of Jesus - right here on this planet (Matthew 19: 24).

No one needs to be rich. It has nothing to do with who you are on this Earth. That is more determined by what you do on this Earth.

Have you noticed that one thing that you cannot buy with money is a touch of human, i.e., nascent Christian, morality? Morality always has to be learned and earned. Michael Moore is precisely correct in urging Obama to earn his Nobel Peace Prize. Why are Romans terrified of nascent Christian morality? They have been for nearly two millennia.

"God is Love. Happy is he who fears God." If that makes sense to a Catholic, then Catholics are more Roman than Christian, not so?

Thank you for reading this little note to myself. Already, the air seems more clear and I am no longer depressed. You have renewed my faith in humankind with your reading kindness. We can all do that for each other, you know. So, I thank you.

Rush Limbaugh is a racist. Please sign the petition:


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