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Friends help me out here. Can we "wake up" in time to save ourselves from satanic national/international banker elites?

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As some of you may know, I submit quantities of pieces and sometimes I'm on target and sometimes I miss the mark (interestingly, "missing the mark" is one of the etymologies of "sinning" -- kind of interesting).


But I'm already digressing.  Trust me; the above question is totally sincere.  I analyze this and challenge that and learn tons of things from other submissions, but in my heart of hearts I'm now really adrift.

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Sometimes I am filled with confidence that we are finally on the right track, and then Obama does something so moronic it makes him virtually a clone of George Bush.


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However, I'm doing my best to keep the faith and God knows the man inherited so much governmental insanity and brokenness he can only do so much so fast, so I keep trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that at least he has good intentions and perhaps knows what he's doing more than I frequently give him credit for.


But in the larger picture, Obama (good, bad, or otherwise) is a minor variable in the vast complex of what I call The Beast (i.e., mentally ill religious fanatics, the lunatic right wing fringe of every country on the Earth, and parasitical, vampire elites).


In short, what I'm groping for is for us to "begin where we are" and not get distracted with wishful thinking (or counterproductive despair), so may I ask you to share with me your deep, deep sense about the infrastructure of human civilization, or more specifically, the infrastructure of what used to be our country (if it ever was "ours").


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Take Iceland, for example.  My God, what a horror show. Look what the elite/bankers did to that pitiful country.  It's like watching hyenas strip what's left of a kill.


All this bail out insanity doesn't seem to be something Obama is fundamentally dealing with at all.  But again, more generally, it seems like Obama is being bounced like a ball by American banks and their astronomically rich backers.


Please indulge me since I can tell I'm all over the place.  So let me try again to be more focused.


It seems like we finally have a good sense of what's really happening.  To say it plainly, we now know America (like nearly every other country on the Earth) is a Dictatorship of the Rich.  We are an oligarchy and no mistake.  And we probably always have been an oligarchy, in spite of brief gasps of freedom. 


Not everyone may agree with this, but it seems to me that FDR and even John Kennedy (and Bobby Kennedy) were our "Camelot" moments, but even if that's true, they certainly didn't last long and during those moments we were still mostly in the jaws of The Beast (we just didn't know it).  Of course, during the 50's no one knew anything about anything -- except to hate homosexuals and communists.


And then comes Alzheimer’s Ronald Reagan, union busting, miscellaneous wars, and the only human being on the Earth more evil than Dick Cheney, i.e., Henry Kissinger, who is right up there with Hitter and Stalin as being responsible for the deaths of literally millions of human beings.


But staying on point (please hang in there with me), we now seem to be seeing more deeply into The Beast than ever before, and what we see are banks. 


Suddenly, the paradigm of civilization is a vast complex of banks, banks, and banks.  And indeed, it increasingly looks like this has ALWAYS been the paradigm of civilization and America. 


Of course, the banks are just the putridly visible face of the astronomically rich one or two percent of the planet, but we now seem to be in the middle of a kind of gigantic coming into focus of "the social reality of things".


But the more this gestalt is seen and understood, is the more historically horrific it is turning out to be.  We are clearly dealing with forces of evil (and POWER) that are beyond our wildest dreams.


Indeed, we now know that for the last several hundred years (possibly with varying mutations, more like 6,000 years); basically the entire human race has been manipulated, exterminated, and literally enslaved like human cattle.


Hey, that's reality.  WE ARE LIVING LIKE HUMAN CATTLE, and have been doing so for countless generations.  And the elites, the Rothschild’s, the Paris Hilton's, the Bush Royal Family, the Rockefeller's, the "robber barons", etc., are living lives we can't even imagine!  They are living like GODS, with effectively infinite wealth, and if any human beings have sold their souls to the devil, it's the national/international elites.


My God, "evil" is too pale a word for these monsters.  If hell is real, they live in the hell of hell.  We will NEVER comprehend the evil of these "things".


But what about their "power"?  See, that's where I need all the help I can get.


Help me out here, friends.  Do we have ANY hope of liberating the human race from The Beast?  After all, the more we see into their Heart of Darkness is the more we see a network or matrix of such sadistic complexity and indescribable violence that it's terribly hard not to think it’s hopeless.


Think about it.  They basically own every politician on the planet (including to some very significant degree, Barack Obama); God knows they own and control the banks of the planet ABSOLUTELY (indeed, banks are their chief weapon against "the masses"); they have all the weapons and police at their beck and call (this is called a Police State); and they have absolute control over nearly all of the media, so they can propagandize and literally "hypnotize" TV addicts to their hearts content.


The list goes on.  It goes on and on and on.


Against such a fabulously constructed prison for the human race (i.e., roughly six billion human cattle), how can we fight back?  How can we stand up and be counted as children of God (if that works for you) or children of the Universe.


In this status quo, we have ZERO birthrights, our Constitution is indeed just a "piece of paper" (as pinhead Bush described it), nearly all the politicians and police would do ANYTHING to get a little candy from The Beast, and walking filth like Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger get to go places where people even respect them (how can you respect feces in a suit?)


We KNOW 9/11 was a national/international inside job.  We KNOW JFK, Bobbie Kennedy, and Dr Martin Luther King were assassinated (also, almost certainly Senator Paul Wellstone – which gave the anti-American neocons the senate).


We KNOW the banker/elites are sucking up 90 something percent of the wealth of the Earth, while they are only one or two percent of the Earth.


We KNOW our country is run by traitorous lobbies of the elites.  And we have such a bizarre relation with the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel, that the Chinese are calling us the United States of Israel.


We know all of these things, and we're learning more and more every week, every day.


But we're still cattle in a Police State. We're still cattle in a Dictatorship of the Rich.  We're still cattle watching the banker/elites systematically destroy the life and death ecosystems of human existence.  In one way or another (including systematic and documented genocide of America's working class!), these fiends are KILLING us, and they're KILLING our children, and they're KILLING Mother Nature.


And yet, they placidly keep living their Greek God like lives, while we keep mooing our way to the slaughter house.  We keep acquiring degenerative diseases from stress and working three jobs; we keep playing the lose/lose "voting machine game"; we keep saying "oh well" to our disappearing heath plans and retirements; and we keep permitting vomitus "religious institutions" (not only in America) to murder in the name of God with nauseating self righteousness.


These people are CRAZY and these people are EVIL.  That’s all we need to know about them.


But our health and spirits are breaking.  We are being financially broken and our lives are becoming trash heaps of broken dreams.  "Broken" is the operant word here and you can bet you life and the life of your descendants (assuming you have any) that we are already VERY far down the road to becoming "Iceland".  


And why?  Well, the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers just don't seem to have enough cash . . .


OK, I've got it all out.  Well, not all of it, but I think most of it.  This is reality for me.  This is the "real world".  This is America; this is Civilization.


Wow, that was exhausting.  It's hard to talk about a world of limitless evil and greed . . . and one which breaks our heart, health, and dreams.


But I haven't forgotten my question.  Give me some feedback my fellow Americans.  I've done my homework, I'm an internet activist, I try to keep the faith, but I just don't know.


What do you think? Do we have a chance in hell of saving the human race from The Beast?  Can we ever be proud of our country again?  Will our Constitution ever stop being Bush's "piece of paper"?  Will one pebble of the "American Dream" be allowed us?  And may I say again,that Obama may be a step in the right direction, but the “big picture” trivializes Obama.  The challenge here is probably a hundred times greater than anything he can or will do, so it’s best not to fantasize about political miracles.  They don’t exist and never have existed, since politics per se still a game invented by and for the elites.


Here’s the question again.  Is the cattle/slaughter house status quo our world of past, present, and future?  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?


I do know this.  Unless we have four or five miracles, our future (to paraphrase O’Neil’s play, "The Iceman Cometh") is going to be "Iceland Cometh". That banker/elite elaborately planned massacre of an ENTIRE COUNTRY is going to be our future. Hell, we're already 2/3 there.  When is the last time you took your family on a long vacation?  When is the last time your bank credit card interest rates went DOWN?  When is the last time you saw even a handful of our "elected representative" act like they weren't tentacles of The Beast?  And when is the last time you heard religious fanatics talk about compassion and not genocide in the name of God?


In a way, maybe I know too much.  Maybe it would be better if I hadn't done all these submissions backed up with some much research.  Maybe ignorance is bliss.  Hey, why not just moo away my life. 

But, like you, I'm not going to go down without fighting.  I'm by GOD going to find some way to bring down The Beast, even if it takes a (hopefully non-bloody) Revolution. 


We're way, way over the point of no return.  Hey, most of us are 15 feet from the slaughter house. 


Time to stop mooing -- but I still need all the hope you can give me.  I think we all do.  Before we were sitting in a theater with a fire in the basement -- now our pants are on fire . . .


Yes, come to think of it, a little shared hope would certainly be nice.


Thank you for wading through all this.



W. Christopher Epler (Bill)



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A liberal American, PhD mathematician, bipedal Earthling.

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