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FOR Bernie, but now for everyone!

Author 512761
Message Robert Burkart

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
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My name is Rob, I am basically a nobody but I would be proud to help the only candidate I believe should be elected our next President, Bernie Sanders. I have a policy plan that I believe is a way to help our United States of America. This plan would simply be the most radical but greatest way to improve several important problems that we face. I have done my best to lay this out in the following. Of course it needs fine tuning and details are needed but it should really stand on its own as a basically simple over-all plan to do what it is designed to accomplish. As far as I'm concerned Bernie gets all the credit; he created this plan. I so much believe that this plan can be done as it is totally self-funded, needs no taxes from our government to work so no one can say that it would cost taxpayers a thing. In fact once understood all citizens of our country would certainly be extremely elated, because so many over time would enjoy a nice boost to their United States Postal Bank account! If Bernie would simply put out this new idea in a way that make people realize how much money they could receive, money attracts people more than anything, just ask Andrew Yang's supporters. Please consider the following outline with all your heart!


A United States policy to strengthen the U.S. Post Office by including banking services. This proposal will strengthen and expand existing offices that are now operating and will also make it possible to open most if not all post offices around the country that have been closed, if they still exist. By combining mailing services with banking will assure that the troubled postal service will not only survive well into the future but will flourish! This is not a new idea but I will lay out how this should be implemented. And how the 'Kick' I give the whole plan will allow the bank to give out special loans for Green New Deal projects. It will also allow the banks to make low-interest loans to anyone who wants to add renewables in their life with solar, wind, or simply are wanting to make their home more energy efficient. Low-interest loans will be offered to those who want to purchase an electric vehicle. Please continue along with me on how this can be made to happen and with the 'Kick' that will make thousands of people very happy!

The postal service will basically stay the same but will also have the ability to improve on what they already do quite nicely, move mail and ship packages. The banking side of this merger will generate massive cash flow that will obviously help its partner the postal service. As the bank grows mail carriers will eventually be supplied with emissions-free electric vehicles. The banking side of this partnership will only do business with U.S citizens. Only U.S. citizens that have a social security number will be allowed to use this bank. So in our country we will have our very first real national bank. For U.S. citizens to bank here they would be required to prove their citizenship with a legal SS number; all SS numbers submitted would have to be verified with the national social security administration. All verified citizens would then need to make a deposit in the bank to become a member of this United States Postal Bank. A minimum deposit of $10 will be required along with the ss number verification. Becoming a member/client of this bank would allow each person to take advantage of the benefits already mentioned and would be allowed to enter the "Kicker" in this whole policy plan, A TRULY NATIONAL FAIR LOTTERY BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE!


Why a lottery you ask? Search for "history of lotteries" and you will see that they have been around for hundreds of years. The founding of the United States was partially funded with lotteries, check it out. But what is so disgusting about our modern-day lotteries is that they are not done fairly. So many people, millions, play a lottery game every day, every week, some only once in a while, but so few ever win a thing. This is not right; lotteries today in modern times are not set up to help the majority of players. It has a greed element to it and in a way promotes the distorted thinking that "I can maybe become one of the 1% and win a million". Of course many win crumbs but never become that dreamy millionaire. So much promotion and hype of our lottery games today point to the winning jackpot but so few win big and if so for what good?

One big flaw is that so much tax is siphoned off of winners' total; why? The government didn't buy one ticket only the players of the game. The lottery that would be administrated by our U.S.P.B. would be designed with that in mind. This lottery would be fair with no taxes applied to any winnings! More money to be applied to the game itself that in the end would make this one part of our U.S.P.B. that would draw most if not all U.S. citizens to apply for a bank account. Excitement would grow to overwhelming and thousands of winners would be had with the lottery I have designed for us. And as you see by drawing citizens to this rewarding lottery would build the bank that would then strengthen the postal service. A thriving bank would make it quite easy to make loans for things and people who want to help fight climate change. What could be better than a strong national bank, a revised and better postal service and a really FUN way to help thousands of U.S. citizens regularly!


  1. All players must be a member of the bank as stated previously.

  2. All players must be 18 or older; this is approximately 253 million citizens.

  3. Only one member of any given family can play in a current game.

  4. A new game can only start after a minimum of 100 million players buy a ticket.

  5. Purchasing a ticket enters you in a game, a $1.00 ticket is all that is required but 2,3,4, and 5 dollar tickets can be purchased, these will be sold only to increase the total, so if anyone wants to buy more as a voluntarily way to build a larger pot it is welcomed. Note: Buying a ticket that is more than $1.00 does not give a player any more than the 1 chance in any one game.

  6. There will be 2 different ball drums to select the winners.

  7. The first drum will contain 15 balls, 4 balls numbered 8, 3 balls numbered 7, 2 balls numbered 6, 2 balls numbered 5, and 1 ball for numbers 4,3,2,1. These balls will select what group of players at what level of winnings they will all win. The groups 8, 7, 6, and 5 will have more chances to be selected with more balls to hopefully allow more players to win (more happy people!).

  8. The second drum will be the flipper. 1 ball will have 1st on it and the second ball will have 8th on it. Important: As all players buy tickets those tickets will be time stamped when the purchase was made so when a group is drawn with the first drum they will either come from the first time stamped players or the last that purchased.

  9. The bank will receive 1% of total sales of every game prior to the drawing of that game.

  10. All winners will get their winnings directly deposited to their bank account.

  11. No one will be allowed to win in consecutive games, everyone is welcome to play each game but must be aware of this. If one who won previously wins the next game that person with that time stamp is moved to the next none winner on the the time stamp list of entered players.

  12. Each game will be played until the 100 million minimum number of players is reached plus a 1-week time frame will be added to each game, so this gives time for as many as possible to join the current game to increase the jackpot. And of course if the 100 million is surpassed in any one game that is great and what we all will be hoping for. There will be a 3-day pause after each game is over then the next game will start.


With 100 million tickets sold at $1.00 we start with $100,000,000 and out of that our our United States Postal Banking System will receive 1% or $1,000,000. Now there is $99,000,000 for this game.

Players/People Winnings Groups

1. 99 -------------------------------------- $1,000,000 group 1 are players 0-99

2. 198 ---------------------------------------$500,000 group 2 are players 100-198

3. 396 ---------------------------------------$250,000 group 3 are players 199-396

4. 792 ---------------------------------------$125,000 group 4 are players 397-792

5. 1,584 --------------------------------------$62,500 group 5 are players 793-1,584

6. 3,168 -------------------------------------- $31,250 group 6 are players 1,585-3,168

7. 6,336 -------------------------------------- $15,625 group 7 are players 3,169-6,336

8. 12,672 ------------------------------------- $7,812.50 group 8 are players 6,337-12,672

In the above example you see the number of players and what they all will win in each group according to how the balls bounce. All 1-,2-,3-,4-, and 5-dollar tickets bought will be considered as just a single purchase; in other words for example if someone wants to buy a $5 ticket it would be considered as 1 ticket. So one person can only enter 1 time. In the above example the total started with was 100 million, the amount in the example above in the winnings column will always be the same in all games, it will be the amount of players that will vary in any total amount of any future game. [Using the available number of people 18 years or older as another example: 253,000,000 the bank gets 1%, which is $2,530,000 and to make an even number of millions for the game the bank will receive an additional $470,000 giving the bank 3 million for this game and leaving $250,000,000 for the players of this game. So on the top end (group 1) 250 people could possible win $1,000,000 and on the group 8 there would be 32,000 who could win $7,812.50. Or if group 5 ball is rolled there would be 4,000 players winning $62,500.] The way winners are decided in the draw is with spinning the drum that holds the 15 balls. When the drum is spun and what ever number comes up will indicate what numbered group wins this game. That winning group will be chosen from the first ticket purchasers time stamped or the last time stamped purchasers. The drum #2 will decide if it is the first or last. In the 100 million example above for example here: the #1 drum is spun and the ball numbered 6 comes up, that group 6 will consist of 1584 time stamped players, they will then wait to see what ball is selected in the #2 drum. The #2 drum is spun and the ball numbered 8th is chosen so here we have the group 6 number of players coming from the last time stamped ticket upward 1584 spots making the winning players. Other than the big greedy banks can I ask WHO would not like this 'FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE' policy plan? Let's do it!

Thanks---the end here but hopefully just a start!



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I am a US male from Colorado.

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FOR Bernie, but now for everyone!

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Robert Burkart

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Author 512761
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  New Content

I designed this plan for Senator Sanders and tried to get it to him in multiple ways and no one not

even Bernie would respond to me about this proposal, so here it is for everyone to consider. As

read you see I wanted no credit, wanted Bernie to get credit so it would help him in the election.

Submitted on Tuesday, Mar 17, 2020 at 3:03:22 AM

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Bill Willers

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Reply to Robert Burkart:   New Content

You might want to contact Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute. Banking through the US Post Office has been suggested, and she might be able to give your plan a critique that you would value.

Submitted on Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020 at 10:25:41 PM

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Robert Burkart

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Author 512761
(Member since Dec 28, 2018), 1 articles, 2 comments (How many times has this commenter been recommended?)
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Reply to Bill Willers:   New Content

Thank you for responding to my article, but I am far from a position to do anything constructive with the plan. I thought about a way to help a lot of people here in the USA. I simply thought that this would be a progressive plan that Bernie might be interested in and help him to gain votes. Now it doesn't matter. But I believe strongly that it is a fantastic idea! Rob

Submitted on Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 at 12:20:36 AM

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