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Election Expectations

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I have just cleared my phone messages and I was appalled at the loathsome people who called me. If I had any inclination (which I have NEVER had) to vote Republican, based on the amount of calls they have pestered me with-------I'd NOT vote for them out of the principle that I detest being propagandized by what I already know as false truths. For this same reason, I never listen to the Rupert Murdoch's puppet pundits on Fox TV who yell and rant at listeners. For the same reason, I tune out the rhetoric from the drug addict Rush Limbaugh. It's harassment on steroids.
When I hear Romney say that he wants to "take back America", I wonder: just HOW FAR does he want to take us back to? Back before women could vote? Back to the days of slavery or serfdom?

It's shocking how many people are actually buying into being told what to do by those who have skeleton's in their personal life closets! I've been inundated with mailers, some of which actually TELL you how to fill in your whole ballot. So much for freedom of choice! Here's who called me just this weekend (and maybe it's happened to you): Clint Eastwood, Rev. Billy Graham's holy than thou "survey", Mike Huckabee, Senator Marco Rubio, Rev. James Dobson, PAT BOONE! (Who was the "white washer" of music that black musicians wrote) and two misled women talking about "our rights".

Each one I of those named above has been involved with some things that I consider make them people who have NO BUSINESS giving me moral advice. None of these mind being involved with rather secretive PAC groups to send their message. The reverends support wars and suppress women. Mike Huckabee pardoned a killer, who then killed again, but he'd rather drop out of the presidential elections than let THAT be more widely known. Marco "embellished" (ie. lied about)  his family history to appear more electable, Clint? He's just gone bat s-- crazy in his old age--hey it happens.

Quite frankly, I clearly recall Jesus saying in the bible "Judge not, or you shall be judged". Too bad those that claim to be "insiders" with Jesus, become the hypocrites that he often talked about as they choose their pride and comfy pocketbooks over helping the poor. They like to decide which innocents are okay to slaughter. They ought to READ this book before they venture to push it.

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 I am over these hate based and fear based politics.

 Locally, we have a candidate for our county commission  that has cheated on his wife, while claiming to be a "faith based' candidate (Jason Sager). Beyond this he denied the affair until consulting with a lawyer AFTER sex tapes of him and his campaign manager emerged. He could still win and be one of only five that make major decisions about our county! Plenty of people are unfaithful in their lives, but then we don't pretend that we are in a position to dictate morality to others or run our candidacy on some fake moral high ground. Methinks he'd have no problem crumbling at the feet of any contractor seeking to gain some county deal, if the price was right. Yes, he's one of the Republican prizes on the ballot.

Not that I am letting the Democratic Party off the hook. The last time they had a decent candidate for president was 40 years ago with George McGovern. He had convictions that were proven to be the correct ones. We SHOULD HAVE gotten out of Viet Nam.  After that election, I went Independent. To me, BOTH parties are corporate and corrupt. The situation that this nation is in, has been caused by BOTH parties. They each blame the other and say that THEY are our white knights, but it's BOTH their faults. They solely have shared all the power for over a hundred years. We, the people, are the victims and if we want something else we need to leave the old school parties and JOIN something else.  When you buy food, do you settle for something reeking of toxic chemicals or something half rotten? Don't you choose as fresh as you can get? WHY would we settle for anything less in our leaders?

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I surely don't want leaders who have gobbled up mucho campaign dollars, from God knows who, in these ever escalating billion dollar elections. Think about it, if you have a million to donate, you can reap contracts, subsidies or tax breaks in the BILLIONS off of the US government. This is QUITE a return on investment that cannot be found in the stock market or anywhere else! You can't expect these "for profit" entities to look out for any interests but their OWN. That, my friends, clearly  means: NOT, OUR best interests.

Republicans trumpet that they LOVE to get as many donations as they can. Democrats shrug and say that they must play along with the game that the other party has started so that they can get elected. They hope that you won't notice that they are leaving out the part that they, too, now owe some favors to their bigger donors. Greens say that, even though it's MUCH harder to run on less cash, giving into "less corruption" defeats the purpose completely of us being a party of strong values. We just don't do it.

One of these parties being "not as adept at being corrupt" does not give them a pass, in my opinion. This is one of the reasons that I feel blessed to be able to vote for a party that holds my values---- the Green Party. I am extremely PROUD to vote for someone with clear and unfettered plans that really will get our nation back on track like Dr. Jill Stein and the Green New Deal that she has offered (see ). No corporate or secret PAC funds here, in the Green Party, and that is blissfully freeing. We can support 100% the things that make sense and the best paths to take because Greens don't owe big donors any "favors". 

Interestingly, I have talked to many people who said that they took a survey on line and found that they agreed MOST
with Jill Stein of all of the major candidates. I took the same test and came out agreeing with Dr. Stein the most, too. Strangely, at the end, I  was TOLD to vote for Obama! Say what? Sorry, I'll vote for what I want and so should everyone.

If one agrees in their heart of hearts with Obama or Romney, then one must vote for them. If you don't agree, then why on earth should you vote for them? A "vote savvy" strategy that undermines ones own best interests would seem to be a hard sell, yet too many are buying it. It's even a more crazy thought when I have women telling me it's smart to vote for either of the male models representing the R's and D's instead of a WOMAN. Gloria Steinham and Rachel Maddow-------please liberate yourselves! Bill Maher and Michael Moore: stop posing like the last word in liberal. It's painfully clear to me that you all are wishy washy progressives. Professionally posing left, but aiming just a bit to the center "right". THAT'S WRONG!

Every year, we progressives hear the propaganda proponents of the Disappointingacrats,  telling us that "maybe next election" we can start to vote for what we really want. This would keep us on the two party flypaper in perpetuity! Don't fall for it. There are more than the lumped together "3rd parties" out there these days and there's good reason for this. There are viable 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th parties forming. Greens are one of the oldest and best organized. You don't hear that because we are left out of the debates that the RNC and the DNC insist on  keeping to themselves. You don't hear about Greens because when stations depend on commercials from corporations that Greens can show are undermining the public trust, we must be silenced.

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 Believing the lies that only Republicans are the "real patriots" is more than just silly, it's scary. Being a patriot does not mean you are greedy, self-serving or cold-hearted. Believing that Obama would "be easier to convince  to do the right thing", forgets that he can be better "convinced" by the very same oil companies that feed funds to the Republican candidates. (or insert any other lobby: Big- pharma, Wall Street, etc) You and your well-meaning colleagues represent only a few votes. Big dollars can pull in LOTS and LOTS of votes. It can buy TV and other ads, mail fliers, signs, robo-calls and put some paid people out in the streets pretending to be just gung ho volunteers.

Want see good jobs created in the USA? The Green New Deal is a plan which uses our pooled financial  resources to save our natural resources and rebuild our aging infrastructure and preparing properly for the potential disasters that climate change (however one wants to source it) is bringing. If you want straight answers,  you will get them in the debates with candidates that corporate media blocks you from hearing.

On Monday, November 5th, you can hear two candidates who have the mathematical potential to WIN: Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. Go to They can win because of the electoral votes they could get in enough states, just like the two "major" parties can.

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Election Expectations