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Every Nation Can Aspire to Be a Model

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From Peace! {MID-323928}
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Given its available resources, every nation can aspire to be a model for other nations. For the United States to be a model nation, it needs to repent of its collective sins and ask each nation that it has exploited in any way for forgiveness so that a new precedent can be established in international relations. We the citizens and voters of the United States must realize how our government and our lifestyles are harming the world. When the United States becomes an ethical and ecological role model, the world will be thankful. When any country becomes an ethical and ecological role model, the world will be thankful.

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According to this Scientific American article, "It is well known that Americans consume far more natural resources and live much less sustainably than people from any other large country of the world." William Blum may be the best expert on U.S. interventions in other countries since World War II; one of his books was highly praised by Noam Chomsky. Here is William Blum's website:

According to this Scientific American article , "A child born in the United States will create thirteen times as much ecological damage over the course of his or her lifetime than a child born in Brazil," reports the Sierra Club's Dave Tilford, adding that the average American will drain as many resources as 35 natives of India and consume 53 times more goods and services than someone from China." It has been said that it would take four earths if everyone in the world consumed as much as the average American.

For about a week, I read fewer articles at some of my favorite websites like,,,,,, and I started searching for documentaries about UFOs instead after I received an email from Joe Martino, founder of,in which he shared his video interview of David Wilcock (here is a description of David Wilcock from RationalWiki), who claims to be a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. The topic was "Disclosure and the Fall of the Cabal." That video was available free for me for a few days, but readers also may be able to see a screening of it at for a few days. Here is another video I found of David Wilcock interviewing Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods .

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Joe Martino's interview of David Wilcock was very thought-provoking, but I had many questions and some doubts. So I did a google search to find any criticism of David Wilcock which I found in this YouTube interview. Also, here is an article from a conservative Christian point of view about David Wilcock entitled "New Age False Teacher, David Wilcock, Twists Matthew 6: 22." Click here.

The interviewer in the YouTube video above created the website called At that website, I found Linda Moulton Howe featured there. I remember once owning her amazing book called An Alien Harvest (about cattle mutilations) that was published in 1980. I found an interview of her at age 76 in January of 2018. The topic was "E.T. Experiments & Alien Races on Planet Earth." Here is the video, which gives a simple and clear explanation of this phenomena. Here is a description of Linda Moulton Howe from wikipedia, and here is the description of her from RationalWiki. Linda Moulton Howe's website is

After sending this video to some of my friends and editors in my email address book, one friend of the family said she had been a UFO investigator many years ago. She then sent me links to the following two videos below which are two 30-minute panel discussions among the world's best experts on UFOs, which included Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, Stanton T. Friedman, Grant Cameron, and Victor Viggiani: "The World's Top UFO Researchers Discuss Alien Disclosure (June 2018)": Part 1and Part 2. At the end of part two, which is the question and answer segment of part 1, you can watch other related videos that are in the sequence.

It was mentioned by Linda Moulton Howe that during the last 270 million years there have been three geopolitical alien groups that have been doing experiments on humans, and the most advanced group, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs or EBEN; also click here) have been able to create clones, hybrids, cyborgs, and androids, and the EBEN have made a contract with the U.S. government! It was mentioned that a lot of people don't know that President Truman created the CIA in 1947 after the famous alien crash in Roswell, New Mexico. One panelist, Stanton T. Friedman, expressed that the U.S. is feeding the military, not the starving.

One alien group supposedly created the dinosaurs in an 80-million-year experiment. Linda Moulton Howe says humans have souls, but the clones, hybrids, cyborgs, and androids don't. Some of the panelists discussed that there may be a disclosure or confirmation by the government(s) soon that some of the UFOs are from other planets. If there is a disclosure, that will be a great shock to the world, but some of the panelists doubted that our government would tell the whole truth if it revealed anything. It was mentioned that there were people in the military that are angry about the long-held secrecy and are becoming whistleblowers when they seek out researchers like Linda Moulton Howe to reveal top-secret information about the alien presence on earth. Also, there was a consensus among the panelists that we are living under a fascist-like control by the one percent.

A few days ago I also got an email from the world's most popular Marxist Economist, Professor Richard D. Wolff, founder of who sent a message out on Halloween Day that was entitled "Capitalism: All Tricks, and No Treats." Here is part of his inspiring email message pasted here:

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"Trump's aggressive foreign trade and global military policies offer big dangers. The economy is overdue for a 'correction' (euphemism for yet another capitalist downturn). It may well be severe because of the over-indebtedness of US businesses (who borrowed at interest rates lowered to near zero because of the 2008 crash). The government's response to the #MeToo movement is a deeply aggressive Supreme Court appointment. Political and cultural polarization are heightening. Yet, while this year's Halloween monsters for adults are scary enough, so too is the mass recognition of deep problems with US capitalism. The US left's retreat - under the concerted assault since 1945 on all that the New Deal represented - is now over. Occupy, Bernie, Black Lives, #MeToo, the young socialists winning office (and even this month's pathetically incompetent screed against socialism by Trump's Council of Economic Advisors) -- all attest to the end of that retreat. A new movement is building solidly on the lessons of the past. Its vision is doing better than the declining capitalism we live in. It is something we are proud to be a part of." (end of email)

In planning to visit my 92-year-old mother and my sister for 6 weeks in Indianapolis from the Tampa area where I live, I thought about which mode of transportation would be best for the environment. The Greyhound bus and the Allegiant Air flight both cost about $140 round trip. The bus would take 26 hours, the Allegiant Air flight that I ended up taking lasted about two hours. When I drive a car, it takes me about 18-20 hours divided up over 3 days, staying in at least 2 motels. I don't like driving through big cities like Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, and Indianapolis. Each year it seems our highways are becoming more crowded and dangerous. It is an example of how capitalism cannot prevent or solve social problems.

Sitting in the airport, I started thinking that many people have a different worldview, but essentially we have the same needs in terms of Maslow's hierarchy. I started thinking of the cost of all the body scanning and metal-detector equipment that airports use. It seems like such a waste of money and time.

As individuals can be either self-actualizing or in a defensive, survival mode, the same is true for nations. Moreover, in light of the alien-presence phenomena, we can ask, is our world community a force for good in the universe? If our intentions and motivations determine our destinies, why couldn't the earth community move into the self-actualization mode and become a model community for alien civilizations? Every nation can aspire to be a model for the other nations of the world. If there are many habitable planets in the universe, then every planet can aspire to be a model for the habitable planets in the galaxy. Every galaxy can aspire to be a model galaxy in harmony with the universe.

But then if alien communities have genetically modified our human line of development for the last 270 million years leading up to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, what are we here for and what are our possibilities? Howe said it may be that we reincarnate, and that the Source created us to see how many would return to it. This is all a lot to think about.

From Amazon, I just received the book Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World by David Ray Griffin, probably the foremost expert on 9/11, a watershed event in world history because our interventionist foreign policy became even more aggressive and disruptive of world stability after 9/11 than it was before.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, our leaders did not convert our enormous military expenditures into social programs because they found a new enemy--the terrorists. David Ray Griffin's books make a very convincing case that 9/11 was a government false-flag operation to convince Americans that to continue spending astronomical amounts of money on the military is vital to our survival. Why is the United States doing these things? There are corporations that make vast amounts of money when more weapons are needed. Corporations control the government and the mainstream media. Moreover, the United States is an empire, which is not what the world needs or wants.

Every citizen and voter in the United States should make a list of how the United States can become a great country in the eyes of the world, since we are hearing so much about how to Make America Great Again. Have we ever been great? Compared to what we could be, the answer is no. Here are my recommendations for the United States:

1. We need to shun all lies, misinformation, and disinformation and create a society that values openness, honesty and transparency at all levels.

2. We need to encourage self-awareness by encouraging a study of psychology, conflict resolution and communication skills, yoga, Buddhism, mindfulness meditation, and the use of psychoactive herbs such as cannabis, peyote, and ayahuasca for a deeper self-understanding.

3. We need at least 7 of the largest political parties participating in presidential political debates.

4. We need to value solar and wind, eliminate nuclear power, and cultivate hemp for all of its biodegradable uses.

5. We need to study math, science, social studies, and language arts our whole lives and share what we have learned with our children and grandchildren. It would be good if everyone could retire at age 60 with a good pension and monthly Social Security payments, so that they could focus full time on making the world a better place.

6. We need to have more trains and busses and far fewer cars.

7. We need to eliminate all forms of imperialism, capitalism, racism, patriarchalism, and materialism from our hearts and minds and motivations.

8. We need to stop discriminating against the LGBTQ community to encourage others to accept and not hide their sexual orientations.

9. We need to build democratic, consensus, intentional, autonomous, and interrelated communities from the grassroots level to the global level, building from the bottom-up.

10. We need to encourage neighborhood control of neighborhood schools to create neighborhood togetherness and intentional communities--something that has never been tried yet.

11. We need a fair and democratic Constitutional Convention proportionally represented by any national political party that captures at least one percent of the vote to create a new national constitution. Thomas Jefferson thought we should have a new constitution with every new generation.

12. We need to implement public banking, proportional representation with a unicameral national legislature, ranked-choice voting, the elimination of the Electoral College system for electing a president, the empowerment of multiple political parties, and the elimination of the Federal Reserve.

13. We need to be concerned about every person and species on the planet.

14. We need to become vegans for ecological, ethical, and health reasons to promote sustainable practices in consideration of future generations.

15. We need to value democratic world government built from the bottom-up instead of having a new world order imposed on us from the top-down.

16. We need single-payer health insurance or Medicare for All.

17. Instead of charging students for higher public education, we should make it free. In fact, we could even pay students and older adults for their academic achievements, if we truly value education.

18. We need more Americans to demand workplace democracy.

19. We need to demand that our government stop intervening into the affairs of other countries in order to implement our own business agenda at their expense, to their detriment.

20. We need to lead the world in reducing all military spending, and in dismantling all nuclear weapons that are currently on the face of the earth.

We need a president who--being open, honest, and transparent--will say, "I will do everything in my power--to get military spending drastically reduced worldwide, and I will work to dismantle all nuclear weapons on earth." We need a president who will be sorry and apologize in an individualized way to each country of the world for the pain, suffering, and loss of life that the United States has caused throughout many generations.

Imagine what it would be like if our nation, or the world, had free public education at all levels, free health care, and free public transportation, with the wages of the highest paid worker no more than 3 times the lowest earning income. We could drastically reduce the need for militaries, the police, cars, and health insurance companies. We could start avoiding all fossil fuels. We could provide incentives to voluntarily reduce world population, as the need arises.

If the United States will follow the recommendations stated here, it can help make the world great for the first time, and it can give the world a reason to love us for the first time, for all the right reasons. Creating a world that is open, honest, and transparent is the most important thing we can do. It will allow us to love and accept ourselves and others. It is our intentions and motivations that create our destinies. I am not absolutely certain that aliens have visited the earth, but with everyone we encounter, we can always try to be kind to set a good example. Every nation that helps the world live and work together in harmony will be appreciated by the world consensus, for example, by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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I retired in 2010 from teaching general elementary and high school special education in Indianapolis. I am interested in studying political theory, world history, and foreign policy. Integrating the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, (more...)

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